Nissan's Twitter Thought Video Game Screenshots Were Real Cars

Nissan's Twitter Thought Video Game Screenshots Were Real Cars

For all its problems, the developers behind Driveclub on the PS4 can at least be proud of how good the game's screenshots look.

Nissan's Twitter Thought Video Game Screenshots Were Real Cars

This Twitter exchange took place last week, and to be fair to the Nissan rep, at the small resolutions available on Twitter it must be hard to tell the difference, especially when the game's looking pretty good these days.

(thanks Travis!)


    Just wait till they find out that Chris' Twitter avatar isn't really Chris.
    Gonna blow their frikkin minds.

      Not only does Nolan North voice act every character now, he's even impersonating people. Sheez.

    Hey, remember when Gran Turismo 1 was totally photo realistic? I can't believe back then I genuinely thought it kinda was...

      Yes, but to be fair, photos were kinda shit back then too...

    I wish you could use something other than the factory paint jobs on the Driveclub Nissans though... my dreams were dashed.

      No customization really killed this game for me. Looks pretty though.

    Most of the advertising (esp. TV ads) that car companies use nowadays is heavily CG anyway.

    Regardless of whether those pictures are photos or game graphics, that is one handsome car :D

    I thought there was nothing but European cars in Driveclub? Unless it was DLC.

      Nope, theres a bunch of international cars, DLC and otherwise.

      The vast majority are European. They've just added the first couple of Japanese cars as DLC (370Z and GT-R), and there are various American cars also available as DLC. It's a really strange mix, to be honest. Not sure what the thinking was behind that original selection of cars.

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