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    PREVIOUSLY, ON 90-TAY-10 (Where’s Cakesmith Edition)
    Strange hosts the night of all nights.

    Strange: And the Academy Award goes to…Dan & Karl’s Zeitgeist, for: The Death of Dan & Karl!

    The audience goes wild. The house lights fall on two empty seats, and then there is silence.

    Strange: Um…are they not here tonight?

    Several TAYbies in the audience stand up.

    BDKIAF: No! Because they’re dead!

    CJ: How could you be so cruel?!

    Jordi: Why did we even come tonight?!
    Freeze is ready to launch the ultimate Spirit Bomb and save the universe for Majin Buu. But there’s one problem.

    Freeze: Nobs! Move out of the way!

    Nobs lies bruised and battered on the ground far below.

    Nobs: I can’t! Just launch the bomb!

    Freeze: No way! You’re the reason we got this far!

    Nobs smashes his fists against the ground.

    Nobs: Do it! Do it now!

    Freeze: N-no!

    Rize plays the accordion in a jazz ensemble.
    A door opens. Rocketman and ColdCam step through into a darkened stairway.

    Rocketman: What did you want to show me in the cellar?

    He is hit on the head and tumbles down the stairs unconscious. ColdCam lowers the frying pan.

    ColdCam: Your death.
    Back in the holiday villa, Beavwa sits in the study alone, reading. Suddenly, the door bursts open, and in pour some fifty TAYbies, with DC leading them, holding a cake.


    Beavwa: It’s…uh…not my birthday?

    TAYbies: …oh.

    Someone pushes to the front of the crowd.

    Beeawwb: I keep telling you, it’s my birthday.

    TAYbies: Ohhhhh. We always get you guys mixed up. Huh.

    The TAYbies all turn and leave at once. DC tosses the cake behind him. It lands with a splat.

    Beavwa and Beeawwb stare at each other.
    This content is broken and has been recalled from shelves awaiting important updates and fixes. You will be notified when it is made available again.
    Shane and Sughly face off in the ultimate arena: a court of law.

    Shane: OBJECTION!

    Sughly: OBJECTION!

    This continues for twenty minutes, until…

    Powalen: OBJECTION!

    Stunned reactions from everyone present.
    Batguy and Cookingmama, world’s greatest detectives, arrive at the scene of a most terrible crime. They examine the body.

    Batguy: What’re you thinking?

    Cookingmama lowers her sunglasses.

    Vookingmama: It was…MURDER.

    Batguy: Case closed!

    They high-five and leave.
    Pants sits at his desk. Beside him is an open notebook of ideas, under the heading ‘TAYs of our Lives – Everybody’s Pregnant Edition’. He is reading last week’s TAY.

    Pants: Well, none of this is funny anymore. Now I have to start over.

    He tears the pages out and tosses them aside, crying.

      I particularly like "vooking mama" =P
      Also, great job adding Beeawwb

      Last edited 29/06/15 8:41 am

      This content is broken and has been recalled from shelves awaiting important updates and fixes. You will be notified when it is made available again.

      Topical, I like that.

      You know, I find it incredibly unfair that Vookingmama is not given her due credit as part of the the world's greatest detective. Poor lass, always living in Cookingmama's shadow.

        Sounds like another evil twin storyline in the making.

      I actually came across my section while listening to the accordion section of Come With Me Now by Kongos...

      Beavwa and Beeawwb stare at each other.
      My favourite this week

      Came for a the drama. Got the drama. All I can pay you is 1 up vote.

      Beavwa and Beeawwb stare at each other.

      "Well, this is another fine mess you've gotten us into"

      Anyone who's watched Tangled knows how reliant a frying pan is

    Entirely too much Payday 2 played this weekend. *twitch* Three trophies away from platinum.
    Completed Tabula Rasa trophy - which is Hoxton Breakout on Overkill difficulty in nothing but a two piece suit, with an AK and a Thompson. Also no skills allocated at all. Brutal.

    Heavensward is also brilliant. ARR has been great, but Heavensward is better again. Story, characters, it's all great so far.

    Monday. Bleuch. *hugs caffeine protectively*

      I nearly played Payday 2 this weekend, I bought it in the Sale :D Is it a large file?

        Not too sure. Used to play it on PC, but am replaying it this time on PS4 - bought a retail copy. Lot of fun with friends though.

