R2-PS4 Looks Like The Best Way To Play Star Wars Games

R2-PS4 Looks Like The Best Way To Play Star Wars Games

This custom build, which crams a PS4 into a laptop-style case, is actually called the R2-D2 Star Wars Themed PlayBook 4. But I'm sticking with R2-PS4, because it's not a mouthful.

Built by Eddie Zarick, with help from R2-D2 replica specialists Astromech, the custom case is 3D-printed, and while it makes cute little R2 sounds during certain actions, there's also a button you can press to make it chirp at will.

(via technabob)


    I prefer this one myself.

      Same. Much better and more powerful.

        It's from 2012.
        It has a 2600K, 8GB of memory and a radeon 6870.

        I'd argue that no, it is not more powerful than a PS4. At least, not to the level your PC master race comment would imply ;-)

          Odd that they would put in a top end CPU and then put in such a ghetto GPU.

            Yeah I thought the same thing.
            Perhaps a case of burning through their cash on the custom build, then realising they don't have enough for parts.

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