Super Mario Maker Is A Combination Of Nostalgia And State-Sanctioned Insanity

Super Mario Maker is a potent combination. Imagine a world where your need for nostalgia — your need to ignore the pains of adulthood — is indulged. And not just indulged, but augmented with a sense of insanity. Fueled by the chaos of the internet collective and what they can do with talent, a need to break things, and a decent set of tools.

Honestly, Super Mario Maker is going to tear the fabric of this universe in half. I'm actually a little bit scared.

Today Nintendo released a new trailer for Super Mario Maker and I'm watching it. I'm watching it and I'm thinking to myself, 'boy oh boy this level design is a little bit out there'.

Then I have to stop myself because I know. I know this is nothing compared to the kind of shit we're gonna see when the game is released.

And it's going to spiral. Out of control. It's going to start with, OH LOOK AT THIS SONIC LEVEL REMADE IN SUPER MARIO MAKER. Kotaku will probably run this story because it'll be interesting. Then it'll get crazier. It'll be, HERE IS GAME OF THRONES REMADE IN SUPER MARIO MAKER.

Slowly it'll become increasingly difficult to impress us. The bar will slowly start to rise. Then we'll start to see truly incredible stuff.

Then it will be the greatest Mario levels you can imagine. Levels that completely decimate anything you've ever seen in a Nintendo game. These levels will be unhinged. They will be completely dissociated from any kind of idea of accessibility or general standards. They will not look and feel like Nintendo-made things. They will be otherworldly.

Here's what we are talking about here: we are talking about applying Nintendo's brand mascot to the absolute chaos of the broader world, to the fucking internet. I'm honestly flabbergasted that Nintendo are actually doing it, that they're allowing this to happen.

I can't wait to see what happens.


    I'm 90% confident that someone will find a way to compose music with it.

    I've got all the Amiibo, so I will do levels where cannons shoot all different mystery mushrooms all ovr the place.

    Ultimately, I hope we see some extremely difficult, different takes on familiar levels emerge.

    Aside from all the craziness, I'm looking forward simply to playing those original mario games with the different graphics/themes. For example SMW levels with SMB3 graphics, or SMB1 with New Super Mario graphics.

      Can you actually do that? So cool

        Well, that's an assumption on my part predicated on the fact that someone will first build those levels.

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