        I just bought it in the sale as well, I cannot remember how large it was to download, but I do know it takes up 20GB on my hard drive. I think it was around 8gb download though for some reason.

    Morning all! Hope your weekends were as good as mine.

    I am seeking a replacement phone for Mrs Shane, whose Galaxy II has sadly gasped its last. Has anyone recently upgraded their phone and is wondering what to do with their previous model? Cash on offer.


      I read that as "a replacement for Mrs. Shane". :P

        That can't be done.

          You don't need a phone, you could barely talk last week :)

    Birthday weekend of doing nothing at all (benefits of having a few quiet drinks on Friday instead of having a big one on Saturday which seems to still be the trend with my friends as I properly enter my 30s). Got some decent time in on ESo to get my woodworking up and finally traded in Destiny and put that towards Fallout 4. Not a great amount, but every little counts :D

    Almost up to the last season of That 70s Show (thanks Netflix), watched one (technically two :P) of the best Doctor Who eps (The Empty Child & The Doctor Dances) and watched Up again. So much sadness and then happiness and laughter in one animated film. One of the best in the last ten years

      Have you seen Inside Out? Directed by Pete Docter, who directed Up. Brilliant movie, and even more feels than Up. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. Also, the short film before it, Lava, is pretty great too.

        I was thinking of Inside Man for a second and thought 'there's not many feels in that film' :-D I'll look them up though :-) cheers for the suggestions

        I am still traumatised by Up. Not sure I want to watch another movie with that many feels.

      Happy Birthday! :)

      Edit: Also, with that 70s show, wife and I mainlined it on Netflix/Iview. The last season felt like a little bit of a letdown until about three episodes left.
      Then, it's the feels.

      Last edited 29/06/15 12:27 pm

    I have hit a rough spot with all world blues. I had to drop the difficulty, and I was still struggling which is a massive pain. I'm going to try and get through it at some point but I have heaps of sewing. D= All the sewing!

      If you've got any question about OWB give me a shout, I only recently finished it all off.

        It's just that my sonic emitter requires repairing and it's 7000 caps to repair. I can't complete one of the quests without it. I can't find the other bloody holodisc either.

          Which holodisc?
          For repairs, aim to unlock the jukebox in The Sink. Once you have it you can change the crit style of the gun which will actually repair the gun back up to like 90% condition.

            I got the auto doc one, but I can't find the other two for all my friends have off switches.

              Yeah, that's the quest to eventually get the Jukebox up and running, which can give you free sonic emitter repairs.
              By not being able to find them, are you tracking the quest so markers appear on the compass? Also, some discs can be found in the middle of doing other missions.

                Got the bits, but now my stealth suit is dead and I can't repair it. Annoying

                  Yeah, I'd kind of forgotten how much more difficult life is in Fallout without high repair and the Jury Rig perk (lets you repair items with similar items, not just same items. Repair skill requirement of like 50 or 75). It saves you a crazy amount of caps.

      I really need to run through New Vegas again. I've only ever done Lonesome Road and Dead Money. It's been so long since I played my save though I'll need to start again so I know what's going on again. Fallout 3 first though. Hopefully I can smash both out before November 10th

    It's my sister's 21st today. Happy Birthday Sis! (she's never going to see this; she doesn't use this site).

    We had a party for her on saturday. Wasn't a big thing, I think about 20 people showed up. Unfortunately some of her closer friends couldn't make it for reasons, but I think she still enjoyed herself. I was my normal awkward self. I'm just no good at parties, even if they're taking place in my own home.

      It's my sister's 21st today. Happy Birthday Sis! I'm still mum and Dad's favourite

      Happy Birthday Dire Wolfs sis! Something something drunken party stumble ahoy

    Pretty decent weekend... Went and saw Inside Out (and certainly did not get a clump in my throat during the featurette or at the end of the movie I don't know what you're talking about HAHAHA I'm a man *cough*)
    But man that was a fantastic movie that struck a lot of chords with me... Then went out and purchased Yoshi's Woolly World (dat Amiibo) because apparently I'm living out my inner child

      Was it end of Toy Story 3 lumpy, or worse? Man, that movie got me goooood.

        I don't know if it comes down to my situation or not but I would say more (with me at least)
        Though Toy Story 3, man... MAN dat ending

          Gran Torino is the one that gets me... every...single...time...

