Remember This?

Well, looks like no-one guessed yesterday's Remember This, so time for clue number 2.

And here's yesterday's clue for reference.

Good luck everyone!


    Ninja Gaiden on NES

      i don't think it's Ninja Gaiden, but damn that opening scene was epic in the NES era

        yes, yes it was. I was just clutching at straws thinking of sunsets on the NES/SNES

    Looks like Space Quest IV, or Full Throttle.

    Biker Mice from Mars!

    I'm back baby! Oh how i've missed you.

      Good man, glad to see you've taken up the reins again :D

    Also, This is Shaq Fu

    Awesome game

      Hammered it

      Seriously... a machine... but looks like you are right.

      I hope he does end up re doing this game i enjoyed it as a kid.

        Shaq Fu, Vs Kazaam Vs Steel
        *Edited spelling

        Last edited 01/07/15 12:56 pm

          You talking about Shaq references? It should be Kazaam not Shazzam but anyway that would be pretty cool .

          When i think of Kazaam i always think of scary movie :P.

          Last edited 01/07/15 1:07 pm

      Never understood this game.

      Like it's a strange idea for a fighter (I'm guessing it is actually a fighting game).

      Awesome game

      No...... it really isn't...... at all.

      I think I purchased a copy off of ebay, then with some friends devised the most destructive way possible to remove it from the earth. Was worth it.

    Wild Guns on the Snes...?

    Or Duck tales :D

    Do you ever wonder if @markserrels has heaps of clues saved up in case it goes passed day two?

    I feel like he has poems, riddles and all sorts of real world adventures if we ever got to day four and no-one guessed it. Either that, or he panics.

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