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    Aha! Muahaha!

      Bwahahahah! Aha?

        Why are you speaking like a minion? - I was just excited to be awake for first post for once! :p

          Lol, I'd be more excited if I were still in my warm warm bed on a morning like this. Damn work and it's money-granting status in my life!

    Urgh, now my holidays are over and I gotta go back to school. Why can't I just be a popular Youtuber already?

    So I've been getting really into FF14. Decided to do some recording as well of me during raids quoting Resident Evil.

    Also I've noticed I've achieved about 67 hours in Fire Emblem: Awakening because I'm busy trying to unlock all conversations. I'm expecting to finish the final story mission in 1 turn due to being overpowered.

    Morning folks!

    How were your weekends? Mine was pretty good; on Friday I thought I was going to die in my bed with the flu that is going around, on Saturday I started playing a little Elite Dangerous and 100%'d Her Story and on Sunday I played soccer and I scored a penalty \o/

      Your bed ridden flu weekends are more productive than my productive weekends! *decisive nod*

      Steep learning curve on the Elite. Where are you, and what are you flying?

        It's so steep I haven't finished the training modules yet. I've completed the first three combat training sims, I've been too time poor to get through the rest of them yet.

        I'm still learning where certain buttons are on my joystick currently too lol.

          Can go back to the training sims. Go fly in SPAAAACCCCCCEEEEEEE! :) Bit of gentle pootling about in some high-sec systems, follow the news a bit, see what's happening. If you're worried about being griefed, play a bit of solo, or go in a PvE private group like Mobius. Can friend me and I'll happily chat to you. Can't fly with you at the mo as I'm a long long way out, but when I'm back can wing up and go hunting. :)

            Sounds cool! I'm going to watch a Let's Play and then jump straight into it I think. I'm not particularly worried about Griefers at this stage, I'm not sure what happens if my ship blows up yet and if I need to buy a new one lol.

              In the extremely unlikely event that your amazing combat skills fail you and your ship is destroyed by some lucky lucky bastard (or if you just fly too fast into the side of a space station - much more likely) your corpse is magically resurrected at the last place you were docked. You can rebuy your most recent ship and loadout through insurance and you will automatically be offered a loan if you're a bit short of cash (which you pay back at 10% of every positive transaction you make until it is paid). If you have no money to buy anything at all, you will be offered a basic Sidewinder and 1000cr... so in the early days it's not really an issue. :)

              *humming "Come Fly With Me"*

                My in game name is highperforma89 if you feel to fly with me!

                  Strangely enough, I'm Cmdr Trikeabout. :)

                  Wonder if @mrtaco has made Elite in his Sidewinder yet?

                  @trikeabout I... kinda haven't played it since the Powerplay beta. Too much Splatoon then E3 then more Splatoon going on. Way behind on what's going on over there :P

    On Saturday night I got Mexican food and beers with a couple of my buds, then got unseemly drunk and posted weird stuff on Twitter. D: The food was amazing, though. Agh! More Mexican food, more of the time!

      My local Mexican place has 52 tequilas, I'm working through the list with my wife. I'm really digging the stuff since I hit a lot of grappa in Italy last year, they have quite a bit in common.

      So if Anyone in brissie wants to smash some fine empanadas and learn about tequila, come on down!

        Coincidentally, we ARE in Brisbane. We just went to Beach Burrito Company in West End, though. Where's your local, btw? Always on the look out for excellent Mexican food! :D

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          We go to La Cantina in Bulimba. It's quiet, just off the main thoroughfare, and teetering on the brink of closing. The food is above average, there's a buttload of tequila, and the staff lights up when we rock up because we're not the usual misers which dominate the Brisbane dining scene.

          I met my wife working at a Mexican restaurant 11 years ago, and we both went on to work in fine dining (while studying for other fields). I did sommelier training, and specialised in spirits and sake.

          We've recently been thinking about starting a modern Mexican restaurant with a seasonal menu; as much as I like the consistent tex-mex stuff out there, the variety of experience is very, very limited.

