Remember This?

Finally! I managed to stump you guys and girls. Time for a second clue!

For reference, here's yesterday's image.

Good luck everyone!


    Biker Mice from Mars!

      How did this running 'joke' with Biker Mice From Mars start? I use the term 'joke' loosely because it's never seemed funny.

        It's actually a viable strategy. Decoy took big losses at the start, but he eventually inceptioned the ideas into Mark's mind through brute force and sheer repetition. Now it's only a waiting game until decoy is ACTUALLY the one to say it first, he's missed out a couple times by my count. Ironically.

          Though Shane has definitely lost the most by missing the dig pretty much every time it has come up

          I'm sure Decoy has won one I'm sure...

            I'm pretty sure any time BMFM has come up, others have guessed it but then retracted it so that Decoy can get the win.

            I almost did it for Shane when The Dig came up, but he was MIA

        Actually it's pretty solid; as far as I'm concerned Remember This wouldn't be the same without decoy's obligatory Biker Mice from Mars! comment

        Hi @Skittlebrau!

        The running "non joke" has been going on for years now, almost like a tradition. Essentially Shane use to post the Dig almost every day for a long time. However for unspecified reasons his guessing became more and more sparse to the point it ceased to exist. Sometime back in 2012 i started to mimic Shane with BMFM partly as tradition and partly as strategy. Back then Scribbletaku was a hell of a lot harder to recognize and i couldn't get any of them so i figured making the same guess every day would mean that EVENTUALLY one day i would get it correct right? Below is a list of the times I've gotten it right by guessing BMFM, not including the times it wasnt BMFM.

        At the end of the day it's pure habit now to log in and post BMFM like a stupid catch phrase from your 90s sit com like Urkles "Did i do that?" or Barts "Aye-Karumba!". You don't really find it funny anymore but for regulars you might find it familiar and habitual.

        Its a sense of stability in today's ever changing landscape, what with ISIS and the Greek Euro crisis going on and so forth. A sense of belonging and solidarity that's shareable with a greater community. It helps bring people together and bond over common knowledge. Or maybe... just maybe, i dunno.... maybe... Its just a stupid fucking gag i like to do?

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          On a side note, why is this TV show hard to find, surely someone has it squirreled away somewhere.. I found some random episodes online, then some more but they were in russian :-( Probably for the best though I was pretty disappointed when I watched some old GI Joe cartoons a few years back.

          Also I often open the Remember This scroll to comments and go "ay, there's BMFM comment" and smile. Dedication! I would have lasted a month max and then forgotten about doing it.

        This is an old skool TAYbie joke going right back to the WIldgoose days. @qumulys Started it by never knowing any of the answers, and thus putting Jazz Jack Rabbit as the answer every day.
        Eventally, Jazz did come up as the actual game, but Qumulys was ill at the time, thus missed out on his eventual correct guess. For reasons unknown to me, Shane picked up the torch and started it back up, but using The Dig instead.

          I keep saying Final Lap Twin hoping that people will look up the game, and realize that the world needs a new RPG RC racing game!

          and for the record I support Decoy and his Biker Mice From Mars obsession, no matter how unhealthy it is.

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          I was wondering today what had happened to Qumulys...

            He's still alive, just not been on here much. He's got a little much to deal with in his personal life, so I think he only pokes his head in every now and then

    Looks like that windows maze screensaver they had many years back.

    Ha, Fortress of the Witch King!

      Nailed it.

      The Apple II gets far too little love around these parts.

        Yeah I had early tech in my head but I got hung up on the Spectrum ZX until I strayed across to try things like Ultima 1-4 and I just came across it by chance.

          i was gonna go with frogger on amstrad or apple ii
          nice find!

      Was that ever on anything else? I swear i have played that but never had an Apple.

        C64 at least. Not sure about other platforms.

    Looks like some kind of early tile based rpg. Maybe Ultima 3?

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