Sonic, Running Around In Unreal Engine 4

Sonic, Running Around In Unreal Engine 4

Video: Here's Unreal Engine 4's open world "Kite" environment combined with a cool-looking Sonic. It's made by YouTuber CryZENx, and with a few Power Rings added this could work as a nice alternative Green Hill Zone.


    I was doing something similar. Just getting the Third Person Project and putting it in this and then getting some friends in together and doing a marathon to the other side of them map.

    It does look great. Whenever I see grass in the engine like this I'm amazed.

    But Sonic on Kite demo was done 15 days ago using an Sonic game framework for UE4:

    I can see an MMO style/open world Sonic game in this engine. Build your own character sort of thing like in DB:Xenoverse. Run through courses together and other mini-games and bosses to get to, then being able to level up all different aspects of your character. Higher you level speed the faster you can move, that sort of thing.

    I agree with Korwin though, camera is way too close.

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