Promising PS4 Indie Games Get Release Dates

Briefly: Some promising PS4 indie games now have release dates: Journey (July 21), N++ (July 28), Galak-Z (August 4), and Everybody's Gone to the Rapture (August 11). Suddenly, August isn't looking so empty! You also get a 10 per cent coupon off later purchases if you buy two or more games.


    Galakzed is a terrible name for a space game...

      I think it's pronounced Galakz. You know, like that Petz series Ubisoft did a while back, Horsez, Dogz, Catz and Babiez.

        Really? You don't think it would be Galak-Zee ? You know, pronounced like Galaxy....

        Last edited 15/07/15 9:28 am


    Where the hell is Hyper Light Drifter??

    Journey!! Woo! Never played it but very excited to. Been waiting on this one for a while!

      One of my favourite games I have ever played. Everything about it is perfect to me and I cant wait to replay it on PS4.

      I think it is one of those kind of games you either love or hate though.

      Me too ... but it's not available in the Australian store, only the US one. WTH, Sony?

    Can we have steam like prices please?

    Everytime I go to PSN and want to get an indie game, I am put off by the high price

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