Seven Times Game Creators Cameoed As Themselves

Seven Times Game Creators Cameoed As Themselves

Whether it’s a classic adventure game, or a shooter that came out a few months, ago it doesn’t matter. Some developers and publishers just can’t resist putting themselves in their games, usually as a hidden easter egg, but sometimes they’re just right in front of us. YouTubers at OutsideXbox collected seven of these cameos.

All of these are indeed really strange:

  1. John Romero in Doom II
  2. George Lucas in The Secret of Monkey Island
  3. David Cage in Indigo Prophecy
  4. Hideo Kojima in Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes
  5. Keiji Inafune in Hyperdimension Neptunia MKII
  6. Dan Forden in the Mortal Kombat series
  7. Will Wright in Spore
  8. Bonus: Shu Takumi’s dog in Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

George Lucas in Monkey Island might be an odd one, but it’s easy to find other cameos to fill the gap. Diablo III‘s development team for example is in the game, disguised as demons, in an easter egg dungeon called Development Hell:

Or there’s a hidden part in the BioWare classic MDK2 where you can find some of the developers as well:

And the founders of Sierra, Ken and Roberta Williams, appeared a lot in their games as well:

[Images via LPArchive and Sierra Chest]


  • Makes me also think of the Wachowski’s in “The Path of Neo”. Does that count?

  • The Doom 2 bit got explained in Masters of Doom. Which everyone should read.

    Things were heated in the id office, with team members feeling like Romero was taking all the credit for their games and not doing enough actual work. They found a smug head shot, put it on a spike and called it ‘the icon of sin’. Romero figured he’d play along, and recorded the audio heard in this video.

  • I think it was in Lego Island 1 you could find a secret cave and in there were Lego versions of the developers.

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