Remember This?

Goddammit Decoy. First day back and I just got #rekt.

Yesterday's Remember This was Shaq-Fu. Well done!

Good luck with today's effort my friends!



      Looks too hires to be the lynx, so I will go with the arcade version.

        Nice. I knew that was familiar. Loved the nuke!!!

      You, sir, are correct.

      Top left corner.

        I only ever get the Atari and Speccy games :)

    My computer screen when I don't put the new graphics card in correctly.

    Biker Mice from Mars! Youre Welcome Mark ;)

    Enduro? Atari?

      Oh hey, that was my first thought too!

      Technically, that was my first ever video game :-D God I hated the fog levels, haha

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