Remember This?

Well done Tael. Seriously, that was a difficult one.

Yes, for the last two days our Remember This was Fortress of the Witch King, which is just such a badass name for a video game.

Good luck with today's effort!


    Comes up on a reverse image search unfortunately.

      OMG No! Don't diminish my successful guess! I got this one legitimately!

      Was so excited when I saw it and desperately typed in my answer just in case someone else got in first! :(

      Last edited 20/07/15 12:47 pm

        No diminishment intended, if I have no idea myself I always check just in case.

          It's all good. I just was so chuffed when I found it and then it gets shot down :P

      Which would not have mattered one single bit if you hadn't posted about it.

        It always matters. I deliberately waited until after someone posted the correct answer, didn't affect the guessing contest at all.

        Last edited 20/07/15 3:50 pm

          who cares if it is? This isn't anything serious, its a bit of fun during lunch.
          You're like the child running around the playground telling everyone santa isn't real.....

          We don't care if it's available on image search, but we don't want someone to run and taddle to everyone when it is.

            You're not "we", don't speak for others. I care if it is, plenty of other people also post about it if it's findable. In the last 8 games it's been pointed out four times by four different people when the snapshot has come up on Google, so it would seem I'm not the only one who cares. Why do you care if it's mentioned?

            Last edited 20/07/15 4:05 pm

              lol ok

                I was in the middle of editing when you replied, apologies. Just a ping to let you know it was updated.

      It wouldn't have been needed today, I reckon Tael would have known it the moment it went up. It is pretty iconic.

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