Pro Tip: Don’t Copy Battlefield 3 Stingers 

Pro Tip: Don’t Copy Battlefield 3 Stingers 

The Battlefield games look incredibly realistic, but that doesn’t mean everything in the games is 100 per cent accurate. For example, the Stingers in Battlefield 3. Take note should you ever make propaganda!

According to Russia-based game site Anton Logvinov, Russian-supported rebels in Ukraine allegedly found US Military Stingers at Luhansk International Airport. In the video below, the troops show off the Army Stingers, with the implied allegation that the Americans are supplying weapons to Ukraine.

Website INR Today, which supports the Luhansk People’s Republic, uploaded the original video.

But, as Anton Logvinov points out, these alleged US Stingers read “Tracking Rainer”.

Tracking Rainer? The hell does that mean?

US Military’s Stingers don’t read, “Tracking Rainer”. They read, “Tracking Trainer”. For example:

Pictures: SMDC.Army.Mil

Pictures: Gung Ho Vids

So, what’s the deal? Anton Logvinov reports that the Stingers in Battlefield 3 also read “Tracking Rainer”.

Via IGN, here is a close-up of the Battlefield 3 Stinger. See how it reads, “Tracking Rainer?”

The implication, of course, is that the video was allegedly staged and the Battlefield 3 Stinger was used as a reference.

There are other hints that these weapons could be bogus, such as how the alleged US Stingers were found in wooden boxes.

Here you can see what a real military-issue Stinger and case look like:

Picture: Gun Auction

Again, this Stinger reads, “Tracking Trainer” and not “Tracking Rainer”.


  • Remember when North Korea used a movie about homosexual pilots to promote their new jets?

  • I thought this was going to be about how they can only lock onto something that is within like 100m of you in game. It’s so stupid. They are pretty much useless in Battlefield.

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