Sega’s Transformers Arcade Game Is A Spinning Vortex Of Death

Sega’s Transformers Arcade Game Is A Spinning Vortex Of Death

Transformers: Human Alliance was an OK arcade shooter that came out a couple of years ago. It was a pretty standard lightgun affair. This new special edition of the game, only available in Japanese arcades, is anything but standard.

As Arcade Heroes reports, it looks to be mostly the same software experience, but the cabinet housing it has been upgraded by Sega to be a 360-degree spinning machine of death, big enough to house two players. The plastic guns have also been swapped out by a two-joystick control scheme.

Below is what the game itself looks like:

Which, whatever, it’s fine. But tell me you wouldn’t drop some Yen to move around like this.


  • What’s old is new again eh? Almost 20 years ago I was part of the crew who opened the Timezone in Brisbane City in the Queen Street Mall. My favorite game there was GLoc which came complete with an R360:

    Spent may, many hours playing that… this too looks fun, but, at the same time can’t help feel it’s not quite as a natural fit for it as an aircraft game was…

    • I had a go on that once… once.
      On a related note, I spent a lot of time in that arcade, you have my thanks for making such a great place to hang out.

  • I read Sega and saw the spinning booth and concluded it must be a Sonic game

  • They had one in an arcade in London when I was living there at the time. Too bad I never got to try it out it was always either out of order or they didn’t have the money to hire staff to push the safety stop

  • I’m just imagining being strapped in next to the person who’s susceptible to motion sickness but doesn’t like to make a fuss.
    Vomit would spread quickly in that thing.

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