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    Good morning :D

    I am almost back to full health, our kitten was super-well behaved last night, and I got a fresh wave of tingly excitement this morning that I get to marry my best friend next year. Alright, Monday!

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      Kittens can't be tamed! It must be plotting some sort of long con against you guys. That's the only reason cats behave well. Trickery, I tells ya.

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        Oh god, probably. She was such a jerk at the weekend, but last night was so good. I think it was because we gave her a hot water bottle and she thinks it's a little wobbly throne.

          I take it you are talking about the kitten, and not your betrothed?

    If anyone needs me, I'll be in the fetal position under my desk.

      Good idea, I might just join you (although under my own desk, obviously... unless you've got a big desk?)

    Went, "ah, fuck it" this morning and applied for the fabrication job... Tentatively scared and excited for the possible change...

    Also happy Monday TAY! How are we all?

      Good luck! Change = holiday, etc. Regardless of how it turns out, least you get to try something new, right? \o/

    Morning all.

    Team Pop was ROBBED in the Splatfest. Oh well, 18 Super Sea Snails for the loser if you hit max level is still a ton! But anyway, Splatfest was awesome, if only for the amazing change in the visuals of the game. I hope that night-time skin for stages gets used again more often, maybe once a week.

    Besides that, on the weekend I played in a Smash Wii U tournament and got rekt in losers round 2. My worst placing in a loooong time. But the tournament organiser delegated the TO role to me after I lost, so that was a fun experience. It was a surprisingly large tournament, with 57 entrants for Smash U, so TOing that was a bit of a challenge. This weekend's tournament will likely have 100+ players, so good luck to the organisers for that.

    How was everyone's weekends?

      I was on team rock D= Sorry.
      I didn't get to play too much as I was working on @tech_knight s stuff for cosplay.

        No need to apologise! Well played to the victors, and enjoy your Super Sea Snails! I played a stupid amount and reached the highest rank for the Splatfes, since some lunch outing my friends organised got cancelled.

      I got half way into the 99 point level and called it, I'd done my work for team rock by that point.

      Splatfest is the closest thing to organised teams. It was pretty cool to roll with the same three people for a couple of hours, we started to lean on each other's supers to great effect. I ended the night on a 15 win streak.

        Had the same experience last night, to the point that I started to feel bad for the opponents. Kept getting new teams and then smashing them again and again.
        One thing I learned during Splatfest: if you get your win streak high and talk to Judd, he gives you cash. Got something like 1400 from him last night.

          Outside of Splatfest, you can talk to Judd once per map rotation (every 4 hours) to get that bonus =)
          I played in lots of little bursts, which I think put me at a disadvantage because I never got to play in that one strong team. At one point I had to play a 1v4 haha so that didn't do me any good. Got 10-5 k/d but of course only managed to get <10% coverage xD

            Well that's crappy luck :P

            Also, yeah, didn't mean the Judd thing was only during Splatfest, just that that's when I found out about it :P

            something kinda similar happened to me today

            Serrels retweeted it, omg, stay calm...

      ROCK! \o/
      Actually, I'd say there was a good chance Rock was going to win based on numbers alone. The amount of games I had of Rock v Rock were hilariously high.

      I didn't get to play the Splatfest because I have no Internet at the moment D: I did vote for the winning team though so hopefully I get a few Sea Snails even though I didn't actually play :P

    Morning TAYbies. Had a fantastic weekend and made full use of the sun in Sydney.

    Played some more Batman on Friday night and am really digging it. I agree with @markserrels piece though - just let me use the gadgets I have rather than it giving me new toys all the time. That said, on [other gaming website] I did a review of it (which I'm pretty happy with for once!) and gave it 4.5/5

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    Watched Terminator genysis on Friday night Solid 5/10

      Wow, that's a seriously low score. I'm guessing 4 points for Arnold and 1 because it's Terminator?

        Basically loved the first 30mins then it just went down hill and they pulled a T3 putting way to much comedy into it. Its a 5/10 Terminator movie its not a bad movie in general but yea didn't work for me as a Terminator movie imo if that makes sense.

    Good morning TAYbes!

    I battled manfully against Tonsillitis last week, and am only really coming out the other side of it today. I had my Dad's 50th Birthday on Sunday, so I had to make a speech.

    I kicked off with a visual gag: Thank you everyone for coming, Dad told me to keep this short but I"ll do my bes- *drops 6 sheets of paper all stapled together*

    I also will paste the speech below for some lol's:
    Good afternoon everyone,
    My name is Nathan and it gives me great pleasure to talk to you about Steve today. At this auspicious milestone of 50 years there are many stories acted out over time, and I would like to speak about the multifarious individual that is my Dad. As is the human condition, my father is a complex individual with many interesting paradoxes and contradictions.

