Some Of Australia's Best Indie Games Are Heading To PAX Australia

The best part of PAX Australia is the indie section. You know this. No long queues, absolutely brilliant video games and the chance to rub shoulders directly with the people who are making the games themselves. That's why I love the PAX Australia Indie Showcase so much — it celebrates awesome games being made in Australia.

The following games have been selected for the PAX Aus Australian Indie Showcase. They all look super interesting and I can't wait to check them out.

Agent A: A Puzzle In Disguise

A puzzle game for iOS, Agent A has a genuinely unique aesthetic. It has a spy theme and hides its 'puzzles' behind a really sexy looking narrative.

Armed With Wings: Rearmed

You can actually buy Armed With Wings: Rearmed on Steam right now. It's in early access and it's well worth checking out.

Death Squared

Death Squared is from the guys behind One More Line and One More Dash. Those are good games. I have no idea what's happening in this new one though. On the PAX Aus site it says "Death Squared is a game about learning how to not obliterate your companion as you navigate a set of environments that are mechanically mapped to you in surprisingly unhelpful ways". Well there you go.


We've written about Hacknet before. It is the Australian game that will turn us all into hackers. A game that attempts to make a game of actual, real hacking. It's a terrifying high concept and seems scarily well executed. It comes out on PC August 12.

Hollow Knight

A super polished 2D Action Adventure game that I'm fairly hyped on. The animation is spectacular. Love the look.


The description from PAX Australia's site: "Werewolf dodgeball in a top-down arena". Yeah that's a high concept right there.


    Meh PAX, 2 years and still probably gonna be meh

      First one was meh, second one was better. Hopefully third time is a charm?

    Well Agent A at least is now on my radar. Also loving the shoe-phone reference.

    ...We are coming up on a time when people aren't going to get that reference.

      You lie. Don't destroy my naivete. People will always remember the shoe phone. No! I don't believe you! LALALALALALA!

    You guys tried going to Oz Comic-Con or AV Con? PAX is --heaven-- in comparison.

    So does this mean the Indy gaming showcase is going to take up even more floor space?

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