          La Quinta on Oxford st is super popular, but soooo tex-mex'y.

            You'll have a guaranteed customer if that ever happens! We've actually had a Kotaku gathering at La Quinta, but not Cantina.

    Morning all!

    Can anyone recommend a good book on the history of arcade gaming?

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      Morning! There are small tidbits in 'Console Wars' by Blake Harris. There are insights into how companies like Sega, Nintendo, etc. started off as an arcade company.

      It might be worth looking into Arcade Fever, Arcade Mania (A Japanese history of Arcade Gaming, and finally a book called The Ultimate History of Video Games: From Pong to Pokemon–The Story Behind the Craze That Touched Our Lives and Changed the World by Steven Kent (Which is considered to be one of THE most comprehensive looks into video game history).

      Last edited 13/07/15 10:49 am

        Thank you!

          You're welcome, I'm sure if you type into google 'Arcade History' I'm sure plenty of stuff will come up :P

            Yeah it did, I just wanted a trusted opinion :-)


    Platinumed Payday 2. *drops mic and walks off stage*

    Also finished S2 of Penny Dreadful. Man I enjoy that show.

    Got my iPad back so now I can enjoy Marvel Unlimited and Fallout Shelter.

    Melbourne was a fucking icebox this weekend. Indoors with heater. Best.

    Monday morning. Not best, I would go so far as to suggest it not ideal, or even substandard.

    So I assume when your wife points to something when you're out shopping and says "oh I couldn't possibly buy it, it's a dream item, it's too expensive" but it's actually pretty affordable and your wedding anniversary is later in the month, there's only one realistic course of action, right?

      Buy your wife a bowling ball with your name etched on it? Good thinking!

        How convenient that the ball has the same name as me!

      You immediately buy it and thank your lucky stars you are getting off so lightly!

      If you value marital happiness even in the slightest, you'll buy the shit out that thang.

      I imagine in marriage-land that's the equivalent of an ambulance siren going off =P You'd be crazy to ignore it!

      That hint is so obvious, even I would pick up on it. After the third time.

      Take her to hungry jacks for 2 bacon deluxes because you have a coupon?

        Hah, no need for coupons, our anniversary falls on a tuesday.

        Oh wait, no it doesn't. Wait, when... I need to check the certificate.

        Last edited 13/07/15 12:14 pm

    Did a road-trip to Scone on Saturday to pick up my kids from my parents, then slept in on Sunday before going to Disney On Ice at Olympic Park. It was OK. Played some more Witcher 3 and Persona Q as well.

    ICYMI this happened on the weekend. Sorry to start the week with politics but this is crossing into absurdity.

      It's absolutely ridiculous. I hate they put their own agenda above everything else.

      Hear that?
      It's the sound of them geting booted at the next election.

      I imagine that Abbott and Co know they're screwed and are trying to wreck as much stuff as they can before the next election. It makes more sense than believing that they're doing this to achieve some distorted vision of what Australia wants.

        I honestly think it's not even to try and sabotage the country for Labor to spend three years trying to fix, it's just to secure as many short-term gains for their mining company buddies as possible.

          Its a combo of both, wreck as much stuff while gaining good faith with the mining industry to line their pockets so when they do get the shaft they are cashed up and can use the next 3 years blaming labor for doing nothing as they try to fix the damage caused by the libs

      For what its worth freeze this is the eventual course of any democracy with an uninformed and uncaring demographic. The only way this starts to change is when the majority of the population stops paying more attention to the Kardashians and Tswifts of the world and starts wondering "hey who's running the country?"

        The flip side is, for your average Joe what can you do? Both major parties are a joke and have been for some time.

          That's true as well isn't it. I was thinking about this the other day and it kind of made me realize democracy is like that conversation in the 2nd Matrix movie between Neo and the Architect.

          He said the problem came down to choice; as long as people were offered a choice even on a near sub-conscious level 98% of the population was willing to give up freedom and control and live a lie in the matrix.