    One such example of this phenomenon, is the fact that for much his life Stephen was a plumber tradewhom was exposed to and cleaned the most vile and filthy sewerage pipes throughout Melbourne. It was during this part of his career that us McLean’s learned of his double life in which he is known as ‘The Cleaning Nazi’, cleaning every bench top and other surface in sight. His obsession with cleanliness is legendary, after living for four years in the Gold Coast Steve flew back into Melbourne one afternoon and within 20 minutes of touching down he was re-arranging the pantry and cleaning out the fridge. When asked why, he replied AND I QUOTE “Don’t wanna end up getting Salamander”, it took Tayla and myself a fair while to explain to him the difference between a reptilian animal and a bacteria called Salmonella.

    Dad is also known as a very patient man, biding his time to build his own successful Fire Protection business after developing much experience in the Industry. In a father-son weekend with Dad in Echuca, Steve attempted to extoll these virtues by teaching me how to play golf. Unfortunately his patience didn’t last past the second hole, as he had sliced the ball one too many times and wrapped his driver around a tree and dragged me by the arm back to the car.
    My favourite story in recent memory though relates to Dad’s character as an agreeable, if not shy individual. Many times I have sat with Dad in a pub watching him nod in agreement and making encouraging sounds to raving lunatics during a conversation but attempt to argue like a Queens Council when discussing anything with his family and close friends. His default position is to take the opposite view point of the person he is speaking to. For example, on Monday night this week I was speaking to Dad about the pasteurization process of Milk and how Agricultural scientists believe it is healthier for you to drink than unpasteurized Milk. Steve, totally incensed by my invoking of scientific views on a subject responded with (And please excuse my French) ‘FUCK the ScienTicks!’. Highlighting the view of many enlightened and learned Men.

    These inconsistencies in character to do not extend to all parts of Stephens life, and set’s an undeniable example for myself, my family and all that know him. For example his work ethic is fabled and cannot be questioned over the course of his career. Many times arriving at work a few hours before his colleagues to ensure that everything is set up and will run smoothly for the day, I have no recollection of Dad ever taking a sick day in the time in which I have known him.
    Further to this end Steve is very generous, helping as many people as he can during his travels. For example buying his son a new set of tyres, taking a hotel receptionist their favourite coffee and walking the family dogs sometimes three times a day to ensure their happiness.

    Dad you have achieved much in your time on this Earth, however not once has it been at the expense of your character as a decent, morally sound and generous person. The amount of people here from all different parts of Australia are a testament to your good nature, and I HOPE that you remember to thank these people in your speech. Thank you for everything you have done for me and the family Dad, I’m looking forward to sharing many more laughs and fun with you over the years.

    Sooooo, that Women's World Cup final...I wouldn't want to be supporting the Japanese right about now

    Hola Tay

    I had a lazy weekend, more or less. Played some ANNA'S QUEST on Friday night, then worked more on my Pip Boy. I've got all the foam cut out for the main structure of the pip boy, now comes the joy of hot glue. It's coming together pretty quickly though.

    Went out Saturday night for a mate's birthday, and then went to retrieve my car on Sunday. Other than that, finished off Batman. Spoilers for end

    I liked it. I'd pretty much picked who the Arkham Knight was, given there's very few people that close to Batman, and I probably would have liked a little more interaction with him right at the end. I'd also have liked a physical fight with Deathstroke, because that was one of the best boss battles in Origins. Still, I liked that the game tied up a lot of the plot threads from the other games and John Noble was a really good scarecrow. The Knightfall protocol ends it probably the only way the series was ever going to.

    A Monday Morning Question: Given the skills, what replica prop from a game or movie or whatever would you make?

      Chaos Eater... And War's armour... Actually a complete Darksiders cosplay would be rad as all hell

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      Which pip boy are you modelling? Me and the missus were going to get onto some Fallout cosplay, having the pip boy editions will sure make it a lot easier to do so

      A million years later, but I still want Penny's book and communicator watch from Inspector Gadget. And I know it's pretty much just a laptop and smart watch but whatever.

      Or Sheera's sword, actually, that was super badass.

        I used to use a permanent marker to transform notebooks into secret book-laptops with screen and buttons. Inspector Gadget was the bomb.

      The sad thing is I already have the skillset needed to make anything I want. I have actual qualifications in nearly every fabrication process. Seriously lacking in motivation, drive and persistence however.

      I'd love to make a full metal set of the Elite Knight or Havel's armour from the Souls series.

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        Just sitting at your desk as a customer comes up and you turn around in full knight armour like "Can I help you?"

        Its funny in my mind

        Take some commision work for people for Supanova, I'd love to be able to realise some stuff I don't have the tools or skills for.
        Check the, you could make a nice side-income and make a lot of people happy :)

      A Mirror's Edge runner bag :-(

        I'm sure you can either get that, or commission someone to make it for you

          I want this one:

          They are like hen's teeth. The yellow ones are less rare but still get snapped up every time they appear on ebay.

            Seriously, ask a cosplayer and they will probably be able to recreate it. There are some insanely talented people out there

              True! I'll probably just wait and pre-order whatever special edition Mirror's Edge Catalyst comes out with :-)

                If not, commission =P

      How good would an actual pokedex be?

