Surprising Nobody, The Wii U Version Of Project CARS Has Been Cancelled.

Surprising Nobody, The Wii U Version Of Project CARS Has Been Cancelled.

Surprising nobody, the Wii U version of Project CARS has been cancelled.


    • It’s actually a lot more sinister than the article suggests. Slightly Mad Studios hyped the Wii-U version back when they were still raising money for the game from the public, then hyped it again when the ‘last-gen’ (PS360) console versions were canned, and stated on a couple of occasions that the Wii-U version was ‘running well’. It turns out that due to upgrading the tyre model (of all things) and probably other programming/design choices based on the PS4/XBone versions the Wii-U version is not, in fact, ‘running well’ at all (if it ever was in the first place). SMS is making a calculated commercial decision to drop the Wii-U version rather than downgrade it from the PS4/Xbone specs, which would involve a fair bit of work, since Nintendo won’t let them release a sub-30fps game on the Wii-U (it is currently at about 23fps). Long story short, SMS promised the Wii-U version, lied about it running well, then canned it after hyping it up and convincing people to contribute crowd-funding on the strength of that hype.

      • I thought for sometime the WiiU version was the principle reason behind the hype with this game

        What if you bought into a kickstarter based on your platform of choice bring ‘supported’ and then they pull the rug out from under you – what sort of comeback or redress do you have? And it’s a pertinent question because the WiiU with its anaemic 3rd party support is the perfect target for these shysters promising games to a userbase starved of them.

        • You have no redress at all. With Kickstarter, you are at the mercy of the team behind it.

          I remember this being hyped as a big WiiU game as well. Pretty shitty of them. They kept going on about how it was going well and running awesome, even when pressed about the WiiU’s power.

  • Isn’t that the same gif from a previous kotaku pcars article?

    I wish I got paid for two words and a link.

  • I don’t usually jump on the ‘hey, short article’ bandwagon, but the headline of the linked Polygon article had more details.

  • Ironically enough, the Polygon article referenced Nintendo Life, which then went on to reference Polygon when they got a comment from the developers.

    But really? As other people said, there is nothing here added by Kotaku here. No attempt for comments from sources or anything. So few words and original ideas are found here it’s possible to say it’s not worth hyper linking. :-S

    This comment alone is increasing the word count found here several times over. That’s a bit rubbish. 🙁

    • Well it was the only version that was delayed and had no release date set.
      Then the Xbone version wasn’t exactly silky smooth
      Then they said it was running at of 23fps but that they’d need to make major cuts to get it running any better (I’m paraphrasing).
      Then they announced that they were aware that Nintendo was making a new console and were considering that as a better option.
      Then they officially cancelled the WiiU version.

      So I’m guessing that if you were in any way interested in the game and owned a WiiU then it shouldn’t be a surprise by now. The writing has been on the wall for months, it was more obvious than your usual ‘WiiU version gets cancelled’ story.

      • Everyone is making a new console. The others guys just didn’t need to announce code names to reassure people that they are not going fully mobile. Even though it’s pretty clear that if they were, they would make more than 5 mobile games a year.

        • The other guys have more than one(?) game coming out for their consoles in the next year too.

          The WiiU is getting practically zero 3rd party support, there’s no new major 1st party games on the horizon (as much as I love Starfox nobody is going to buy an expensive console for it), the hardware is comparatively dated and the existing install base is still significantly smaller than the Dreamcast’s later in its lifecycle than the DC was discontinued.

          You can love the machine all you want, but if you’ve been around for a few generations then you can see when a machine has passed-it and is awaiting a replacement. It’s happened to just about every console Nintendo has ever released at some point and it’s happened to the WiiU now, those long months when you open Nintendo Power (or whatever it is these days) and it’s got an 8 page review of some middling title because it’s the only thing out in the next 3 months…. That’s the WiiU right now.

          Whether or not it’s dying weeze is the once-promised, now missing “open world on old hardware” Zelda game is the only question left. It’ll warrant more than a 12 word article, but I won’t be any more surpised if I see the headline ‘Surprising Nobody, The Wii U Version Of Zelda Has Been Cancelled’ in the next 6 months.

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