Star Wars VR Pitch Looks Like The Perfect Star Wars Game

Star Wars VR Pitch Looks Like The Perfect Star Wars Game

Director Rob McLellan, who is turning his robot serial killer short ABE into a feature film with MGM, has also been working on something else: a Star Wars VR game.

Along with his VFX guy Craig Stiff, and with a little help from games studio HammerheadVR, they have put together this demo of what they're toying with, built and running entirely in Unreal Engine 4.

It's...well, on looks alone it's everything you want from a Star Wars VR game, really. Rebel Assault, but not sucky.

Note this is a fan project, not a commercial title. Rob and Craig are hoping to have a playable demo/build available by the time Oculus Rift is released next year.


    Meh, looks like its going to be an on rails shooter....

    Give me instead, SW: Battlefront with VR.

    It's a fan project? I give this pretty much zero chance of ever being officially available on Oculus, then.

    There already is Starwars Space Fighter demo for the oculus. It is a fan base project and plays great.
    Its called 'Star Wars: The Battle of Endor'

    Remember that Kinect star wars demo which looked too good to be true? Turns out it was.

    You could call it.... Pitch Perfect...? Am I right? :)

    I'd be happy just to have an on-rails, realistic trench run in VR.

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