        EBGames was advertising a pokedex thingy, I think. May be a different one

          There's tons of them on ebay, but how good would an actual pokedex be, that can take a photo of a pokemon, work out what it is, and tell you all about it? ^_^

            Very true. It shouldn't be too far away, right? With all our technology

      An Omni tool for my Samsung Galaxy S4, seems fitting for the phone's name :)

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      Ganondorf's gauntlets from Hyrule Warriors.

        Pepakura them. Or foam them, whichever

      They're easy and comfy to wear!

      EVERYTHING. Cost is always the issue though.

      I told you to use foam glue! D=

        Eh, it'll be fine.

        I'll test it all on some scraps and if I don't like the results I'll go searching.

      Just made my daughter a Captain America Shield and 1940s style costume for Supanova a few weeks ago. Sacrificed the old Foxtel Satellite dish to do it, it came out okay.[email protected]/18821149338

        Dude that's awesome

          Was my first try at this sort of stuff, my daughter was stoked and we had a great day. Really want to get into making stuff now, just need to acquire a lot of new skills!

          She was walking tall and proud, what more could a Dad want?

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            You should repost these on the current page, they deserve better than a necrothread!

              I've never worked out the TAY system of current pages etc.
              I'm hopeless!

                People tend to refresh the current page to keep up with conversations rather than read back :) just start a new post and it'll show up

    I downloaded a bunch of mods for Fallout New Vegas last night. It makes me want to start again ... again.

      ENB? ENB!


          What's an ENB?

            I don't know. /o\

              That makes two of us /o\

                (& @sernobulus)

                An ENB is a post-process graphics injector, that is typically used to ruin any aesthetic choices the developers made in the interest of crushing blacks, ruining subtlety by increasing contrast, and adding various effects that the developers didn't (which is the part I like, things like different types of Bloom, SMAA, that sort of thing).

                  But I like it as it is =(

    Goooood morning TAY

    Spaghett is on a day off work, I've got the washing on and I'm waiting for it to finish, bout to watch some Youtube and then when the washing is done and hung probs play some Heroes of the Storm :D

    I stayed up late and played many hours of The Witcher 3. I think I'm getting a little too into the RPG side of it. No longer content with just not fast traveling, I am now making sure that Geralt sleeps at night by finding a suitable campfire, inn or abandoned structure (although he has been known to barge in on peasants and commandeer a spot by their fireplace). I also make sure he eats and drinks every day (regardless of health depletion) and goes hunting to replenish his food stocks.

      Haha, can be fun to get way into it like that.
      Great with games like Skyrim where you can mod in all those food/sleep/survival ect mechanics.

    Morning morning! Took a long weekend after end of financial year mind-fuckery. Broke my exercise routine. Played a bunch of Witcher 3. Woke up at 9.

    Feels really weird...

      Nice, switching up routine can be a great way to reset your brain after fin year stress

        Yeah, except I slept for 8 hours instead of the usual 5-6 and now I feel woozy. Pretty sure my body wants me to hibernate like a bear.

    Played a bunch of Arkham Knight yesterday but I'm struggling to find reasons to continue playing. The game is good, very highly polished and well put together but almost too much so. It never really feels like I'm actually playing the game and rather I'm just guiding Batman through it at the Rocksteady's discretion. Even when they present an option to choose whatever mission you like it's still super restricted to what they say you can. Want to follow up on this story thread? Nope, you can when we say you can, go do this instead. Also, it doesn't matter how many gadgets you have, 90% of the time they're entirely useless. Occasionally they'll throw in something allowing it outside of specific story mission uses but it never feels like I'm really carrying around anything truly useful.

    I'm enjoying it when I do play, there just isn't any drive to keep playing it.

      Perhaps 100% the main story, which then unlocks all other side quests with no restrictions. You can then complete 7 of the side quests to obtain the first of two ending cut scenes, completing all 14 gets you the second ending. So yeah, a bit weird but even though there's 100% showing at the top of the missions dial you haven't *really* completed the story until you do a bunch of side stuff.

      I completed the Man-bat side quest and that was about it. Was pretty fatigued by the end so I ended up just Youtubing the final end movie.

        Wait, I can finish the main quest without ending? I've been running around finding Riddler trophies for days while the main quest sits at 80%...

          Yeah that's how I interpreted it. Maybe Blaghs or Redartifice can back me up here, but the main quest is sorta just like a Scarecrow side quest and even though you 100% it, you don't instantly get either of the end movie cutscenes.

      That doesn't sound good. Having a range of different options and gadgets to work out how you want to do things was core to the batmang experience.
      Is it vary metroidvania in the sense that you need item A to use in manner B to get past area C and until you have that the area is pretty much impossible?

