Odin Sphere Going HD Next Year

Odin Sphere Going HD Next Year

It’s called Odin Sphere: Leifdrasir. One of the most beautiful PlayStation 2 games ever made is going HD.

The newly announced Odin Sphere: Leifdrasir not only has HD graphics, but also new enemies and new bosses as well as tweaked gameplay. The HD version does keep the 2D scrolling gameplay, and there is a “Classic Mode” for fans of the original gameplay.

Below, you can see images of Leifdrasir from the livestream (via Hachima):

Odin Sphere Going HD Next Year


  • Was lucky to pick-up a copy from ebay for something like $25 …. maybe 5 years ago. Still haven’t finished it yet.
    It’s one of thou games that everyone should play at least once.

  • Maybe I’m going blind in my old age but I can’t see where it says what platform this is on? Is it PS3? PS4? Wii U? Vita? All of the above?

        • I’m partway through Dragon’s Crown on Vita. Really like it (although it’s more of a fallback game for when I’m travelling and don’t feel like playing Persona 4).

          If this is cross buy then I might pick it up for PS4.

  • This makes me very happy. Odin Sphere is one of my favourite games and seeing it run smoothly in HD will make it even more amazing. It’d be even better if they also released the PS2 version on the EU PSN instead of just on the US one.

  • I’ll be there for PS4/Vita. Making use of cross save was great for Dragon’s Crown 😀

  • Yeah! I liked this better than Dragon’s Crown. Once I worked out the cooking bits it really was a blast. And for some reason, replayability wasn’t an issue.

    Anyone played the Muramasa games? Were they any good?

  • Muramasa is great. Love the updated Vita version. Played it both on the Wii and Psvita. I remember when I completed Odin Sphere. It had such an impacted on me that I sought for games from the same maker. The good thing was at that time, Muramasa just came out…bad new..it was available only on Wii and not PAL version. So I did what I needed, got myself an imported version. Definitely getting the HD version of Odin Sphere.

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