Oh, It's Half-Life, Running On A Watch

Oh, It's Half-Life, Running On A Watch

Yeah yeah, we know Doom runs on everything from calculators to ATMs, but that's Doom. There's something about seeing Half-Life running somewhere crazy — like some guy's watch — that makes it more impressive.

Using the SDLash app, you can boot and play Half-Life (or, I guess, any older game using the Source engine) on an Android Wear watch. While it's far from perfect — the game is hard to control and crashes — that doesn't change the fact you can play Half-Life from your watch.

Note that this is an original LG G Watch; bigger Wear devices, at least those with square screens, might make things a little easier.


    That crouch jump was hard enough to get right originally, shudder at the thought of it on a watch!

    But why?

    Last edited 24/07/15 2:41 pm

    No keyboard, no play... so its a nice tiny video of the game.

    lol simple light effects and crashed >< also its funny watching old non touch games and how the wig out on a touch screen.

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