        My understanding based on Mark's recent article and comments I've seen on Twitter is that the game gives you like 20 ways to do things then every mission is an explicit tutorial on why you're going to use this specific device to do something the way the game is telling you instead of figuring something out for yourself, or using another equally effective way that's slightly more logical. I think a good example is that instead of using a small explosive to blast a fan in orer to get into a building, you have to set up a series of ramps in order to drive the batmobile through a wall, or something? It seems a few aspects of the game have shoehorned in the Batmobile for no other reason than "we spent a lot of time making this".

          The Batmobile is actually used pretty well for a lot of things, it's just that there's less indoor areas where your other devices used to get their time to shine (and less of the Asylum stuff where to get to a place you were required to use one specific device.).

          For example, and this is hardly a spoiler, there's no occasion where you throw an ice grenade into the water and pull yourself around, because now you'd just grapple launch or batmobile launch to cover the same distance.

        Kind of? You can go pretty much anywhere from the outset but it very much limits what you can actually do in the areas until you're meant to be there. Would probably be cool in an exploratory way if vast majority of the game didn't look like all the other areas.

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      I'm fairly close to the end and the gating off of sidequest stuff was annoying me too, but it does unlock them over time and there's usually a fair bit of stuff to do.

      The issues around it not letting you approach things your way goes away after a bit. The early part of the game is very Batmobile focused. IMO it's the worst addition to the game. Controls like someone added wheels to a solid brick shithouse. Big big big tip: RB twice to go into first person mode while driving it in car mode. Makes everything a million times easier.

      There's some utterly shocking bits in it with the Batmobile though. Really shit. Shame because plot-wise it's better than City by a mile and when it works, it really works well.

      That was one of my bigger complaints with the Assassin's Creed series, too.

    I Shadowran on the weekend. It was a milk run job which didn't go to plan (but of course). Ended up shooting up a gang hideout to get back a case that they had stolen. Somehow the group has gone all Payday style and we all wear crime masks when we go loud on jobs. I have a tiki mask because I'm from Hawaii. I also had trouble getting into a bar because I'm a Gnome and Gnomes are not common in Seattle.

    In other news, I'm planning on setting aside money to buy some 40K stuff. That's going to be a very expensive day when I get around to it.

      Which army? If you say an Adeptus Astartes army I will weep.

      Not that it matters, play what you want :P BUT SO MANY SPACE MARINE ARMIES

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        Craftworld Eldar actually. :P Kinda want to get something big like a Wraithlord or maybe even an Avatar but that's pushing the budget a bit. I managed to snag a good set of units from a friend who wanted to get out of 40K for a decent price and I just want to get a few choice units. Going to be expensive regardless of what I do. :S

          What? Avatars can't be that expens....


          I swear they used to be cheaper. There's no way I would have had as much as I did at those insane prices.

            They did use to be cheaper. A 10 man Marine tac squad was $35. Now it retails for $55.

            Sorry, $68! for a Blood Angels tac squad!

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              $60-$70 a box of anything that's not super huge is pretty much the norm. A giant Wraithknight is my super hopeful dream of a purchase but that's $125 for just the one model. Granted it's awesome and cool but I can get more stuff with that money.

                Honestly, I would much rather play Epic. I keep thinking of ripping some DoW models, making my own models and printing it but that still limits the armies :P

                  I know a friend of mine goes through a Chinese seller for some of their stuff. They can get a model casted and shipped for less than they could buy it in store which is just absurd. The only downside is that the quality is slightly diminished but they save about $10 per purchase (with more savings buying in bulk) so they feel it's worth it.

                  @popdart5 I did that for a bit. The only issue I had was that the differences in quality is noticeable to many and my FLGS was replaced with a Games Workshop store and they have that silly "only official models allowed" rule that kills the hobby.


                  That is amazing. I really need to get myself a 3D printer and starting messing with stuff like this.

            I have a metal Avatar that cost less than that! I think that Games Workshop claiming that they were switching to plastic (and then resin) because of the cost of tin was one of the great con jobs of our time.

        I've had armies of Imperial Guard, Eldar and Dark Eldar.


          I've had SPES MEHRINES twice. Both times Blood Angels (back in 2nd and 3rd edition). Otherwise Guard, Tau, Necrons, Dark Eldar, Chaos, Orks. No Eldar though

            Eldar were great. People never seem to realise just how great their heavy weaponry was at destroying Space Marines until half their army had gone missing a few turns in. Got to the point I wasn't allowed to deploy all my Grav Tanks at once due to all the whining. You can talk Mephisto up all you want Jake but a few Pulse Laser salvos to the face ruins everybody's day.

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              Jetbikes can get scatter lasers now which is hilariously stupid. Suddenly they're now super mobile heavy weapons platforms and you can have as many scatter lasers as you have jetbikes.

              Yeah the new codex is a bit silly and overpowered at times.

                Man, I remember when that codex first came out. The screams of "CHEESE!" deafened me. That and Riptide hate. Then I stopped paying any attention to the game.