          Maybe an odd comparison but look at what's happening in Greece, the population votes no for the austerity measures and now they're looking at an austerity deal very similar to the one they voted against. Yet there aren't any repercussions; give people the power to choose and then don't act on the choice. It's the perfect collar.

            People just want to live their lives. It will take something major to start a ruckus against the government because nothing people can do short of a riot will make the slightest difference. And everyone knows it.
            So they will play their games and implement bs policy bit by bit until it's too late.
            Cause yeah, as you say the system gives only the illusion of choice to the people and the only people with the stomach to be in.politics are mostly nobs or have an agenda.


          You support independent candidates who actually care about your electorate. Despite Tony Abbot's protestations, the minority government passed a lot of positive legislation, which went through some very meaningful debate and discussion because of the presence of the cross bench. If we want the major parties to start listening to someone other than their political donors, then we need more of them.

            And for decent people to risk the wrath of their ancestors and actually stand up to run. Even though their only reward will be to be transformed into... *shudder* a politician.
            That sacrifice... too great.

            Last edited 13/07/15 2:25 pm

        What can one do now? I think we've reached a tipping point with the new Data Retention laws that it's only a matter of time before something like that kind of Hunger Games Dystopian society is considered the norm?

      Hey Abbot, The mining industries cock is so far up your arse we can see it in the back of your throat when you talk

      Wait, a group set up to fund clean energy research and development has been banned from investing in wind and solar? WTF?

        You forgot the two important bits... it was set up by the Labor party and that it's making the government money.

        A piece of forward thinking, fiscally responsible, economic kickstarter created by Labor - Abbot & Co. are in meltdown because they're stuck in a paradox. I reckon they're afraid more people will begin to cotton on that alot of what they've been feeding the voters the last 5 years is pretty much bullshit.

    Am I reading correct that Satoru Iwata has died?

      Official statement.

      Last edited 13/07/15 10:14 am

      A bile duct growth apparently. I thought he was recovering from that, but it appears that he was just putting on a brave face. RIP Mr Iwata.

      This is really sad. He did a good job from what I could tell.

      Yeah, kind of sad. I wasn't a big fan in the way he handled the company and the launch of the Wii U, but at the end of the day a human being died. A human being with hopes and dreams and a wife. My condolences to Kayoko and the rest of his family.

    So I've been having trouble getting my status at Centrelink changed to Aus Study. After 6 months they finally confirm and switch my status. I'm now earning about 80 bucks less per fortnight.

    ...hmm, maybe I should have stayed unemployed.

      Don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to stay unemployed after you've accrued tens of thousands of dollars in HECS debt that the government can sell off to agencies that will start charging you interest on it, after you've obtained a degree and still failed to overcome to statistical improbability that there's a job available for you because the boomers in power aren't really interested in economic growth because if there's no opportunities for others to make money they get to stay on top without doing anything innovative or progressive.

      Last edited 13/07/15 10:15 am

        Pretty much.
        I finished my degree as the GFC hit, which was a degree in games. All the game companies in Aus started closing. I think 2 people in my course got a games related job. This is out of at least 120.
        I haven't paid any of my HECS back because I'm currently a full time carer for my mum. I'm not allowed to work in the meantime and even when I could work, no one would hire me despite my experience.

        I guess what I want to say is good luck.

          Similar thing happened to me, graduated from my gaming course in 2007 and only one of the six who did complete the course ended up with a game dev job. He got let go a couple of years later though and has since moved onto another career path.

          I got a few temp jobs when I first finished but have moved on since.

        HECS debt sold off to agencies?

          Abbott and Pyne have been wanting to do that for years but keep getting shouted down. They'll probably try to sneak it through near the end of their term.

            Fek. I figured I should try understand this given I work in the sector.

            I'm starting to feel like part of the uninformed demographic now; I didn't even know that they were after this (while its possible). All I knew about Pyne was he wanted to cut funding nationwide to tertiary education.

