Surprise, Five Nights At Freddy’s 4 Is Out On Steam Right Now

Surprise, Five Nights At Freddy’s 4 Is Out On Steam Right Now
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So, uh…you can now purchase the latest hardcore jumpscare simulator for $US7.99 on Steam. So much for that supposed August release!

This might seem like it’s out of left field, but it’s not. YouTubers such as Markiplier have already gotten a chance to play the game already. It would have been kind of silly for Scott Cawthon, the developer behind the series, to simply sit on the game for a few weeks if it was already done. Which is good news for the rest of us: we get to play the game much sooner.


      • Because it’s the fourth game in twelve months. And the series isn’t particularly good or even scary anymore.

        • That is of course, just an opinion. Personally, I find its bite size perfect. People praised Telltales games for the same sort of window of release and essentially, pricing point as well. This has told a similair type of creepy story in terms of quality. At 8 dollars aus roughly, It’s a total of 32 for a 4 episode game. No worse than a telltale game and no more rushed either.

          Yet telltales games are praised right?

          • They’re episodic. That’s different. These are full-on sequels. Not one game split up into five episodes. Four seperate games that were all conceived, planned and developed one after another.

          • Given the tiny nature of these games and limited gameplay in them (the lore is the more important aspect after all), the small development time (even Telltale works on episodes in those months between), that’s definitely splitting hairs right there. But I digress, the apparent hatred towards four games that cost around the same as a happy meal these days is just….well….pathetic coming from adults to be honest. We celebrate Call of Duty, we celebrate Assassins Creed (well maybe less so the last year…) and other yearly released games which charge upwards of 80 to 90 dollars (in some cases, 199 for the collectors ed), yet piss all over 8 dollar independent games that told a tight, well done and finally concluded story…

            Hypocrisy is such a bitch.

          • I hate Call of Duty and Ass Creed for the same reasons (well, maybe a few other reasons as well).

    • Um, I hate Freddy but… you totally haven’t seen that people like it? That people do care? Seriously, are you ignorant on purpose?

      • People still care? Jeez, I was hoping that The Witcher 3 and Arkham Knight would steal all of the hype.

  • Awesome! Will be buying it right now, have the last three and intend to buy this. I really don’t get the negativity from some towards these games, they’re indie games charging a couple of dollars, that’s it. It’s not like they’re large priced games recycled year to year like COD, AC and EA’s sports series…

    • Because FNAF is recycled month to month. It was an interesting concept at first but the novelty of it wore off quickly.

      • I would tend to agree normally if there weren’t a storyline that were well done, if they weren’t cheap as chips (literally) and if their total series weren’t cheaper than a budget game (it is). When you get into the lore, get into the games themselves and actually play rather than jumping on the net-hate bandwagon, you end up finding something pretty cool, a deep as hell, bite size game that satisfies and doesn’t deserve the negativity it gets.

        • It also look’s rather different to the previous games! I love the series personally, and I’ve only been playing Battlefield 4, Verdun and Lol on the side.

    • There seems to be some strange belief in gaming communities that sequels must pass an arbitrary amount of time before they should be released.

      • Which is ironic given the huge franchises often get pumped out quick as hell in under 12 months… sometimes it’s as simple as a roster change (most sports games).

      • That belief exists so that we get a quality game that improves over it’s predecessors. That’s why I hate Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, pretty much all of the sports games and Five Nights at Freddy’s. They don’t allow room for improvement, and are instead focused on the fastest delivery for the most profit (although in the case of Scott Cawthon, he’s probably trying to be over and done with this franchise ASAP).

  • Now here is the big question, who is the child one is playing?

    Looking closely at the video I think this is a prequel and we are playing the kid that becomes the puppet.

    For one, we see the tear stained face again. For two, he seems to be wearing a stripped shirt that looks like the arms and legs on the puppet.

    It also says 5 days until the party and from what the lore hints at in FNaF 2, there was a child killed during a party at Faz Bear’s Family Diner.

    The other hint that makes me think this is in the Atari style cutscenes the child describes the toys in the bottom corner as his friends which also correspond to who would be the animatronics that eventually get phone guy.