              Yep, I think Eldar is the ultimate mix-n-match army. If you know what you'll be playing against you can make life extremely miserable for your opponent. My mate used to routinely slaughter my Space Marines with Dark Reapers, 2nd Ed. Warp Spiders and Banshees with power swords.

        If only I had the time, money and dedication I'd have the raddest Tau army around! RAILGUNS! RAILGUNS EVERYWHERE

    Played and finished Anna's Quest over the weekend. Considering it's the first real adventure game I've played in 5 (maybe even 10?) years, I had a lot of fun with it. Absolutely loved the art, story was good too.

    Also spent tonnes of time joining in on Splatfest. Aside from the usual fun of the game, you also start to see a whole lot more teamwork happening between players who stick around in teams for ages. It was fantastic!

    Morning TAY

    I played a bunch of Bloodborne over the weekend (still no Internet...) while Pants silently judged me from the next room.

    My dude is named Ben the Dazzling and he fights with a cane and he jumps a lot and is covered in blood a lot. It's pretty great. Beat the first two bosses (the big furry guy on the bridge and the Father Werewolf guy in the graveyard) - now up to the Poison Beast guy in the church/hall/thing. Gotten pretty okay at doing the visceral attacks so hopefully only need a couple more goes at him (if I do it within 5 tries, Pants said he'd buy me an ice-cream, so... incentive)

    So I revisited Watch_Dogs recently. When I left it off after my aborted commencement near launch, I had barely completed three missions then got distracted by side content which didn't go well as many of the missions such as fixer contracts and criminal convoys are too tough until you've unlocked a few skills on the progression tree. I resolved to finish a few story missions to familiarise myself with the game.

    After finishing Act 1 (whch was of middling interest storywise) I started exploring again. I really like the design of the world and the fact you can interact with it in ways other than shooting. What's unfortunate is that Ubisoft didn't trust that this would be engaging enough for the average player and interspersed all the interesting ideas with gun battles. It's not just that an unimaginative player might see killing all the enemies in an area as the only means to resolve a situation - no, you have to kill all the enemies in order to eliminate a threat to "hack" a cell phone which has codes on it in order to open the door to the next area, which is a contrived car chase where the guy you're chasing doesn't know you're following him until his associate happens to tell him at the exact moment you're eavesdropping on him via CCTV, and then he patiently waits for you to reach a conveniently located sports car before driving away.

    I hate driving gun battles in GTA because I find it really tough to get a good line on my target while driving. Watch_Dogs subverts this issue by having enemies in souped-up vehicles pepper you with auto rifles while you sit helplessly in your car unable to shoot back, hoping that the "neutralize" prompt will appear on your screen as you blow through some traffic lights. It really makes me miss Sleeping Dogs and it's sideswiping/ramming mechanics.

    I think this would have been a better game if they took most of the weapons away leaving you with just your pistol, and dialled back the gunfights to make them more stealth-oriented. I like what they've done with the car chases but they get overused. But maybe I'm a crazy person. Maybe it's not possible to make a decent sandbox game without lots of gun battles and car chases, at least not one that will sell.

    I currently have a glitch where I can't complete the mission I'm on, something I learned after doing it three times can only be solved by quitting the game and re-entering. I guess it wouldn't be such a big deal if the mission I'm on didn't go like this:

    - 2 minute cutscene (which in fairness, is skippable)
    - turning left and hacking a camera, which triggers an unskippable cutscene
    - listening to exposition while walking slowly, having to alternate between walking and running because the NPC you're talking with walks slightly faster than your top walk speed, but slower than your run speed
    - walking around to scan for a guy with a jailbroken cell phone to eavesdrop on his call
    - getting two or three short unskippable cutscenes as a mini-tutorial for something we've already done four or five times at this point
    - running to the nearest shitbox car available
    - an annoying car chase (see a few paragraphs up for how I feel about those)
    - after evading/defeating your pursuers going to a house
    - enter said house to start a poker game
    - Accept that games bug out sometimes and reluctatly hit the "restart mission" option
    - Repeat x2 before googling the issue and finding out that it *might* fix it if you quit the game and re-enter before you re-do the mission.
    - Lost interest and go to bed

    I can only hope that these issues are not recurring. In my googling for my particular issue it seems that the poker games in general seem to be rather buggy, so there's a thing to look forward to if I ever planned to do all of the side content, which I might do if I am able to complete the goddamn story mode and still have time left before universal entropy reaches maximum and all of existence collapses in on itself.

      I remember having an issue with that poker game but I don't really remember having to do anything special. Maybe I came back to it another day and it was fine?
      Also:the NPC you're talking with walks slightly faster than your top walk speed, but slower than your run speed
      I friggin' HATE when games do this, and I have no idea why they do. If you want to role play the situation a little and walk you get left behind, so you have to runstopsprintwalkwaitnorunhangon, which really ruins any drama or tension the scene could have had. Seriously, why do games do this?

        It's a bad way of ensuring you can catch up to the NPC if you fall behind, same goes for them also running a little too slow in other games. How hard is it for it to be set where the NPC slowing down is only true if you're a set distance BEHIND them?