      Also I've had
      Somebody to lava
      (spoilers for the featurette)
      Stuck in my head all day yesterday and it continues today... I really need to learn to play the ukulele

        Hah! It's not just me now! (also the person I saw it with sent me a weekly text message with the lyrics just to keep it going! >.<)

          Hahaha is the Triple Dent Gum jingle thing all over again!

            well more that, what the latter is to the characters in Inside out, the former is to the audience watching it - I mean I wonder if Pixar intended it to get quite so meta! :p

      I'd heard that Inside Out did not quite emotional but dang, was not prepared for so many feelings at the end there.

      I realise that it's a movie about feelings so that sentence doesn't quite have the same impact. But yeah, good movie and a smart Pixar film.

    Anyone curious about getting back into SWTOR, the latest and upcoming expansion has put a lot more emphasis on story and conversations compared to the previous stuff. It's also solo-friendly, though there's some side Operations stuff that sounds hella fun.

      Great minds think alike? I jumped on this weekend and started a new toon on the imp side. They've got a little bonus for subscribers now where all class missions provide 12x XP meaning you can effectively get to level 50 by just doing the class quests (which is nice for peeps who've done all normal missions across pubs and imps from previous toons).

      The ops/raids are a lot more casual friendly than WoW as well and this is usually the MMO I jump back into when I'm burnt out from WoW's hardcore raiding.

        That 12xp bonus runs till Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere so it'll be around for a while. So good!

          I know! It's like being able to enjoy the game without all the filler MMO quests of kill 800 of that and collect 200 of that. That said the speed has the downside of missing out on the companion quests but I guess I can bother doing them end game using companion gifts to trigger them =]

          What class/side dyu play rize?

        @rize this actually has me pretty tempted too. I always found that the tedium around re-running the 90% same content killed it for me when I tried to re-play, but maybe I'll dig out the Sith Inquisutor I started and start over.

        Isn't there an issue getting decent gear if you're leveling through the game that fast though? IIRC a lot of the upgrade gear rewards were from side quests.

          Each class quest now gives you 12 Basic commendations, if you get adaptive gear (Cartel store gear) or gear thats epic or custom (i.e. purple or orange) you can buy the armorings, mods and enhancements for those commendations and slot them in. Usually doing the class quest on a planet nets about 30-50 commendations and the mods/armorings/etc. cost 2 commendations each. Plenty for you to upgrade your own gear as well as your companions, only catch being you'll need a full set of purple/orange that you can wear at level 10.

          If you played the end-game post makeb for a few weeks and did dailies you'd have plenty of credits to purchase the adaptive gear from the GTN ala auction house.

            I only ever hit level cap on one character and it was right close to the game's launch. The drudgery of combat as a Jedi Knight killed the game for me (way too many buttons that don't actually do any damage) and so I never did enough to get a lot of gear or anything.

            Also I have absolutely no idea where that character ended up. She was server moved multiple times due to consolidation, and then I accidentally deleted one of my alts (I'd reserved her name with a level 1 character on the server, but then deleted the wrong one because the UI was fucked :( ). When I looked again they'd been moved around different servers multiple times subsequently and no idea where they are now. The big issue for me is that when they move characters around servers, you lose the character's name. After spending dozens of hours with that character and spending a long time naming them originally, that's basically a loss of identity and it makes me not want to play with them any more. Ruins everything. :(

            But yeah, tempted to get back in. If only I didn't have The Witcher 3 staring at me, and didn't have an impending move to the USA that I should be concentrating on.

          Not really, you can choose to get commendations as a reward for most quests which helps keep things up to date. Plus, training is now free so any credits received can go towards gear. It's not the greatest solution but it offsets a lot of the potential issue.

    After the alien article, I should mention I am soon going to go back to playing Alien Isolation, and streaming it. So I suggest you all get strapped in for some comedy

    So it's my oldests 14th birthday today. I have a house full of teenagers sucking up all my bandwidth with crunchy roll and trashy youtube vids. I may have to venture outdoors for a while...

    On another note, some crazy individual convinced me over the weekend to come back to D3 for a spin, and now i'm hooked again. The gear changes since I last played now make my wiz do interesting pew-pew things with big yellow numbers of the 10 digit variety! I can see my 2 weeks of holidays disappearing into a Blizzard induced coma.

    So my girlfriends best friend moved to London to teach, and predictably K has been feeling a bit down lately... Solution? Jump on and find a Sydney social group that meets up at different Ramen restaurants :D

    Next stop, Ichi-ban Boshi :D

    Question for Fallout NV fans: did you like Dead Money?

