Now Everybody Can Stream Xbox One Games To Windows 10

Now Everybody Can Stream Xbox One Games To Windows 10

With only a week and change to go before the 29 July official release of Windows 10, Microsoft has gone ahead and enabled the ability to stream games from the Xbox One to Windows 10 devices.

With the feature emerging from preview into the hands of the masses, all one needs to remote play Xbox One games is a PC, laptop or tablet running Windows 10 and a reliable internet connection. Sadly I have no Windows 10 devices on hand to test the feature, but from what I've read surrounding early testing and the laws of common sense, the game sharing feature will run nicely with both devices wired to the internet, and ok with a side of lag once wireless is introduced to the equation.

Xbox Wire has the details on how to make a love connection between your game console and computer, along with details on the changes is the July update to Windows' Xbox app to make gaming remotely and directly easier.

Is this a feature you see yourselves using? I'm picturing myself setting this up on launch day, playing with it for a couple of minutes and then going right back to the way I've always done things. How about you?


    I'm not sure why you would want to do this. The only thing i can think of is if the TV is occupied by someone else and you can't get your game on. Otherwise why would you use a pc monitor over a TV?

    Seems pretty gimmicky to me.

      I generally find it too distracting when I play anything other than MMOs on the PC, but being able to Alt+Tab over to PC tasks like e-mail, Skype, watching movies and browsing is sweet. Especially if you've got a multi-monitor setup (if you don't have one already invest in getting a second screen and a graphics card that can handle it. Every PC should have multiple monitors). A Windows 10 laptop or tablet also means semi-portable gaming, although how well it works via WiFi remains to be seen.
      Also it doesn't sound like much but the Wii U's ability to play off screen really does grow on you. The Wii U does it almost flawlessly, so I'm not expecting the XBOX One/Windows 10 combo to be quite as good, but it's better than it sounds.

        Yer i have a pretty sweet work rig (*cough* gaming), but it's currently hooked up to my TV for witcher3 loving - using my laptop for work which sadly can only have one monitor attached. When gaming on my TV i just use a tablet as a second monitor for basic stuff like browsing, emails etc; do the same when playing on the console.

      Use case example: My xbox one is hooked up to the tv downstairs. I'm upstairs in bed and I realise I would fancy a game of Halo 5 MP before bed. I open my old shitty laptop / tablet with Windows 10 on it and play Halo 5. In bed. :D

      I'm a big fan of the Vita's remote play, and with the right screen to stream this to, this could be even more useful to me. I would do the same with my Wii U if the range could be extended over wifi.

      The latency over wireless is similar or lower than playing a local region online multiplayer game. Say it's late and you want to play Forza in the office without moving your Xbox, or you're a procrastinating student and want to play Forza on a second screen next to your computer without moving your Xbox :p.

      Ideally, it would allow the wife to continue watching TV on the Xbox while you stream games to another screen, and while I expect that to come sometime in the next 12 months (not really any more resource intensive than snapping TV to the side), it's not a function yet.

      I've been using it pretty flawlessly on a shitty old Core2Duo with single band wireless.

      Hell, you could even buy one of those $130 windows on a stick, and have that on a second TV in the house, ready to Xbox. Or a $79 windows tablet (which comes with a free year of office btw), and a USB OTG adapter for controller to play in bed, (or on the shitter).

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      Console exclusives on the PC? This may be the only way I get to play RDR the way I want to.

      Found the single person ;-)

    I'm really hoping this works out well. I prefer to play games on the couch, but being able to throw them over to the twin screens on the PC is going to be really handy.
    So far my only issue has been PC to XBOX One streaming, where my PC/Surface resolution looks awful crammed down to my TV/XBOX's HD. I just wish I had of put more effort into getting an early build of Windows 10 so I could play with the good stuff now instead of waiting until it rolls out properly.

      You just need an older ISO of win10, and then run updates to get to the latest RTM candidate. Check whirlpool, quite a few posts on people doing it since RTM candidate.

        I'll have to check that out. I was planning on doing a clean install on a new SSD when it's officially released, but I've got the SSD sitting here so there's not much point waiting.

          It looks like as long as you have preview installed now and stay in the insider program it'll stay activated after RTM anyway. If you leave the insider program you'll need a 10 key, or 8/7 key to stay genuine. No promises until July 29 though.

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    This is something that would bring xbox and ps4 on par with each other for capabilities.
    It's certainly a decision changer for me.. if I didnt already owned a PS4... and own a mac.

    Are there reviews about playing it away from home over normal ADSL connections?
    This is the only downside for ps4's remote play. Its pretty much impossible on the average household setup.

    I was successful(almost no lag) with 2 broadband connections, but it was ridiculously expensive in data and cost.

    I can't wait, have a 3 year old and wife occupying my lounge room, big tv and xbox every night, I might actually get to play the damn thing now! This stuff is brilliant for dad's with little ones, have an 5k imac with bootcamp so shouldn't have any issue I hope!

    Hopefully it runs well as it will be useful. I have my xbox one set up in my room with my other consoles etc but this would mean my brother can play on it in his room when I am not using it.

    XBOX ONE is the best!!

      I like how someone called nVIDIA is saying that.

      Chock-full of it's AMD hardware, no less :p

    I can get my kids out of the home theatre now, cant wait for this feature :D

    Over the internet? Wtf. What if I just want to stream over the local network?

    Say what?! an internet connection is required to stream games? And here I thought this feature was going to be good. What a joke!

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