        The weird thing is I'm sure there an an Assassin's Creed game where you could park your character alongside a friendly NPC for an exposition-walk and put the controller down - Ezio would automatically keep pace with them for the duration. I think it was either Brotherhood or Revelations. That mechanic was gone in ACIII/Black Flag, and apparently in Watch_Dogs too. WHY?

          Witcher 3 had a system where the NPC would go as fast as you did. If you walked they'd stroll ahead. If you break into a sprint they did to to keep just ahead of you.

            Was going to bring this up. It works wonderfully. and works on foot and on horseback.

          I think RDR did it with horses IIRC. GTA too, I think.

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      Bit slow to join in the conversation this week, but the game you're looking for was almost already made. Multiple ways to achieve objective. Possible to complete the game by killing almost nobody, or almost everybody. Just needed a bigger open world feel rather than the limited (large, but limited) sequential areas it had.

      It was called Deus Ex...

        I never played the original (and I understand trying to go back and do so now is an exercise in frustration - like how System Shock was amazing but a chore to play nowadays just for the ridiculous control scheme) but Deus Ex Human Revolution is one of my favourite games of recent years and I think Mankind Divided is going to be a smash.

        Still, I'm hoping Ubisoft get a little more ambitious and creative with their next attempt at Watch_Dogs, should one be forthcoming. I feel like I'm playing Assassin's Creed with more guns and less parkour.

    Morning, TAY.
    Was in bed for most of the weekend with a crook neck, but still got up and tried to do stuff.
    I've been getting into Mechwarrior Online, but it's full of pay to win crap, which dampens an otherwise decent mech game.
    That said, Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries is amazing.
    Would've played more of it if I hadn't been so tired from my neck soreness. :(

      Yeah the old Mechwarriors are pretty great.
      Online not so much.

      I'm starting to feel like the F2P boom is slacking off. I've tried a number of games that offer F2P and all I can think is "instead of this microtransaction shit, I'd rather pay $50 to just unlock everything so I'm not butting up against a paywall". But then I might stop playing after enjoying myself. Instead, I can pay $5 to unlock a few more hours enjoyment. Then when I come up against a paywall again, I can pay another $5, because, why would I stop playing now? I already sunk $5 into this game!

      People were raving about all of these games like War Thunder and Hawken and whatnot but the shine comes off the apple after a few hours unless you're prepared to go down the microstransaction rabbithole.

      I've been seriously considering getting into Smite for a different multiplayer fix than what I'm used to and I really respect the fact that instead of buying in-game currencies to unlock gods, I can pay like $40 to unlock all of them forever. Granted, there are in-game currencies for skins and other extras but that's totally fine by me. Only problem is, I'm kinda shit at it. I tried it on PC to dip my toes in before committing to paying $40 for the founder's bundle and get access to it on Xbox One, and foudn that while I enjoyed playing the game, I had no idea what I was doing and getting good is probably a matter of researching strategies than simply playing and learning through trial and error, which would probably ruin the day of anyone on my team.

      Then there's the MMOs I've been interested in but quickly grown bored with like Star Trek Online and The Old Republic...

      Uh, anyway, f2p games mostly suck. Yeah.

        Mobas have a steep learning curve. Expect to suck for longer that you might at other games. Also way better with peeps you know.

        I think the problem with f2p is that the player friendly way (like lol) is only profitable if the game is super popular (like lol)
        So they either make the microtransactions aggressive and hope to scrape enough profit before people abandon it or make the micro friendly and gamble on it becoming a runaway success. Which it probably won't.

          I might give it another go this week, since taking a break from Destiny I've found myself mindlessly scrolling through reports on reddit a lot lately instead of doing something as gaming, which is truly laughable considering the number of games I presently have available to play and for whatever reason have chosen not to.

            Just bear in mind with MOBA's it's all about hitting your head against a wall. Remember that scene in Kill Bill 2 where Uma Thurman keeps 1-inch punching that wooden board until it breaks? Yeah that's pretty much Moba's worldwide. Eventually it just clicks and you get the genre; bright side is once you get one Moba you've got a pretty good starting point for all the others.

      Mech 2 Mercenaries and Mech 4 Mercenaries are pretty much the only games in the series worth re-playing, IMO. The whole 'Mercenaries' shtick of running and maintaining a unit on costs was fantastic.

      The world is worse for the lack of good Mechwarrior games. Hawken is probably the closest that's come out, and it's not actually a proper game, just another F2P PVP glorified tech demo.

    Anyone else notice this?

    It's almost as generic as "hero with looking back with gun on shoulder".

    It's our own faults though. I'm sure somewhere there is a market research group that provided evidence for what types of video game imagery worked best for advertising/articles. Now as a result, we get to see the same generic compositions for every video game, where variation is solely based on what genre the game is.

