Pro Gaming League Will Drug Test Its Players

Pro Gaming League Will Drug Test Its Players

In the wake of public admissions that a whole bunch of pro Counter-Strike players have been taking the ADHD drug Adderall, the ESL (Electronic Sports League) have announced plans to start drug testing their competitors.

Motherboard reports that while the ESL won’t be taking action against any of those who admitted to taking the drug previously, it will “soon introduce and begin policing performance-enhancing drugs at its events” to catch those taking it (and other drugs) in the future.

It might surprise you that the ESL is having to take this step, but it’s actually a first; other pro leagues and circuits like The International and LCS don’t test their competitors either, though it’d be crazy if they weren’t at least considering it after this.

Why the testing? While intended as a prescription drug for the treatment of ADHD, Adderall is an amphetamine, and when taken by pro gamers increases their energy rate and attention.


    • Considering major sponsors tend to be things like energy drink suppliers, I doubt it. Not when they’re still trying to get funding.

      • That’s what I initially thought. Then I looked up the ESL website and looked at all their sponsors and I couldn’t find any energy drink suppliers. Maybe the website isn’t up to date, or doesn’t include all their sponsors?

        • I thought ESL 1 Frankfurt was presented by Monster Energy. Perhaps it’s just Evil Geniuses as their team sponsor.

  • I want to know if they just plan on testing for select few stimulants or for the whole ambit of performance enhancing and recreational drugs. As Richard Lewis said in a video he put out a few days ago, if you start banning professional gamers who test positive to marijuana you won’t have anyone from the west that can compete at your event.

  • Awh. Drug testing, player poaching, betting scandals, match fixing, abusive managers… All the steps toward being a real sport! Competitive gaming’s growing up!

  • I get that they are trying to legitimise the industry as a true “sport” and all.. but this one made my eyes roll.

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