Pixar's Next Movie Looks Too Adorable For Words

The Good Dinosaur: another animated movie about dinosaurs. Who cares, right? Well, I care. For a couple of reasons.

Reason #1: this is Pixar and Pixar is back in the zone right now.

Reason #2: The Good Dinosaur has a pretty unique angle on the whole dinosaur thing.

No, it's not a weird creationist fantasy. It's set in an alternate universe where the asteroid missed earth and dinosaurs didn't go extinct. As a result they now co-exist with humans and a variety of other other species.

Essentially it's just a vehicle for a caveman child and a cute dinosaur to go on supercute adventures and you know what? I'm totally okay with this. If it means I don't have to watch Planes: Fire & Rescue with my kid for the 400th time, I'm good with it.


    I teared up for some reason while watching. It's been a stressful week, okay? :P

    "Littlefoot, let your heart guide you. It whispers, so listen closely..."

    The plot outline made me think of Theodore Rex, only this seems like it should be better. No Whoopi Goldberg though... Still, it's gotta be better than yet another Land Before Time.

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    Based on the trailer, I'm on the fence about this one :-/

    Dinosaurs are cool, Pixar is cool, the animation looks cool.
    I just don't dig the style of that Dino.

    We'll see...

      Yeah the dinosaur looks kinda cheesy but the rest looked pretty good!

      In complete agreement with you. Everything else looks amazing, but the design of the good Dino is just too goofy. Hate it

    + 1 for not watching Cars, Cars2 or Despicable Me another 200 times!

    Will be looking forward to this one!

    Wowsers... Two Pixar films in one year?

      We got 2 Disney animation studios films last year (because this one was delayed), usually it's one of each :P

        I'm just surprised. When I was younger, it was one Pixar movie every two years. The wait was agonizing.

    I dunno if my feels will be fully healed by then after watching Inside Out...

    My dad and I watched this a few minutes ago. He was unimpressed. He may be an emotionless monster.

    It's a cute dinosaur with a pet human! HOW IS THAT NOT ADORABLE? THAT MUSIC! COME ON!

    I haven't seen a Pixar film yet that I personally didn't enjoy, even wierd ones like Inside Out which I thought looked boring in the trailers ended up being great.
    This one looks interesting already so...

    That design of the dinosaur really isn't doing it for me. It doesn't really seem to fit with the environment or the child character. He sort of looks like they dropped a Peanuts character into How to Train your Dragon.

    That said, it can only be better than the clusterfluff that was the Walking with Dinosaurs movie.

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      I find that the juxtaposition of the overly-cartoony dinosaur to the near photo-realistic environments is kinda jarring. It's giving me a weird Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle vibe.

      Perfect way to put it. It feels like a crossover between two different franchises.

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