Remember This?

Gemini. Damn.

That was either the luckiest guess in Remember This history or you're a bonafide game spotting genius.

Yes, you were correct. Yesterday's game was Secret of Evermore. Incredible work! I was fully expecting to take that to the second day, but no. Today you all get a brand new game! Good luck!



    okay that one is the background from Krusty's Funhouse!

      pretty sure it's also one of the emulator screens using the HQ pixel filters

      Last edited 14/07/15 12:26 pm

        Yup, finally Krusty gets a shot! Nice work.

    For anyone interested, here is yesterday's screenshot:

    It's been a while, but Secret of Evermore had almost as many play throughs for me as Mana did (although it was definitely the inferior of the two....Square USA vs Japan, nuff said).

    I was 99% sure though, so you may call me genius just for today if you like @serrels :)

    Last edited 14/07/15 12:41 pm

      You've played secret of mana 2 (densetsu 3) I hope? it was the superior of all 3 imo

    I'm not old enough for this game, haha!
    I've never even heard of most of these entries :3

    ..... if it was a game, Rocko's Modern Life

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