              Also public primary and secondary schools. He wanted to make it means tested if you have to pay for it yourself or if the government will. That got shouted down also. There is so many horrible ideas put forth by Abbott/Pyne/Morrison/Dutton that never get introduced as even their own party gets a bit aghast about committing career suicide for themselves and refuse to support them.

                Don't even get me started on Morrison and Dutton; christ has there even been a more hated political party in power before? I usually just hated nameless faces, now I hate them enough to know their names!

        Should I be surprised that unemployed workers are better treated with respect for appyling to simple retail jobs while those who want to improve themselves are left behind?

          Yeah in economics we call this a poverty trap; the opportunity cost of getting out of welfare is more expensive than just calling it quits and staying in welfare. Traditionally it comes about through poorly thought and implemented economic policy. *cough* every government we've had for the past 5 years *cough*

            Then, how will I ever become a popular Youtube star? >:

              Steal a webcam, pirate the latest horror game, upload videos of yourself shitting your pants in terror. If you aren't terrified, pretend. It's called acting.

    Hola Tay

    Busy weekend

    Went in and gave blood Saturday morning, then went to the Dymocks 3 for 2 thing and picked up The Martian, The Narrow Road to the Deep North, and a physical copy of The Name of The Wind. Also grabbed a copy of the game Star Realms, as I'd heard good things.

    Saturday Arvo went to the Magic prerelease, managed to open one of the cool double-faced planeswalkers. I play 2 headed giant, so I played white-green soldiers while my mate played blue black control, which worked well but we lost our first two games.


    Third game?

    Ever since I told him it was a valid strategy, my mate has wanted to beat someone by "milling them out." In magic, if you run out of cards in your deck (ie, have to draw out more cards than there are left), you lose the game. It's a tricky victory condition because it means you have to spend your resources attacking someone's deck rather than their health total, and it's not really been viable for a couple years. This set, there are a couple of mill cards, and my mate was determined to get it to work. So we get pretty late in the game, and his opposite number is also in blue-black. We've hit him with two mill cards already, so his graveyard's pretty full. They put all their resources into one last ditch strike, which would have worked had we not had the exact right answer in hand. They pass the turn. Our crack back was going to be lethal. I say "we go to combat" and my mate grabs my arm and says "WAIT!"

    He's drawn his last mill card. It'll mill the guy for six.

    So I ask the opponent: How many cards left in your deck?


    And the crowd goes wild!

    Sunday went to a board games day, played Machi Koro, Dominion: Prosperity, Star Realms, and Rise to Power. Then went out to tea with friends

    A Monday Morning Question: It's been pretty cold and wet here. What's your go-to strategy to combat the winter blues?

      I love mill based decks! I had a pretty good Twinsanity deck for Legacy play, and a slightly less good version based around "Jace, the Mind Sculptor" for Standard play, back when I was playing. Just so satisfying when you actually pull it off.

        You had a JtMS? Hope if you offloaded it you did it for a good price.

        I wonder if a mill based commander would be viable...

          Yeah, I actually got one in the release events for the Worldwaker series. Was pretty happy with that! Sold it for $75 when I was selling the rest of my cards. A quick Google says they've appreciated further in price, but that was the market at the time.

            May I ask, how do you go about selling your magic cards?

            I used to play for three years back in my university days (2005 - 2007), but now have no one to play with. Was thinking of selling them or passing them onto others. I've been offered $60 store credit for the lot by gametraders but wonder if it's really a good deal or not. I think I have around 1,000 cards.

              I sold privately through another gaming forum. Generally speaking you'll only get value out of your Rare (or better) cards. Uncommons and Commons generally get sold as bulk and you'll be lucky to get anything of value for them.

              First and foremost, have a catalogue of what your cards are. I had a database (I'm such a nerd) of all my cards including rarity, colour, and a suggested value based on recent sales that I looked up. From memory I then worked out a price based on going bulk rates for commons and uncommons, and worked out what the rares were worth and cut that in half.

