Remember This?

Honestly. How? HOW? How...

How the hell did you get yesterday's Remember This, Gemini? Unbelievable work. Well done.

The game was Operation Wolf. I was using this Atari ST image. Great guess work.

Good luck with today's effort.


    Looks Double Dragon esc to me. Could also be River City Rampage.

    But for the lulz, Power Rangers on the SNES

      This was my first thought also. Though from what I remember from my childhood, Double Dragon was never that detailed... Memory isn't what it used to be though.

    almost looks like rolling thunder 1 or 2.

    I have no idea what game today's image is from.

    I just wanted to say I f*cking LOVED Operation Wolf back in the day. Operation Thunderbolt was awesome, also.

    Made me think of TMNT, but on a SNES I guess.

    Looks like an old Apogee game like Bio Menace, but might be a bit too high res for that.

    Final fight, e-Swat or robocop maybe?

    Last edited 28/07/15 12:23 pm

    robocop vs terminator (snes/megadrive)

    Kinda looks like Ninja Gaiden. Pretty sure it isn't, but it's similar.

    Last edited 28/07/15 12:51 pm

    Looks like a window from either crash test dummies or rampage.

    Giving me some Batman/Spiderman/Xmen Snes Vibes.

    That being said I gave up looking after 15 minutes of staring at bricks.

    2 crude dude

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