Payday 2 Has Been Broken On Xbox One For Three Weeks

Payday 2 Has Been Broken On Xbox One For Three Weeks

If you bought Payday 2: Crimewave Edition on Xbox One, it's been a frustrating couple of weeks. The game was released on June 16, yet many players continue to report it's impossible to play the game with strangers. A patch has been promised for a long time.

The official Twitter account has sent apologies for weeks, but those don't fix a game.

Publisher 505 Games told me there's a patch they "hope" to release in the "coming days".

"We're aware there's a number of users on XBO who are having connectivity issues on," said the company in a statement. "We're testing the patch now and hope to have it released in the coming days! We identified three issues on connectivity on the XBO platform (which only impacts a small number of players) — to which the patch should correct any freezes and server drops in We're currently working with MSFT on testing the patch!

There are two major problems, though they seem related to one another. When trying to load up an online mission, the game constantly hitches for several seconds, and usually fails to connect you anyone to play with. If you're playing with friends, it seems to work, but randoms? Nah.

Check out this video from Hades 343 to see how frustrating this has been since day one:

He's not alone. You don't have to look very far to find lots of folks upset about these issues.

Payday 2 Has Been Broken On Xbox One For Three Weeks
Payday 2 Has Been Broken On Xbox One For Three Weeks

As I poked around for this story, it became clear the Payday series has a complicated relationship with the console versions. How else do you explain a whole Facebook group dedicated to calling out the game's developer for not supporting the console version enough?

And Kotaku has received several tips from readers understandably upset at Payday 2. One had a frustrating experience with Xbox customer support, who refused his request for a refund.

"We cannot issue a refund for the game as the issue is not directly caused by the Xbox Live Gold service but by the developer, Overkill Studios," said the rep. "Please find the contact number or email address from the website where you can send a complaint regarding the game. "

They were eventually able to get a refund from another customer support rep, thankfully.

Fingers crossed that Payday 2 fans on Xbox One can be properly heisting in the days ahead.


    So, the Xbone's already got it's early access program running, huh?

    The entire game on PC and console has been an extended alpha test. Ridiculous bugs from prior to launch are still present.

      Yeah these guys are great in some ways - very engaged with PC community and lots of free stuff, but they are always tweaking the game - making it better for the hardcore players probably, but alienating casual players like myself a bit. I absolutely loved this game for about a year - stopped playing just before The Diamond/clover heist.

      Consoles from everything I remember reading have been pretty neglected.. .Crimewave ed was supposed to be redeeming them I thought - guess not!

        I have over 700 hours on it. From beta through release and several major updates over a few months. They 'talked' to the PC community by saying "yes we are listening and we know thats an issue". Then they did nothing and released DLC packs with escalating prices. Major gameplay bugs existing from the beta are still present. Their "end game" attempts was more enemies with more armour. Totally pathetic.

    Wtf. Getting sick of this shit. Glad i didnt get it day one. Was keen to play with friends but none of them have it still. Worked fine on the 360 day one when it was released over a year ago.

      If you just want to play with friends then you won't have any issues. It's playing with random that causes issues.

    Yeah, they pump out expensive dlc but rarely patch stuff. unless they can make money off it somehow, they wont do it.

    guys are worse than EA sometimes

    Looking forward to Payday 3 for the next Gen console. Maybe a new engine will make the game more immersive.

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