Rocket League Defensive Failure Is Tough To Watch

Rocket League Defensive Failure Is Tough To Watch

I mean, there are offensive failures here too, but ungh, this is agonising to watch. It's like that Highlight Reel shot, but in reverse.

Thanks everyone who sent this in.


    That's what I love about this game: one minute you feel like a god, bouncing around and scoring left and right and running circles around an entire team. Two seconds later you're the above .gif.


      Shamefully, this exact thing happened to us last night. The ball rolling casually along from way out, and all of us whiffing like crazy. Never had the 'Noooo!' emote been so heavily used... (or the '@#$%!' for that matter).

        Bahahaha. I know that feeling too well. It's amazing how everyone can go batshit crazy when the ball is so close to the goal. People jumping everywhere, missing the ball, knocking it about hopelessly. And it's just as painful to have it so close, then miss...

        I thought I was done with sports-related embarrassment now that high school is long past...

    Odd the amount of attention this game gets when Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars was just dismissed as nothing when it's essentially the exact same idea.

      Isnt it even more than that? Isn't it the same game renamed? I feel like I saw a trailer saying something about it.

      All about right time and right place. *shrug*

        And other things, like the title. SARPB is long...

          This exactly. I know it's shallow, but there's so much content constantly being released you've gotta apply 'filters' somewhere.

          Quite frankly, when I saw a game called 'Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars" along with a screenshot, it just screamed out to me 'Student project turned into indy-game release', and I moved on.

      I never had a PS3, so when I saw this on Steam, I went for it. Also, yeah, Rocket League as a name is succinct and to the point. Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars sounds like shovel-ware, and though I'd not dismiss a game based on a name, a lot of people would. Never, ever saw coverage of SARPBC either, so I had no idea it existed. So maybe it's not so odd :P

      Who here dismissed the game originally? The only review Kotaku did was positive. Aside from that, Rocket League is the sequel. The same developers did both games.

    Not as bad as scoring a home goal. i did that once and it was so shameful.

      Own goal?

        Assuming he means own goal.. yes! And god I've kicked enough of them too, once three times in one game :(

    For me, nothing is worse than the "Swing an a miss", where you're playing the goalie, watch the ball coming down, line yourself up, boost and launch for a big clear/save... and completely miss the big bastard and it slots straight in behind you. Sigh.

    Honorable mention: "The Nutmeg". Again goalie, and you dbl jump over the ball, expecting a bit of (lot of) air from their touches. Dbl sigh.

      Had this same problem, but found after a few tweaks in the options with the camera setting its a lot easier to judge those shots now!

    I often get stuck driving up my own goals wall

      Nothing worse than watching the replay and seeing 'You' driving up the corner of the goal post while the ball rolls past into the goal.

    Just one day ago I'd gone "pffft, what's the big deal....". But after playing it for the first time last night, I start to giggle uncontrollably watching this.

    The amount of times this happens to me, both ways (scoring/other team scoring).
    That awesome/dreadful feeling as you watch the ball slowly roll into the goal, and no one can do anything about it.

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