Off Topic: What Are You Reading?

It's been a while since we've done a quick check in. What are you guys and girls reading right now?

I've always been obsessed with sports autobiographies. Recently I've been reading Mike Tyson's one, which is basically a gruelling series of terrible choices. Pretty difficult reading. I've also just finished Ronda Rousey's autobiography, which made for slightly lighter reading.

Tyson's book felt a little more complete. Seems a little silly for Ronda to be writing her autobiography so early in her career and it shows in the book. It doesn't really have a natural end. It's still a compelling read however — it's co-written by her sister, who is a journalist, and it does feel a little more personal than most books of this ilk.

What are you all currently reading? I'm thinking about maybe switching to fiction for once. Any suggestions?


    Principles of Australian Contract Law & Modern Criminal Law of Australia.
    They're more interesting than they sound.

    Also, re-reading Nation by Terry Pratchett & trying to get through The Book Thief.

    wish I had more time for reading.

    Metro 2034

      What are the Metro novels like?
      I've always been curious having enjoyed the games based on them.

        I quite enjoyed the book mainly because I enjoyed the game. Not the say the book is bad, its pretty good in my opinion, although there are segments that drag on such as the author describing a place or a character talking on and on and on. If you thought there was some weird stuff in the game, there is even more weirder stuff in the book and I love the stuff. :)
        Give it a shot, just don't expect to blow through it.

          Great book, as above the book has so much more cool stuff in it. It is hugely atmospheric and a great read. Not really like the games as there isn't all that much action. A lot of mythology involved... I don't know if you would call it mythology but I couldn't think of a better word

      Trying to finish Metro 2033 atm, while the book is good, there's a wierd disconnect where i think the translation has lost some of the context/subtext in conversations between characters.
      Did you notice that at all and is it the same in 2034?

      Also re-reading Thor comics from first appearance till current, at about Mighty Thor 321 atm i think.

      Also just finished ALL of Judge Dredd up until Dec 2014.

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        In Metro 2034 I haven't ran into any very long dialogue of one character or the author taking his time describing an area. The whole "translation has lost some of the context/subtext in conversations between characters" didn't bother me at all to be honest so you'll have to ask some one else.

    I just finished "The Wilful Princess and the Piebald Prince" by Robin Hobb. If you're a fan of Hobb's works and the world she began in the Farseer trilogy then you'll like this light novel about how the Wit was introduced to the Farseer lineage in the lead up to the original trilogy. For those that have no idea what I just said but are after a brilliant mix of medieval life and light fantasy then this is a good place to start.

    I am just about to start reading The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman.

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    I'm currently doing a re-read of the entire Lincoln Rhyme series by Jeffrey Deaver, starting with The Bone Collector and working my way through. I just finished The Kill Room and started the most current novel, The Skin Collector.

    Once I've finished that I have the new Kathryn Dance novel, Solitude Creek.

    I started The Wheel Of time again. A fair way into the first book. It's still as easy to read as I remember. Hoping to have the series done by Christmas

      There's a WoT convention in Sydney in... September(?) I'm hoping to get the series done by then but to be honest I haven't a chance. I'm about 300 pages into The Shadow Rising. I'd go to the convention anyway because I'm reading the series for about the 14th time in a 20-year period (I re-read the series each time a new book came out) but I haven't read the final book yet and am scared of spoilers!

        I started reading it just before Jordan died. Went solidly through it and got each Sanderson book as they came out, got half way through the last book but never finished it so I'm going through them all again. I definitely wouldn't go to a convention without finishing it though :-D

          I so have to finish this. Absolutely love this series, read up to book 11 the year Jordan died then bought each of the new books as they came out but had such a big disconnect between 11 and 12 due to the time away from the series that I started again but only got to book 7... Will have to go back and finish it now.

          According to I would take 170-180 hours to read the series... So that's about 6-12 months based on my current reading rate. It's interesting that I could have read the entire series in the time I've put into The Witcher 3 in the last couple of months. Priorities eh?

    Magician by Raymond E Feist for about the 50th time.

      It's in my top five of all time - my cat's name is Pug.
      You can never read Magician too many times.

      Yes! I was sad when Feist finished with Midkemia though. :(

      He's pretty active on Facebook if you're interested in engaging with him too.

        I was stoked when Divinity:OS had you play as 2 antagonists - you better believe it was Pug and Thomas that were first created :D

    Going through Hellblazer and Evangellion at the moment, and the book for an RPG I am running also

    I am reading DCs (brilliant) Death of the Family comic series. It is some seriously dark business.
    Joker is NEXT LEVEL crazy in this story.

    Parasite by Mira Grant. Light horror. Well written. Creepy. About half-way through.

    I recently finished Anathem by Neal Stephenson. I didn't enjoy it anything like as much as his best - The Diamond Age and Snow Crash.