      It's a take on the whole "It's a large world, and your this guy/badass/badass-wannabe!" trope with video games like these. To be honest how else could you show this kind of game off where it's an open/almost-open world game where you play as your character and shoot up enemies? You're not part of any army or squad in either of these games so you can't show something like that, you can't really just show off the beautiful scenery, you'd then wonder what kind of game this really is (If the screenshot is all you have to work with at a first glance, since it's part of the article's thumbnail)

      Is it just trying to be "rule of thirds" / "golden ratio" / "some other thing" composition style though? Item of interest in the foreground on the left, draw eyes to landscape background on the right. I mean, landscape photos don't really work without something compositionally "near" to offset the "far" stuff, so it makes sense to have that be some character.

    So I have been jumping back into Heroes of Might and Magic V and I've been playing through the campaigns starting from the beginning. I have so missed playing this game, up to the point of playing with friends online until 2am in the morning :)
    Inferno for life!

      I absolutely love Inferno. They're just so damned good at lining up in a convenient spot for me to KILL THEM ALL HAVEN RUUUUUULES *runs*

        Oh you thought you could handle my army? Well I just added 50% to the size of that army and they're on your archers' faces, have fun with that while my archers use chain firebeams on your clustered army! :D
        The Griffon Empire will burn!


    I got the Skyrim Legendary edition...
    ... You bastards, what have you done!!! Life outside of this game is so hollow and dank!
    So. Damn. Amazeballs.

    Haven't installed the DLC yet, as i want to experience more of the original game before i start adding bits.

      I think I finished Skyrim before the DLC came out and have never gotten around to actually playing it. I don't know if the DLC being installed affects the base game other than giving you the capacity to build a house (which is expensive so not something you'd do until later on anyway). I don'tknow how the story missions get integrated at all - I assume it's like Fallout 3/New Vegas where new missions markers appear on your map, but presumably you have to get past certain points in the game for these to become unlocked.

      Yeah, probably best to just not install the DLC, to avoid confusion.

        I read what the changes are before starting.
        One increases vampire raids on towns.
        Another changes a town in the game and adds more raids from another factions of some such, plus the house.
        Another adds a new island.

        Seeing as it does change SOME parts of the original, I figure it's best just to stick with as is - might instal it once i'm settled in.

          I finished Fallout 3 before the DLC came out too, then bought/installed each one as it was released (back in the days of yore before season passes existed). My wife recently started a fresh playthrough of Fallout 3 on PC which of course in a GOTY edition with all the DLC bundled in that I got in a sale for 58 cents or something. Because it already has the Broken Steel expansion installed (which takes place after the end of the main story) the radio occasionally makes announcements like how great it is that the Lone Wanderer has restored fresh water to the wasteland - meanwhile my wife hasn't even reached Rivet City to talk to her father about his plan to start restoring fresh water to the wasteland.

        Dont click if you don't want to spoil the last DLC for Skyrim (the dragon + island one)

        I believe the last DLC let's you tame and ride dragons?

      Probably smart to hold off on the DLC, as installing Dawnguard will cause random vampire attacks to start happening.

        I thought they were a great addition.

          They are, but probably not something you want to be dealing with if you're just starting out.

      Now go mod skyrim.

      *maniacal laughter*

        Unfortunately I got it on 360 due to the fact that I'm sure computer wouldn't like me very much and it would look like jack at the lower quality.

        Now I have a really pretty game I can't download mods for.
        Sad face.

          Check the system requirements again - I found Skyrim was quite forgiving of older hardware whilst still managing to look pretty damned good. Within reason, of course.

      Personally I think the DLC works best if incorporated as part of the base game, for you to stumble upon organically instead of consuming after you're 'done' with the main quest.

      Mods, though... yeah. Maybe a modless 'pure' game is a good idea first time around. Apart from maybe some texture packs to pretty things up, some UI improvements, some anti-crashes and community patches, some quality-of-life map/ratio fixes, some of the towns re-done, vegetation improvements, some new spell mechanics, some perk/levelling adjustment mods, some... OH GOD HOW DID I SPEND ALL SATURDAY MODDING SKYRIM AND NOT PLAYING IT?

    I think I'm insane. It's the only thing that makes sense.

    Not only do I have Undad to finish off by November, and (possibly) a two-volume anthology to put together in 2016 (pending successful funding), and a 23 issue fantasy epic in stall mode, a lengthy novel to beta read, and an experimental short-form piece... but I'm also thinking of making a jump into game development via a program like this.

    Inspired jointly by Telltale, Ace Attorney and Anna's Quest, I'd really like to dabble in a branching narrative in a way that's manageable by a one-man team on a limited budget (although not really looking to mimic any of the examples I've mentioned). I've already got some cloudy concepts set in the universes of my existing books, but I'm also considering developing a brand new IP.

    So. Insane.

      Modern take on a Choose Your Own Adventure book? :D

        Something like that, yeah!

        I need to investigate this software more thoroughly, to see if it can accommodate other game things like inventories or QTEs or puzzles, or whether it's just straight visual novel.

