Shirt-Talking Replaces Shit-Talking At EVO 2015

Shirt-Talking Replaces Shit-Talking At EVO 2015

There have been miscounts and celebrity appearances, but let us not overlook another highlight of this weekend's festivities: Shirtless EVO Guy.

You might think Casey "Onisan" Dillon is being an arsehole here by not only stripping off on stage during a Street Fighter IV bout, but draping his shirt on Poongko, his opponent. But as you'll soon see, it wasn't received as an act of aggression.

It was an invitation.

Shirt-Talking Replaces Shit-Talking At EVO 2015

It's getting hot in here.

You can watch the full fight (which actually took place on Friday) below.


    For a bit of context, this was a pool match (early in the tournament) between a nobody and a well-known pro that was a serious contender for top 8.

    Poongko has stripped his shirt off before. Hell, taking his belt off before - or during - a match is basically his signature move. Onisan did this because he'd otherwise just be another guy that lost to Poongko.

    i swear the commentators for this thing only know how to yell into their mics... so fucking annoying

      It's aping WWE style commentary, which I don't mind personally, but they really need to work out the peaking issue, that kind of distortion is like sandpaper to me.

        yeah i think they could pull it off if they'd sit back from the mic about 5-10cm lol

    Harmless fun and definitely better than 'shitcalling' each other

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