    I've finished the Villa area and it's starting to become a bit of a slog. There was so much combat against bullet sponge enemies and so little interaction with others that it got really annoying.

      Dead Money is a huge troll of DLC. My suggestion is to take it really slow and get the Light Step perk if you can. Also, what level are you? Enemies in the game scale and if you do that DLC at high level the ghost people just become stupidly powerful.

        Yeah, I'm level 40 and once again (like in OWB) don't have rifles available so to kill a Ghost is a minimum of 4 revolver shots to the head, usually more than 6.
        I do fortunately have light step and I can imagine that I'd be struggling harder if I didn't have it.

        Not sure if bug or otherwise, but one things that's really annoying: I can't shoot the gas bombs they carry. Like, it hits and does no damage nor makes them drop it, let alone explode. I can shoot them in the air (without VATS which gives 0% to hit) but that just means I get hit too.

          The ghost people weakspot isn't the head. You're better off focusing on one of its limbs.

      No. Once I finished it and got further into the other DLCs I appreciated it's place in the story, but I hated the environment, I hated the combat, and I hated the endless landmines (at least until I picked up the light step perk). It is the worst part of a generally fantastic game.

      Last edited 29/06/15 12:19 pm

      Not a great deal. The ghost people are ridiculously spongey and so quick when they're jumping in to attack. I did it at about level 15 I think as well which isn't to be advised as they were 2 shotting me through most of it so being very stealthy for the most part. Once I got through the villa it was better though, just a lot of backtracking to actually open it up. I do like the lore behind it though

      Concept-wise, it's.. mildly appealing. The setting is creepy, well-designed and appropriately tailored for Fallout's past-obsessive themes, there's a interesting antagonist to deal with in terms of Elijah; the idea of a short, survival-based session amidst fallout's "BOOM BANG THAT'S A NUKE IN YOUR FACE" option is, on paper, a refreshing change of pace.

      But, uh, it falls apart on a couple of levels. So you really gotta appreciate the good parts (which is, none of the gameplay and all the story and lore and general design) to get through the DLC relatively sane. Also, Holorifle is boss. Rock that shit for the entire game.

      Was a horrible slog, took me months but I'm glad I did it.

        Thinking of it as survival horror instead of rpg helped

    Hey Taybies, just wondering if anybody had/has any experience with the isp NuSkope?

    Long story short (long), we have built a place that is on the nbn fttb rollout, but have no idea when it will switched on. As such we got fibre in the house and to the street. That leaves us with very little options in the mean time. For a couple of months ive been buying data on my phone from voda and paying through the nose. Recently an alternative was brought to my attention. WDSL. Nuskope was suggested, their data, speed and plans are comparable to adsl 2, so it seems a decent solution.

    Just wondering if anyone has had any problems gaming (eg strict or moderate NATs or the sony equivelant I believe its called type 2 or something)?

    Last edited 29/06/15 10:23 am

      Im with nuskope on a wireless dealio.
      Have not really had any issues, speeds can be a bit slow in peak times as network load has a bigger impact.
      Had the.odd Nat issue connecting to peeps on Psn, but others had that too so might not be on my end.

        About what I expected. Thank you for the response! Reckon I'll go ahead and get it. The missus and I are dying to use streaming services again and watch youtube @ higher than 144p, not to mention update/patch/download games again. As gamers its been a hard 4 months with basically web browsing limits.

        Last edited 29/06/15 10:22 am

    Hola TAY

    Spent all Friday at a conference, which fried my brain enough that I did nothing on Saturday, except play Batman and go buy foam for prop building for PAX. Saturday night tried to make Lime curd, but let the temperature get too high and it curdled, so Sunday morning had another go and it worked a lot better.

    I seem to be on the great uncle and aunt tour atm, having spent last sunday with my dad's aunt and uncle and this sunday with my mother's, who'd come over from NSW. Mum's side of the family is a bit fraught atm, my Pop is starting chemo and there's some associated drama. That side of the family is often a bit strained, there's some old animus between my mother and my pop's wife. Still, got to see my cousin and his two-and-a bit year old twins, who are adorable little rangas.

    Last night, went to the pub with friends. Good fun, it had been a while.

