Skyrim Mod Looks Like Bethesda Made It

Skyrim Mod Looks Like Bethesda Made It

Skyrim mods, they’re the gift that keeps on giving. Years after the fantasy RPG kingpin came out, we’re seeing stuff that’s practically professional-quality.

The Forgotten City could be mistaken for a full-on Bethesda-made expansion. It’s not quite on Enderal‘s level, but there’s still a lot to be cautiously optimistic about. Check it out:

The mod will function as a “lore friendly” addition to Skyrim with its own “intricately detailed” city, a non-linear murder mystery story that involves time travel, and 30 characters with 1200 voiced lines of dialogue. If the trailer’s anything to go on, the voice acting sounds pretty solid, too.

That’s important because, in order to solve the mystery, you’ll apparently be interrogating a lot of people. I hope I get to play good cop, bad khajiit and tell suspects they’re under arrest for committing TIME CRIME.

The Forgotten City will be available for download on Steam and ModDB sometime in October. Hopefully people won’t actually forget about it, what with that whole Fallout 4 thing happening a few weeks later. Don’t get me wrong: I have room enough in my heart for two, but time enough in my schedule? That might be a different story.

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      • haha I know right. I keep doing this and like 6 months later I will uninstall because I haven’t played it lately then a month later I will be like lets install it again…

        One mod I would recommend for those who are doing another playthrough is the tropical skyrim mod as it really changes the whole feel of the game the only downside is the textures are a bit low res. Its especially good if you add in lots of similar mods which add tropical birds and animals.

    • It’s not Patrick Stewart, no. Stewart’s voice has a deeper timbre and his enunciation is more classical.

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