No, Chinese TV, Gundam Is Not A Real Military Weapon

No Chinese TV, Gundam Is Not a Real Military Weapon

China Central Television is state television, so seeing propaganda isn't unusual. Seeing a militarised Mobile Suit Gundam flash on the screen is.

Yesterday, CCTV show Focus Today reported how Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe "clamors" for war against China, mentioning all the weapons Japan has with the U.S. as well as the secret weapons Abe doesn't want the world to know about.

Weapons, I guess, like Mobile Suit Gundam. Apparently, the show didn't specifically mention Gundam when it briefly appeared on screen. Below you can see how the image was used in context — note how it is included with a helicopter and a naval vessel:

Here you can watch the full news report.

It's baffling that Chinese state news would use Gundam to scaremonger, especially because Gundam is popular in China.

This is the first time the country's media has tried to make Japan's Self-Defence Force terrifying. Back in 2013, Chinese newspaper Global Times confused a Japanese helicopter with DeviantArt.

GIF: Focus Today


    Japan probably has a real/live Mobile Suit Gundam hidden somewhere inside their secret military labs...

      Nah, they would of gone for the realistic mechas known as metal gears, which were supposed of beeb developed during the cold war

      They're just trying to find the right pilot.

        No doubt it'll end up being some annoying teenager stuck in an awkward love triangle.

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