Pokkén Tournament Is Not Tekken With Pokémon

Pokkén Tournament is Not Tekken With Pokémon

The announcement that a Pokémon/Tekken crossover game was coming took everyone by surprise. But don't go into it expecting just a Tekken game with a Pokémon skin on it.

"It's a solid versus game, but at its core, it's an action game for Pokémon fans." Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada explained in an interview with Weekly Famitsu. Pokkén Tournament will be hitting arcades in Japan tomorrow and Harada wanted to make sure everyone knew what to expect. "People might think that because we've worked on games like Tekken and Soul Calibur or because of the name 'Pokkén,' that this game is made for established fighting game players, but I'd like to come straight out and say 'no, it isn't.'"

According to Harada, Pokkén Tournament was specifically developed with Pokémon fans in mind, rather than fighting game players. "The tech to make the game and the knowhow behind the massive amount of animations comes from our experience working on the games we've made before, but with the gameplay, we've set our sights on Pokémon fans." Harada said.

For the development team, part of that process was in changing the UI from something that most fighting game fans would be familiar with. "Having the camera looking at the characters facing each other from the side with their stamina bars on the top left and right of the screen is an established fighting game format, but that's something that experienced fighting game players can understand on instinct." Harada explained. "That might give Pokémon fans the impression that the game is harder than it is, so we've intentionally gotten rid of that."

Pokkén Tournament is Not Tekken With Pokémon

As a bit of advice to novices to the game, Harada offered this little tidbit, "Newcomers should especially focus on blocking." Harada noted that while combos and technique were important in playing the game, properly blocking enemies' attacks was the most important divider between beginners and experienced players.

Pokkén Tournament will be playable in Japanese arcades starting tomorrow. There are currently eight playable pokémon with more on the way. Famitsu reports that Blaziken will be joining the roster next month.


    with the gameplay, we’ve set our sights on Pokémon fans... part of that process was in changing the UI...
    So it's Tekken with Pokemon and a new UI?
    It says 'part of that process' was the UI but doesn't mention any other parts lol

      The gameplay is way diiferent to any fighter I've seen before. As someone who finds tekken disgustingly boring, that's a good thing.

    He's right. Looks more like Smash Bros than Tekken just with health bars instead of platforms

    Wait... Is this not coming to console?! D:

      Oh it SO is going to end up with on the Wii u, but it's not good for the arcades to acknowledge that.

        Not necessarily. Look at the 2 arcade Mario Karts.

          Yeah, but they are shitty versions of a home console game with mechanics bent specifically towards arcades.

          This is a unique fighting game which would work exactly the same on a console which desperately needs more fighting AND pokemon games.

          Completely different scenarios, I give this 10 months as an arcade game because of the drip-feed of characters.

    I love Tekken, I love Pokemon.... When this comes to console, I don't care what console it is, I will buy it!!

    Are arcades hooked up online now? Just curious how the new characters arrive.
    I suppose they could post out USB update sticks that plug into some maintenance slot that's behind a locked door.

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