Running Around As An Angry Chicken Is A Fun Way To Play Diablo III

Running Around As An Angry Chicken Is A Fun Way To Play Diablo III

The goal of the “Angry Chicken” build in Diablo III is simple: turn your Witch Doctor into a fast, unstoppable chicken as often as possible and do massive damage.

It sounds silly for a serious game with demons and angels but that’s the point. And it actually works perfectly even on Torment VI difficulty. Noxious on r/diablo goes into detail which skillsets and items you need to spam Hex (the Witch Doctor skill that transforms you into a chicken) and do enough damage at the same time:

By using Grave Injustice or In-geom, some skillsets allow us to spam Hex and explode for crazy damage very consistently. With Addling Toads and the Ren’ho Flayer extraction, we get access to the Confusion effect as well as dipping into a massive pool of consistent poison damage. What’s nice is the mobility: you move faster than any other build in the game, and you can maintain it for bounty runs or pylon runs in GRifts.

The fact that the build is so easy to customzie means it really opens up preferential setup possibilities. I truly hope more Witch Doctors end up picking up this unique playstyle, because although I’ve been playing a similar build since Closed Beta of Reaper of Souls (I know, it was bad, but it was fun), nobody else really seemed to care for it. I had actually suggested SPECIFICALLY that Manajuma’s Way be turned into an Angry Chicken synergy set, it only happened now, and it’s fucking amazing.

I’m overjoyed, and I’m finally happy that an entire panel of the WD gameplay is now dedicated to my favourite skill. Hex has always been underused, and it’s now going to be my main skill.

Noxious also made a demonstration video on the Public Test Realms of the upcoming patch 2.3:


  • Oooh gotta try that – I’ve found the Witch doctor has always been one fo the weaker builds and this might get me running around with it.

  • I was listening to this guy and realized just how much of a noob I am at D3. I have absolutely no idea WTF he was talking about 90% of the time…

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