Rockstar Games Says It Has Fixed Issues Introduced In GTA V’s Patch

Rockstar Games Says It Has Fixed Issues Introduced In GTA V’s Patch

Briefly: Rockstar Games claims to have fixed the PC performance issues introduced in the Grand Theft Auto V‘s most recent patch. While it’s not doing anything to ban offline mods, it warned that mods could cause unexpected problems.


  • They need to be working on the ONLINE MODS! Almost every lobby I join has 2-3 modders in it! Usually they’re minding their own business and not doing anything. However, there is always a troll, and now they have the ability to kick other players from the public lobby. I’m used to having everything from animals to Ferris wheels and UFO’s being spawned onto my character. Explosions killing everyone in the server falsely blamed on myself or others.

    When there are people who are invincible, killing others on almost every server, you know the situation is bad. Also, when they spawn money on you, it can get you a 2 week ban from GTA Online.

    I’ve heard excuses like; “It’s too hard to make money” or “I don’t want to go passive because then I can’t kill NPC’s”…. If you want to mod, kill NPC’s, and ignore other players – Play single player!!!!

  • Had some American corksmoker with Godmode on in a lobby I was in on the weekend – REALLY ruined my enjoyment of the game. You’ll get one or two dirkheads every session using the passive mode glitch (STILL) and you just ignore them, but this winker was in Godmode without passive AND he was being a jerk with his mic on, telling people ‘yeah go report me, I got 3 other accounts, I’ll just logon and do this shizzle again’ in his stupid accent. Screw the ‘bad sport pool’ – R* should just stop these winkers from being able to play – period.

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