Origin Accounts Are Becoming EA Accounts It Seems

Briefly: If you've got an Origin account, check your email for a message like the one I received today. Then nod thoughtfully, because it's an automatic process and there's nothing you need to do.


    I thought I already had an Origin account and EA account for different games/services. Will they be automatically merged?

    Good, because origin is crap

      Probably the reason for the change. Going for the PR from dropping the Origin name

        Surely if Origin's name is tainted, swapping it out with the even-more-tainted name EA is just going to make things worse?

      My Origin account murdered my parents in a back alley :(

        Yeah, but then you became Batman, so, you know, 'all good.'

    Wait.. What email?
    Don't tell me this came through the promotional emailing list?

    I think my Origin account was an EA Account when I created it, so I guess this is going full circle.

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      Same, and I had to go to some interesting lengths to combine my EA Account and my Origin account when I tried out EA Access - I apparently had an old (I'm thinking from maybe 2006 or so) EA account linked to my XBox Live account, so I had to contact their support, resurrect an old email address and re-activate my EA account only to link it to my Origin account. Fun times indeed, especially because I had already purchased EA Access for a month and the process took about four days!

    Clearly they've given up on any plans to brand the service as a more universal storefront. It's all going to be down-hill for Origin from here. I'm not a huge fan of the Origin platform, but it'll be sad to see Steam get one fewer competitor when it's quietly wound up in 3-4 years. Maybe I should try to finish Mass Effect 3 before then.

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