              Ironically or otherwise, you get more if you can sell the cards individually but that requires you to find a buyer for each and every card. Which can be more hassle than it's worth. But then again, they're only "worth" what somebody will pay for them.

                Thanks for that. I have my uncommons and rares sorted in a folder - colour matched with a slip of paper inside multiples telling me how many of those cards I have. That's as far as I got when I stopped playing.

                I don't know if I would have the time to find a buyer for each card. Might have to just take that $60, or just offer the lot In one bundle on eBay.

                  Yeah, I wouldn't try and find a buyer for each card, that's just not feasible in any sort of time constraint. You'd effectively have to set up a virtual shop-front and in all likelihood wouldn't sell half the cards.

                  I checked my spreadsheet, and I ended up accepting somewhere between 1/4 and 1/3 of the "individual market" value at the time for all (around 2600, 10% of which were Rares) of my cards.

      I would really like to get into Magic, I had some buddies who were into it and invited me over to play one night. The game was awesome, unfortunately these friends of mine aren't the best company sometimes so I never went back to play. Sounds like the prereleae was awesome.

      My strategy I suppose is to embrace the cold, as a short stump of a man I thoroughly enjoy the cold.

        Are you coming to PAX? Great place to learn.

        Or just lob to a FLGS, they often have starter decks they can give out and, if they're any good, will be able to teach you to play.

          That's something I'm looking forward to at PAX- I used to play Magic in the 90s, but I've not gone near it in years and want to see it being played properly! :)

      Stay inside with the heaters on. But damn I miss a wood fire.
      These days I like to kick on the couch with a bunny rug and a nice bottle of red and watch a movie.
      Either that or a nice dark beer and some gaming

    Oh right, video games.

    I got the first ending in Arkham Knight (main mission)

    Was anyone even slightly familiar with Batlore not know the Arkham Knight was Jason Todd? I only hoped it wasn't and they would do something different but nooooo. A lot of the game was pretty weak story wise but I really enjoyed what they did with the Joker. Loved watching Batman progressively lose it.

      I didn't see the Arkham Knight reveal coming, but I didn't even know there was a Jason Todd until those movie studio flashbacks. :P

        It used to be said that only 3 comics characters stayed dead: Jason Todd, Gwen Stacy, and Uncle Ben. Of those, only the latter has remained as-a-doornail. The way he came back to life in the comics is much, much stupider, although he's become a bit more of an ally to batman of late.

          Gwen Stacy? I had a comic as a kid (Amazing Spider-Man #399 I believe) that showed her return.

            Bringing back Gwen Stacy in any form was the fucking worst.

            Actually, no, having her GIVING BIRTH TO NORMAN OSBORN'S TWINS IN SECRET before her death was without a doubt the worst.

            Spider Gwen, however, is aces.

      Yeah it was pretty obvious once the flashbacks in the old theatre began to play.

      But now I'm all psyched up for more Batman! This weeked my son and I marathoned a few episodes of the original Animated Series and I have the Arkham Knight Batman figure being delivered this week yay. Also, I'll most likely buy this.

        I've never seen the animated series. if it ever came to Netflix, I would watch in a heartbeat!

          I could send you my two DVD volumes if you're keen, otherwise it's on Apple TV for A$7.99 per volume (28 eps) - pretty good value tbh.

        There's still a few of these kicking around. I've always wanted it and think I'll pull the trigger with my tax return.

      I've only read a few Batman comics, albeit the more pertinent ones.

      Ie. The Knightfall series, Death in the Family, and Killing Joke. (Oh, and the Red Hood animated thing that came with one of the last Arkham games.) And yea, I saw Todd in that suit the instant they showed Joker branding him. Had my suspicions before that, but that scene clinched it - it was too contrived to not be a convenient way for the audience to recognise him years later. And, by the end of his "boss fight" (ugh), he came off as whiny and annoying. To tell the truth, I was more surprised that Barbara was still alive than I was to see Jason behind that mask.

      Last edited 13/07/15 11:40 am

      I'd figured it out pretty early on, though wasn't 100% sure which former Robin it was going to be until they started beating you over the head with flashbacks.

