The Terminator Will Be Playable In WWE 2K16... If You Preorder

Pre-order incentives are pretty dumb, and the Terminator being a pre-order character for WWE 2K16 might be the dumbest, but Arnold Schwarzenegger re-doing his naked-Terminator scene with WWE's Daniel Bryan, Finn Balor, Paige and Dean Ambrose? Funny.


    Hehe, wish they had all 3 (young, older and oldest) in it :D

    You forgot Eva Marie is in the trailer too, but that's pretty understandable.

    I literally have no idea who any of these wrestlers are... I obviously haven't watched WWE in a loooooong looooooong time...

      I know right?

      I haven't touched a wrestling game or seen a show since the days of Wrestlemania 2000 on the 64

        Looking at this new advert - Is it just me or does it seem like they are all just rednecks?
        Where's the over-the-top bs?

          Well, they're dressed to match the scene from Terminator. Plus, it looks like they picked wrestlers who would look the part.

          Aren't red necks the demographic the WWE try to attract. Without them and their "who farted" tee shirts, they would be broke! :-)

    that was pretty well done! shame about the pre-order only. i haven't played a wrestling game since n64 days either.

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