Remember This?

Congrats to B-ob, who somehow managed to guess my super vague, super obscure Remember This on Friday. It was Nebulus!

Good luck with today's effort. I think it's difficult, but what the hell do I know?


    Earth worm Jim.

    Although i think that is wrong i have seen the background before just WHERE DAMN YOU!

    I am going with something like Super Contra (the snes one).
    Though it could be something like R-Type...

      Yeah, I was thinking R-Type.

      I'll submit R-Type 2

      EDIT: Although on closer inspection neither game looks like this.

      Last edited 06/07/15 1:22 pm

    Turok? Maybe on SNES?

    Last edited 06/07/15 12:46 pm

    I'm preeeeeetty sure you've done this one before? If only because Google tells me I said the same thing I was going to say when you did it before.

      If you want the actual screen:

      Well spotted!

      Damn, I came in to win, but nope, beaten on the only one that jumped out at me ever! :p

      Last edited 06/07/15 1:52 pm

    Any chance we get the previous day's full screenshot posted at the beginning of the next day's post? It's pretty infuriating to never be able to see where the cropped image came from.

      Someone usually posts it in the answers once it's been correctly guessed...

      But just for you:

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