Someone Made A Team Fortress 2 Dating Sim

Someone Made A Team Fortress 2 Dating Sim

Rule 34: if it exists, there's porn of it. Rule 35: if it exists, there's probably also a dating sim of it on the way.

The Team Fortress 2 dating sim is coming to us by way of Schiphys, who describes themself as, "a damn scientist who makes things on the computer for science." The game is exactly what it sounds like: a dating sim starring Team Fortress 2 characters. Oh, and it's set in a high school, because dating sims. And that high school is in Australia, because Team Fortress 2.

It's not finished yet, but you can check out a demo. It definitely plays the whole dating sim thing straight, keeping its TF2 references subtle rather than in-your-face (for example, the Scout is the school's running/exercise buff, but he's not very zany about it). Don't expect Valve-level writing, but what's here is solidly charming. I will say, however, that events have a tendency to end abruptly, anticlimactically — sometimes with little-to-no actual interaction. That's a bummer. I'm playing TF2: The Dating Sim to chill with my favourite mercs, not do a zillion snore chores day in and day out. I know the daily routine is a big part of dating sims, but scattered events should be highlights, not letdowns.

It's just a demo, though, and Schiphys is making the game for fun. I'm excited to see where it goes. And now, the only logical conclusion to a post about a TF2 dating sim: who are you gonna make goo-goo eyes and kissy faces at?


    I can tell it's set in Australia by how clean that Japanese park is.

      I can tell it's set in Australia because of the Telstra logo on the phone stand.

      Last edited 11/07/15 6:09 pm

        I can tell it's set in Australia because watching the latest episode of my favourite show costs me 60 bucks a month.

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