    Gaming wise, BATMAN on Friday and Saturday. I'm really enjoying the storytelling, and the attention to detail is fantastic, as you'd expect. Is it more Arkham City? in some ways, yes, but that's not a bad thing. I'm enjoying the Batmobile, and the tweaks to the combat are keeping me on my toes.

    A Monday Morning Question: What do you need to get off your chest?

      I have struggled to know who I am and where I belong for most of my life
      My wife has improved me in more was than I can count but not more than making me love myself more than I did
      TAY has been the next step in accepting/embracing my personality and interests and has removed a huge fear/worry that I was too different and should be different to who I am
      I eat pineapple on pizza

        The next time you struggle with who you are, just read this note:

        *hands over a note that say "You are Lisa Simpson"*

      BATMAN. Sooo good. I have to admit, I've never really played City or Asylum and the first thing I'll be doing when I finish Arkham Knight is remedying that.

        Oh, oh man, you're in for a treat. Both fantastic. Asylum is this wonderful contained metroidvania thing, while City took those mechanics and polished them into an open world. The story is a really, really good batman story, and I'm super impressed at how well the story in Knight is a logical follow-on from the first two and even Origins.

      There were a number of things but then Splatoon came along to distract me so now they're buried somewhere waiting for their inevitable comeback.

      No matter how good my wife says I am, and no matter how much my little boy says that I am, I cannot shake the feeling that I am somehow a bad parent. That I'm not doing enough for my little one. That somehow, in some intricate and complex way, I am completely screwing him up for life.

      Batman is good. I console myself by saying at least I'm better than Batman's parents.

      I need to get this off my chest.

      G.O.T Telltales Episode 1 Spoilers
      I killed Ethan. It was all my fault. I was happier for Ethan to die instead of Talia being taken away

      This game has affected me more than I thought, I actually felt a mild anxiety this morning after thinking about some of my choices. What a nerd.


        This is both an unfunny gag & the truth

    Yo, TAY.
    Been trying to get back into Guild Wars 2, as well as Elite: Dangerous.
    Max has been a lovable kitty, too. :D

      Both good options.
      I'm planning on attempting a trip to the other side of the galaxy in Elite.
      Just gotta make a couple mill more from smuggling to outfit my Adder properly.

        I'm 2k LY away from the Great Annihilator, and it's been looooooooooooooong journey :-P hopefully I'll get my joystick back soon so I can continue the trek to Sag a*... Can't imagine going all the way to the other side though :-P

          Great Annihilator? Sounds cool.
          I doubt I'll make it that far, probably die or get bored. Might be better to try it in an Asp later, if I ever get that rich.
          I should probably find a specific goal tho, other than first discovering a system.

          Last edited 29/06/15 11:09 am

      Guild Wars 2, one of those games I want to play but I already have a large time sink to play with others on League of Legends. It's a shame because I was so captivated in Guild Wars 1 and the stories there, hell I even rollplayed my characters back in the day. Guild wars 2 was going to be a more Charr-focused story for me as the Charr are so badass but I never finished one playthrough, my main was an engineer turret/flamethrower user.

      Last edited 29/06/15 10:52 am

      I dove headfirst into GW2 on launch and loved it - had a bunch of fun in WvW and PvE content. Never got all the story dungeons done though.

      And then there was a bucketload of server jumps by large guilds and all of a sudden my server (Isle of Janthir) was empty in EST peak, tried swapping to Fort Aspenwood but was the same story. Packed it up telling myself I'd come back to it... Then I had a kid. :)

        Most TAYbies are Crystal Desert but I think cross-server stuff is easy as these days IIRC?

          Yeah I saw an email come through about cross server stuff which looks like it could have resolved some of my issues... But haven't been back since. :)

          If it has the longevity of GW1 I'm sure I'll come back at some point and dip my toes back in.

    Anyone watching Dark Matter?
    It's kind of bad but I love it anyway. :P
    It's like they threw Farscape and Firefly in a blender with Mass Effect. Even the music is Mass Effect-ish.

      Just looked it up, sounds pretty interesting, and apparently there's an android character?

        Yeah. Although the Android is played by the doctor from Lost Girl, aka the actor with the most annoying, whiny voice ever. :P

          Of course they did, us droids always get the short end of the stick :P

      With that description it's now on my list of things to watch!

      EDIT: One of the episodes is directed by Amanda Tapping

      Last edited 29/06/15 10:55 am

      Is it on netflix or where are you watching it?
      It certainly sounds interesting although it has the risk of going down the lost route

        It is not on Netflix....