    Once again, I don’t think we will get confirmation outside MattPat’s theory on who the phone guy is. But I think will finally see what started the chain of events.

    • I’m thinking you’re spot on, won’t give away why, but check the photos… this is some pretty f*cked up lore… :O

      • I’m not going to lie. Most of what I’ve seen is from let’s plays and the screenshots on the FNaF wiki.

        Call me silly but I have bad high blood pressure and I’m likely to do myself harm actually trying to play these games.

        But I am a fan of MattPats theories but I have to disagree with him on Golden Freddy being a Spring Lock suit.

        Not to be mean but he did miss one element. If you look at Golden Freddy’s hands, there are only four digits. If he really was a spring lock suit, there should be five. And SpringTrap is the only one officially that does.

        EDIT: Sorry, which photos? The photos on the walls in the forth game or in the prior three games?

      • Oh I see! The photos on the left door. The one closest looks like the Lanterns in FNaF 3 and one looks like Bonnie!

        Can’t tell much else though as the lets plays are only 720p.

        EDIT: Nevermind, just saw your post below. D’oh!

  • 4th game in the left corridor…

    Gives away who the purple man may be 😉 Scott Cawthorn! Who’s in the photo with the kid! His DAD!?!! :O

    Dammit that was meant for @Wisehacker up there!

    • Running with your proposal, it would certainly explain a lot.
      It’s been statistically proven that the mostly suspect in a murder is often a relative. And if the first cutscene is to go by, it fits.
      The kid is locked up and is crying. Yet it has not been revealed yet why. Taken on its own, my guess is there was a party coming up and the kid was either not invited or it was for said kid but the father called it off for some reason.
      Following this, somehow either by non-invite or by sneaking to the restaurant, the father finds the kid, kid refuses to go with father, father’s patience runs out and does the unforgivable.
      But to quote MatPat, it’s just a theory, 😛
      But there is still a twist. In the cinematic after the first night, the kid gets to play hide and seek and finds what seems to be nightmare Foxy.
      However, sorry in advance if you’ve already done this, if you look closely the head maybe Foxy but it sits on a human head and has a human arm and hand reaching out.
      It still might fit though. If I’m right and we are seeing the creation of the Puppet then the cut scenes are showing distorted memories of when the child was still human but is being tormented by the souls of the other children who have been put into the animatronic suits.
      And yes, I’m sourcing MatPat here but he’s compiled the most definitive versions of the lore so far in my opinion. Except for Golden Freddy.

      EDIT: Added full stops to keep everything in the one spoiler.

      • WOW…. just finished it… it pretty much answers everything. I hope Scott leaves it there. He crafted a great story, it’s a damn satisfying ending and just… wow.

        • Did you find the Purple Guy Easter egg?
          Also there is still DLC coming to explain how Golden Freddy “fixes” the kid and the case at the end looks like something for holding a marionette.
          So I’m all but convinced that we are seeing the creation of the Puppet and it turns out the purple guy is a tragic villain driven mad when one son harms the other.

          • Could be, or the Purple man is just the big brother driven insane by accidentally harming his brother in the bite of 87. OR… Given ‘the child survived but lost his frontal lobe’, I kind of wonder… what if the CHILD is the Purple man? O_O

          • One last thing as this is starting to belong in the TAY thread.

            This is why I asked if you saw the purple guy Easter egg. In the night two cutscene, if you do as instructed (of left) and then go back again, you momentarily see the red staff doors open and see the Purple guy helping another staff member into a suit.
            You theory though does have some merit. People have survived accidents with said lobe but often turned out to not be the same person afterwards.
            Some theories suggest that lobe is responsible for emotion so it would remove the emotional barrier but it conflicts with other theories at some motor functions are also there.
            Then there are the toys who “talk” in the after math. Foxy says “You are broken”.
            This suggests to me the child survived but is now a vegetable. And thus would only move if someone “pulls strings for him”. Like a puppet.
            Anyhow thanks for the discussion and I’m going to end with a nod to one of the best YouTubers out there.
            It’s just a theory … a game theory! 😛

  • Oh shiiiet here we go with a bottle of bourbon and no choice about lights… My bedroom light bulb blew

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