Popular Super Arcade’s New Location Turned Down Again

Popular Super Arcade’s New Location Turned Down Again

Briefly: Despite the community showing up, California’s popular Super Arcade had its new location turned down again. Founder Mike Watson is filing an appeal, but it won’t be heard until September. Read our previous story if you missed how the city of Azusa, California, has made Super Arcade’s life difficult in recent months.


  • Good luck to him on his appeal, it’s sad to see these classic venues disappear. I had great fun playing games at my local fish-n-chip shop & time-zone as a kid.

    But that was before consoles surpassed these majestic beasts. Nowadays with Playstations, internets & MAMEs, the appeal of arcades is all but snuffed out, let alone the bureaucracy he’s facing.

    Hopefully he has a plan, some big events lined up, and punters with deep pockets!

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