          *sings sea shanty*

            Yes Red, that's very impressive but I don't really see how that's supposed to help anyone find a way to watch-oooooooohhh...

    I checked back on some stuff and figured out that as of yesterday it's been nine weeks since I shaved my head. I can actually run my fingers through my hair now, not just over it. It's weird, can't even remember the last time that would've been the case. Gotta be at least three years, surely. Also my previous PB of beardiness was six weeks, so I guess this is a new record.

    Weekend was nice. I went outside, it was warm and sunny and pleasant. Need some kind of remote computer controlly dealio so I can do stuff from out there more often.

      The TAY Totally Equitable Reactions & Trysting Objectification Trust (that was a stretch purely for a shitty acronym, let me tell you) demand photographic evidence.

    My weekend was pretty quiet, but good. Saturday morning I went into town, had breakfast: a panini with 2 eggs, sausages, bacon, mushrooms, tomato and hollandaise sauce. Then I went and grabbed a coffee at my favourite coffee place. Then I went home and watched sport: Hawthorn thrashing Essendon, then the two Super 15 semifinals.

    Sunday I woke up early to watch the Matildas play Japan :(, then I went to church. After church I played a couple of games with friends: Saboteur (card game where you play either a dwarf trying to get gold or a saboteur trying to stop the gold miners. I won!), Zombie Dice and Lego Batman (board game). Went home and watched tv for the rest of the day.

    9/10 (weekend loses a point because the Matildas lost). Would probably do again.

      A goal in the 87th minute is a really lousy way to go out.

        Yep. I felt pretty much the same as I felt after Totti's penalty against the Socceroos in 2006. The Matildas earned the respect of all their opponents, but they just couldn't break the Japanese defensive wall.

          Totti's penalty against the Socceroos in 2006
          That still stings, mostly because the cu-...bad man took a dive.

            That was disgraceful.
            Had to stop myself swearing at the TV because everyone else was asleep haha.

    So I've just recently tried out Castle Crashers on PC, where have you been all my life? Just the short amount of time I've had playing this has been fun as heck

      Such a great, fun game. One of the best couch co-ops in recent years. Hard as hell in the second half though, try and get friends to play with you if you can.

        Yeah I've got mates to play alongside, also got my PS3 controller working on my PC which is also great. I just love the combat so far, just so much bashing and throwing enemies into others. Though my blue guy's ice magic kinda sucks cuz I gotta be RIGHT on top of them for it to even hit.

          All the magic is worthless at first, once you level it up a bit it's pretty great - blue/ice guy is one of the better ones if you ask me, though I don't think anything beats fire. Bear in mind there's a normal and heavy magic attack. I think magic is normally Y or something, but if you hold right trigger (or maybe R2 for PS) and then press Y (or whatever the magic button is) you get an AoE instead of the regular attack. I only mention it because it wasn't readily apparent when I first played.

    @redartifice When does The Strange start up again? I'm having rpg player withdrawals

      I miss Rogue Trader :(

        Same :(

          and @tech_knight, I'm sorry. :( Still figuring out some way to make it work as a more drop in and drop out style of game. Unfortunately the only way that I can make it work is if I enforce everyone to play the same race.

          That or everyone plays as mercenaries working with the Tau. That might work.

          Last edited 29/06/15 12:03 pm

            I'd be up for being an Ork merc working with the Tau, certainly, will that count? :)
            Edit: Totally not because I want to try my Ork impersonation :P

            Last edited 29/06/15 12:17 pm

      Also also, how's your GMing going?

        Good I think, What do you think @tech_knight ?

        I'm certainly enjoying it, and I have my story planned out, I'm actually doing something of my own. Sort of stumbled into it, so the only reference I'm using is the Sourcebook.

        I think I fell into the trap of running an overfluffy session last time, but it's a little necessary from a plot point of view.

        Just can't wait for some of it to play out :)

          Well it had to be fluffy to get me in, right? Since I was kinda from left field in terms of my backstory. So far I'm enjoying it, even though I got kinda lost early on, sorry about that, I read a bit of the material but not all of it as moving in and yearly review prepping took priority.

          What do you think of Omni so far?

            Loving all the different characters and how they are playing off eachother.