          Sounds amazing! Sughly's game inspired me to get back to writing as well! XD

            Oh yay, that's cool! What's in the pipeline at the moment?

              Polishing up pilot draft at the moment.

                Sweet! If you need a set of eyes at any stage...

          Well not QTEs, but inventories and puzzles are something you might be able to fake in the game using flags and such, even if there's no explicit support for it in Tyrano. Failing that it might be something you'd need to develop yourself to make possible.

            Thanks. I've read a bit more about it, and think I can probably at least fudge an inventory by requiring certain clicks to progress at all, and making the use of items heavily context-dependent. Might not be necessary in the end, but it'll be good to have the option.

      Hey Shane, I've had hands on experience with Tyrano builder and it is incredibly easy to use. Even branching them out is still quite easy, I started one myself (as I actually play tested the thing) and I actually screwed myself over by making it in one location as it can be separated by location.
      If you have any questions, i may be able to answer them.

        Thanks, I'm sure I'll take you up on that! :)

          no problem. I just hope I will be of some help

      I was doing a little bit of research on that one as I was considering to a Tales of TAY style VN
      From what I read it was ok for just creating a VN to share with your friends but doesn't seem to be well liked as far as comercial applications
      Not sure on the details of why not but it is probably going to be hard to do Inventory and QTE. Although it does allow you to add HTML into the page so some JS it possible

        There is an advanced mode that allows you to add code and make it more of a game. The drag and drop is for ease of use

    I'd really like to dabble in a branching narrative in a way that's manageable by a one-man team on a limited budget

    So, a text adventure written in BASIC?

    In seriousness, what kind of "new IP"? Something you haven't conceived of yet or something in your head you've had kicking around and not put on paper?

    Edit: reply fail :(

    Last edited 06/07/15 10:57 am

      Nah, I can produce some art assets myself, and can scrounge a budget together for sourcing audio (music, sfx, maybe even full voices). So I'm thinking visual novel.

      And re: "new IP" I have no concrete ideas yet.

      Last edited 06/07/15 11:06 am

        sfx is probably easy, I'm sure there are plenty of resources for that online like an audio equivalent of shutterstock or something. I'm sure there are people you already know who can produce music and would be keen for a little work. There's probably even a few wannabe voice actors. You know artists already and presumably you've got the writing down. So yeah, a visual novel seems pretty achieveable and would definitely be a better showcase for those assets than another pixel art game made in RPGMaker or something.

          Yeah, there are plenty of options with regards to sfx (and even looping music). Audioblocks for example, who I've used before, and can get unlimited access to for $99. And I've got all the art assets I could possibly need, so I think I'm sorted there too.

          Voice actors have the potential to blow the budget out a bit, so that's very much a "we'll see" element.

            I would be happy to be a voice actor just for the exposure. After all, it's really all anyone should need when doing work like this.

              Thanks, I'll bear that in mind. Be aware, though, that I have a moral objection to paying in exposure, so I won't be doing that :)

                ...I actually meant it as a joke, but hey I'll do it anyway :P

                  My HeyHey!dar has been on the blink recently. Sorry :P

                  Edit: yep, reading back, what you said was obviously a joke. Sigh. Sorry.

                  Last edited 06/07/15 11:51 am

                  @shane Hey, if you do go ahead with this I'm happy to attempt to help. I have a wide range when it comes to character voices. I can do:
                  - Short angry man
                  - Short happy man
                  - Indifferent man (short)
                  - Regular sized man imitating short woman

                I am a composer, and could do the sfx etc. BTW, it was nice to meet you at Supanova, even if you couldn't really talk :)

                  Thanks, that's awesome of you to volunteer. What kind of rates would you be looking to charge? Do you have a portfolio I could check out by any chance?

                  Was good to meet you too!

            I'd also volunteer some voicework gratis, though I have no experience in the area, personally feel like I have a shit voice, and need to buy a headset with a working microphone.

            I could try to do some if you need females. Did a little bit for a mod in University

            Like the others, I'm happy to volunteer. Not sure where I can get to anywhere studio-quality, though. That'll be the REAL hurdle to getting good VO. Anyone can volunteer with their headset-mic, but cleaning that up is a pain.

              Thanks. If I go the VO route (still a big if at this stage), I'll be hiring pros for most/all of the roles, I think.

              Last edited 07/07/15 2:14 pm

                Wise call. Despite the best efforts or enthusiasm of many, it's one of the first things you can tell about fan projects.

                  Agreed. I could've worked with friends on Undad, but it turned out so much better because I invested properly in it.

        How about a shared scifi setting free for anyone to create and contribute to?

        Space industries thusfar consists of postcards and three short stories.

    Bought Driveclub. Never got into driving sims, but I've always had a passing fancy for them so I really want to cement a liking for this game.

    Celebrated both the fourth of july with some friends down south and Canada Day with my fellow compatriots. One would think both days would celebrate different things, but in the end it boiled down to me in a rural setting drinking copiously and shooting at people with roman candles.

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