Remember This?

Congrats to Tael who is fast becoming my Remember This nemesis! Yesterday's game was Popeye! I thought you would have struggled with that one. Wrong again!

Good luck with today's Remember This!


    I know it's not right, but what the hey, Moon Patrol.

      Nope, you're right, that's Moon Patrol, recognised it instantly.
      Spectrum ZX version, I think.

      Edit: Turns out it's the Colecovision version, that's a first, I think.

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        It was never released on the Coleco though.

      Ahhhhh beat me to it!
      Recognised it as soon as I saw it.

      It looks like it to me, I reckon it might be.

      Well spotted. I had my head set on an over world map or something like that around the c64 era.

        Still spewing about missing out on popeye yesterday.

          I got it by sheer luck :) Googled "c64 screenshot stairs" and managed to pick it up by coincidence.

          Yeah me too, didn't log on until after 3 or so and immediately saw it.


      Jup :

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    [Scorched Earth?]

      SCORCH.EXE surely???

      So much better than Worms. I want a modern remake of this game.

        Huh, you're right. It's a shame that worms has seen so many iterations when basically it's only scorched earth with funny voices.
        Would absolutely love a new version of scorched earth.....


          I figured dosbox would be able to handle it. I wonder if the game logic is tied to the frame rate.

    If it isn't Moon Patrol, it kind of has that Sierra look to it, maybe black cauldron or BC's quest for tyres?

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    Scorched Earth?

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