            Omni is a very interesting character and I'm looking forward to delving into his backstory :)

              I just improv'd that "Hibernation" part on the spot, really trying to make him as robot as possible. His look I pretty much got the inspiration from Android 17 in DBZ xD

              Last edited 29/06/15 11:55 am

                Oh I loved that, I then immediately rolled a dice to see if you'd sleep through the conference or not :p

                  LOL nice, you would've noticed the other things like "They don't have a lot of money, so kill more of them to make it lots of money" 100% logical arguments xD

            Yeah I'm finding it easy to get lost too. Just ask a question and we'll all work it out :)

              Oh just things like that inbuilt comms system I wasn't aware of, a lot of it you can kinda wing it, especially being an Android that's only a few years old (That he knows of), so my character barely knows the world around him. Perfect newbie material, that's usually my strategy with creating characters in worlds I've never been in before.


    Season 1 of Pregeist, our hilarious comedy web series, is now finished and you can watch it all, back to back and ad free at

    Take in the highly cerebral, inter-connected story of "The Nice Shirt Trilogy", measure how your activism stacks up to mine in "Am I?" and feel uncomfortable feelings after seeing Karl in figure hugging lycra in "Bike".

    Or don't watch it, who am I, your Dad?

    I ain't no narc.


    Revisited Watch_Dogs on the weekend. Took me awhile to get to grips with the controls and whatnot after only spending a couple of hours with it post-launch then getting sidetracked. I don't like how it forces you to do events involving taking down vehicles but simply does not allow you to shoot from the vehicle. So you have four pissed off cars peppering you with bullets and there's no way to fight back - and they're all super great drivers who magically know exactly where you are so evading is a chore every time. "Escape" is supposed to be an option but all you can really do is drive around hacking traffic lights to make them crash. God help you if there's a helicopter involved because you can go into an underground tunnel and that bastard will stay right on top of you like it's in geosynchronous orbit all the while bleating over the radio "I've lost him, where is he??!?!!!1" waiting for you to come back out.

    Another problem is Ubisoft wanted to make a hacking/stealth game but couldn't get it to work so they integrated some weak shooting mechanics. I'd prefer if they put me in less shooting situations and the challenge was all I have is a silenced pistol, instead of giving me an arsenal of assault rifles hidden in my coat then throwing guys in riot gear at me. One fight in particular was very reminiscient of the way Deus Ex: Human Revolution dropped the ball in it's boss fights, encouraging you to make stealth/hack builds then locking you in a small room with a bullet-sponge enemy. Thankfully that was fixed - Watch_Dogs, not so much.

    All that said, it's alright. I'll play it through, set it aside, and hope the sequel is more like what they advertised.

    Last edited 29/06/15 11:45 am

      The chase AI is a bit wonky in that game. To (be allowed to) avoid enemies it expects you to do one main thing: go around corners. Seriously, when avoiding cops/enemies just pick random corners to take and you lose stuff really fast. Alternatively, burst steam pipes because it looks amazing and works well.

        I just unlocked that ability in my skill tree so I'll keep an eye out.

    I've been watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix. It started off strong, even if I couldn't explain why I liked it, but it's been very hard to keep my interest up now that I'm reaching the end of season 4.

    It doesn't seem worthwhile to keep going but I'm fairly close to the end.

      4 seasons is a big commitment to any show, you've done well in my eyes.

      I liked the first season of Glee, they stretched out my interest to a second seaons by losing at Nationals, then once that season ended and they replaced half the cast it became completely pointless.

      (I assume Friday Night Lights is like Glee but with football instead of music)

    Right then.

    Who's up for a Fiasco Friday? For those who don't know, Fiasco is the one-session RPG of Powerful Ambition and poor impulse control. Previous TAY fiascoes have included:

    -The Channel 6 Fiasco, where colliding impulses at a news channel resulted in @trjn ending up syphilitic in Alaska
    - The Airline fiasco, where @freezespreston was a purveyor of unsafe sex toys and @coldcamv was hopped up on Red-Eye
    - The national Zoo Fiasco, in which I was complicit in kidnapping a dolphin
    - The House of ill repute, where we subverted Australian democracy somehow less than is already happening

    Fiasco is suitable for first time roleplayers, so if you're wondering what this whole thing's about have a go. Alls you need is a mic, an internet connection and about 3 hours on Friday night. 4-5 people is usually best, so there's 4 spots available (but I'm sure @gingerchris86 has reserved one)

      Giovanni will go down in Fiasco hall of Fame for his addictions and pick up lines

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