    The Bible
    The Andromeda Strain

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    I've been working my way back through Terry Brooks' Shannara series, and I'm finally up to The Dark Legacy of Shannara trilogy which I've never read before. Interspersed with that, I go back to the Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft.

      I've been meaning to go back and read all of those. I think the last set I read was The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara, so there's been heaps more development in the meantime.

    Batman: The night of the owls (The new 52) I can't put it down! I want to go back and read the court of the owls! It's soo good!

    I'm bouncing between a few series one after the other.. Kylie Chan's getting the majority of my reads atm, Robert Jordan (and co) wheel of time and david eddings and some e.e. Doc Smith as well

      Always tempted to start reading Kylie Chan but never took the plunge.

        I took the plunge when I found her first book White Tiger for $1 in a used bookstore. I tried my hardest but couldn't get into the way it was written. The characterisation for me just didn't feel authentic. It's a shame because the premise of the story really appealed to me.

        i highly recommend it.. the series has gotten better and better through each book and keeps me amused even though i've probably read all but her latest book 20+ times

    Smashing my way through Wilbur Smith at the moment - just started Monsoon, the 10th in the Courtney series. They've been "getting samey" for a while now but goddamn are they easy to read.

      I absolutely love The Courtney series. It's one of my go-to-don't-need-to-think reads. Sure, they're samey, but they're full of sex and violence and comforting like a warm blanket.

      Holy hell though, the Egypt series went off the rails with The Quest. It was so pathetic I haven't even had an inclination to pick up the new one.

        I've read the first two - but my Dad's always warned me off the third so I'm thinking I might just skip it.
        Had the idea I'd re-read everything he's written by I suspect I'll need a breather before committing to the Ballantyne saga.

          River God, 7th Scroll, and Warlock are fine, just don't bother with The Quest (or Desert God, I assume, since I won't read it).

          Edit: Also just found out there'll be a new Hal Courtney novel taking place between Birds of Prey and Monsoon. Coming out in September, "Golden Lion"

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            What? Really? Awesome! I'll keep an eye out. I'm about 100 pages into Monsoon and the big gap in Hal's life between them really needs fleshing out. Cheers!

              I know! I actually remember reading Monsoon and having to go back and check Birds of Prey to see who Judith was. The whole "4 kids, 3 mothers, no exposition" thing always bothered me. Now we just need something to bridge between Blue Horizon and the rest of the Courtney novels. There's over 100 years of gap for him to work with!

    I just finished reading American Gods and it was amazing. Just started reading Wuthering Heights, not really sure what to make of it so far.

      Adored 'Nation' beautiful story
      Ugh 'Wuthering Heights' up there with 'Catcher in the rye' on my most disliked books of all time list.

    This superhero book that came in LootCrate this month...

    Do Warmachine/Hordes modules count?

      Absolutely. I remember I used to read RPG campaign and other source books back in the day. I'd basically memorised a whole lot of MERP stuff... man... that was about 25 years ago :-( I feel old now.

    Andrzej Sapkowski Sword of Destiny

      +1 for The Witcher books. Finished the game, went on holidays, read all five English translated kindle books in eight days.

      Now I'm reading the Azure infrastructure exam study guide.

        Yeah, they're not too bad a read. They give you a good insight into Geralt and Yens relationship, and will probably influence my next play through of The Witcher 3

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      Glad others are reading this too, these books are quite good.

      Just started Baptism of Fire myself. I am so happy the Witcher books jive with me. Makes the brilliant games just more interesting.

    Just finished The Martian, was fun but, too much science focus for my liking, felt like a missed opportunity to look into that severe kind of loneliness, but it was clearly angling in on something else entirely.

    Getting into Galveston, written by True Detective writer Nic Pazzlazza something or rather. Pazzeleto? I dunno. Interesting tension in there so far, but kinda creepy the way he keeps reminding me every page how the protagonist would like to sleep with his young female companion (who is someone he just met as a fellow survivor of a rather horrific scene). If he's trying to make me not like the guy, he's succeeding.

      I bloody loved The Martian.
      Smashed through it in about 3 days last month.

      My bro recommended 'The Martian' to me, but his recommendations are usually dubious at best...

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        give it a go its great. I gave it to my brother and he loved it :)

    Armada by Ernest Cline

      Is this easily available now? I tried last week and couldn't find it anywhere!!

      Just read Ready Player One, amazing book. Will try and pick up Armada this weekend.

    The Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan. I'm reading it for the 10th time but it never gets old. Hopefully Harriet can secure the rights before that scum over at Red Eagle Entertainment destroy RJ's legacy. Seriously, fuck those guys.

      Shit, I've only just found out that they made an extremely shitty pilot just to keep the rights. I don't think anyone would be on Red Eagle's side if they kept the rights

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