Remember This?

Poita says he only ever guesses the Spectrum/Old Arcade games, which is just perfect because that's my go-to when I feel like I really need to bamboozle you all. DAMN YOU POITA.

Yesterday's game was Roadblasters. Great guess Poita!

Good luck with today's effort, and have a great weekend everyone!


    Tower Toppler / aka Nebulus?



        I used to play the crap out of this (as Tower Toppler) on my Atari ST. Just jumped straight in to my memories as soon as I saw it.

          Aww, I woke up too late today!
          I got that game as part of the 'Power Pack' on my ST, played the crap out of it also!

      Edit: Beaten by falkirion by 2 mins.

      Last edited 03/07/15 12:31 pm


      Looks like that might have been a port of this "Tower Topper" game people are talking about. Just for everyone out there the level of Castelian is Realm of Robots on the NES version.

      Congratulations this is correct! Castelian is the answer!

    Makes me think of that tower at the end of Battletoads. But like... as an Atari version or something?

      I think the SNES Castlevania also used this kind of layout.. they went through a phase of the scrolling pseudo 3d graphics.

    Blue Block Stacking Tycoon

    I would've won this one. :( I switched my Wii's region to the UK back in the day to download a couple of C64 games, Nebulus being one of them.

    Too bad that they were removed eventually and never even released for the Aus Shop Channel.

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