Remember This?

Congrats to Onakogo, who totally guessed that yesterday's Remember This was Mr Do's Castle. Nice job!

Good luck with today's effort!


    Elevator action

      SIgh... logged in 10 minutes late, knew it the moment I saw it.

      Elevator Action confirmed:

        Yeah, me too. Absolute favourite.

      Damn! The one time I was gonna get it! I loved this game as a kid.

      I often check this just after midday and have NFI. This time I am much later and immediately thought it was Elevator Action. Jeez.

    Police Quest? Probs not, but maybe. Maybe. Has that early AGI aesthetic!

      I was going to say Police Quest as well, but I think the only walls/doors that colour are in the locker room at the police station, and that angle suggests back wall, which is where the showers are.

      Granted, it's been about 17 years since I played Police Quest so I'm not going to claim my memory is even remotely reliable.

      My money's on Police Quest as well. Has that old Sierra feel.

      Haha, my first thought too! Didnt quite have the right look, but was pretty darn similar

    Logged in too late yesterday for Mr Do's castle! Played it last week at pixel alley!!

    leisure suit larry in case any of the Elevator action choices are incorrect ;)

    Biker Mice from Mars!

      Elevator Action from Mars? Biker Mice from Elevators? Biker Elevators from Mars?

    Knew it as Elevator Action the second I saw it, shame that was about 3pm.

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