      The whole time I thought it was gonna be Damian Wayne seeing as all Joker and Batman talked about for the first third was Talia Al Ghul.

    So... Lots of movie trailers out of SDCC this weekend!

    Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice;


    Suicide Squad (couldn't find it on youtube - I guess the one I watched yesterday got yanked)

      Deadpool looks the best of the bunch, pretty keen for Bats v Supes though.

    I started watching NCIS and boy have I forgotten how terrible this show is at anything computer related. Episode 4 involves an MMORPG and oh god its so bad it makes me want to cry.

    I can't wait until I get up to the two people typing on the one keyboard to improve their hacking skills.

      Have they created the GUI interface in visual basic to track the IP address yet? ;P

      I was watching something on Youtube on the weekend (Cinema Sins, maybe?) that referenced that scene and god I'd forgotten how bad it was.

        HAH, i watched the same thing. I think it was a Cinema/Game Sins for Watch Dogs

        EDIT: Oh wait, it was an Honest Trailers video for Watch Dogs

        Last edited 13/07/15 10:53 am

      So unrealistic, everybody knows that you need one person on 2 keyboards to improve your hacking speed

        And sunglasses which are actually just slatted plastic with no lenses.

    How are people feeling about Leto's Joker after the recent video? More/Less interested?

    Not enough to go on yet, but personally I'm starting to think I'm going to love it.

      We've heard 2 lines and a couple of shots of him. Can't understand how people are already writing him off.

        My thoughts exactly. The very brief appearance was enough for me to go from "Ugh...I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and wait and see" to "OK, I think he can do this" but I'm well aware that I'm basing this off a tiny sample.

        His grin has made me think the new character design is going to work really, really well.

      I need to see a better version of the video first. I think it'll be cool.

        I'm not even a big fan of Jared Leto, but he's a gifted actor. He'll be bringing his own flavor to the character. Just need to see what flavor it is. Optimistic.

      Need a better quality look, but I'm definitely interested. Of course people are precious about comics to begin with, let alone a character permanently changed by Ledger's Joker legacy. Just annoys me how it's everyone's first reaction to proclaim it as rubbish, despite only having seen that one Twitter pic from the director, and a beyond woeful camjob of the SDCC trailer. Then again, it's the internet. Everything is fucking terrible. Just ask people.

      Last edited 13/07/15 11:16 am

    Doesn't appear to be as twisted up as Ledgers Joker, but all we've seen is a few seconds and two lines of dialogue, so I can't write him off yet.

    So My weekend was interesting.
    was supposed to work late on friday, but my change got pulled. went home and was in bed by 12 which was surprising

    Saturday I made some vegan stuff
    Massaman Chick pea Curry Puffs
    Soy and agave fake Chicken Buns
    sesame fried vegetable dumplings

    The buns were a bit tough but everything else was awesome, I was very happy with how it all turned out.
    Saturday Night was Battlestar Galactica boardgame night. I was human, and we lost :(

    Sunday was a difficult day. I woke up flat and continued to be for most of the day, played some dominion with anton (Trying out the new Adventures expansion - it's pretty good)
    then got to play a boardgame with @trjn , I was much better by this point, and very relaxed.

    all in all a good weekend I think

      Curry puffs! *flails*

        they were pretty amazing.

          Not helping.

            Would you like the recipe?

              Thanks, but I'll have to pass. Me and cooking are not friends. One time a kitchen tried to kill me. I avoid them at all costs.

              I just have a massive craving for curry puffs now! *pines in corner*

      The buns were a bit tough but everything else was awesome
      Just like my ex-wife.


      Story time

      Back at uni, there was a huge communal TV in the common room of the college, for which the rules were simple- if someone's watching a thing, you can't change channel. Inbetween programs, you take your moment. So people used to camp out for Battlestar from about 7pm (aired at 9:30 or so from memory) to ensure they could get the slot.

