Remember This?

Hey, no-one guessed Remember This on Friday, I suppose that means you'll be needing a second clue!

And just for reference, here's Friday's clue!

Good luck everyone!



    Karate Kid [Amiga version]

    Unlikely, but I'm gonna take a gamble and say the cutscenes from Five Nights at Freddy's.

      Too recent surely...

        He does tend to throw a curb ball at times.

        From memory, he blind sighted us by putting up a picture of Bioshock Infinite shortly after release.

    Dunno, it sorta reminds me of Billy the Kid.

    Operation Wolf!

      ...but what system Master Serrels? It looks like it could be an Amiga/Atari ST version perhaps?

      Last edited 27/07/15 5:33 pm

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