      I had friends who used to do this, chanting BATTLESTAAAAAAAR whenever queried on what they were hanging out for. One of them was dating a girl at the time pretty much purely on her convenience (I think she just liked the idea of having a boyfriend, and he was the available candidate), and was getting antsy one day about him spending time in the common room waiting for this show. Eventually, two minutes before the show started, she finally got fed up and gave him an ultimatum:

      "It's ME or battlestar!"

      He looked at her

      He looked at the TV screen

      He looked back at her

      He shrugged and said "BATTLESTAAAR" and that was the end of that. She sat there gobsmacked.

        she clearly hasn't watched that show, if I had to choose I would probably do the same. Luckily Anton is enjoying BSG :)

          I think she just had an inflated sense of drama and a total misread on who she was dating if she thought he was not going to call her bluff on that.

          FWIW, I think she has two kids now, and he's still one of my best mates and is engaged to a fantastic person.

        Ultimatum... worst negotiation tool there is. There is just something special about receiving an ultimatum that makes me want to reject it out of spite. The very act of someone delivering one is frequently enough to make me subconsciously believe that whatever that person has to offer isn't worth it. Very difficult to fight back to sanity from that instinct.

          I'm not trying to paint this person as horrible, because they weren't. Just young, and immature, and not real thoughtful.

            Well, I was more reflecting on the self-defeating nature of ultimatums themselves, rather than the situation. Best case scenario, the demanding party gets what they want at a cost of simmering resentment.

    Does anyone else here use adobe illustrator?

      I cant even get Adobe flash to work so no unfortunately

        Flash is incredibly fickle I find

      I have used Illustrator but for a very specific purpose (anime vector traces) but I was probably doing it wrong, used old versions and haven't touched it in years.

        Holy crap, that is good.

          Started from really good (720p and a really nice shot) source material.

          I can throw you the illustrator files from that if you want to look at it. Should still have it.

            I would probably just cry. I can usually get illustrator to do what I want. It's just that I get stuck with certain things

              One of them I did for a while back made Illustrator cry. And then crash. Apparently you're not meant to put that many vector paths into one document.

              I'm fairly sure I do everything completely wrong.

              EDIT: Also remember, I'm tracing over an existing image, not drawing by hand. I wish I was remotely that good.

              Last edited 13/07/15 5:46 pm

                Yeah I know, but the stuff I post is what I've drawn and it's also not remotely that good.

                If it makes you feel better, there's heaps of people better then me. Perhaps we should give up together? =P
                Not completely off topic, but have you ever done Cel painting?

                  I haven't done cel painting. If you want to talk about that though I believe that @doc_what has some experience in traditional animation?

                  Favourite artist that works in vector stuff is Ideolo. His stuff makes me feel so inadequate. :(

                I have, that's why I was asking. You can get the lines printed off and paint on the cel. It's quite fun and kind of like colouring in.

                Oh yeah, that stuff is amazing. I really love the use of colours. Excuse me while I go cry now =P

                Last edited 14/07/15 8:11 am

      Occasionally. Why's that?

        I'm having an issue making fishnet stockings. At the moment they're very flat and I'd like to make them wrap but I've never quite found out how to do it

          Assuming you're using a flat criss-cross pattern, you could try joining all the fishnet segments of the stocking into one layer, then use envelope distort (found under: transformation) to bend it as though it were wrapped around a leg.
          Alternatively, group smaller sections of the stocking so it doesn't all warp the same.
          I'd try either of these approaches.

          You could also create the straight lines with the pen tool (as you should be doing), then use the warp/curve tool to bend them as though they were wrapped.

            I tried all that and it didn't work out. I ended up doing it manually, but I'm still not too happy with the result

              Hmm, I'd play around with the envelope distort more (use the direct select tool to alter it even further), and apply a light (guasian) blur filter to it too afterwards.
              Envelope distort is how stuff like that's supposed to go down.
              Like I said though, maybe portion the stocking out into sections (upper, middle, lower) so you can distort each section differently.

                But it's being a dick D= (That means I'm struggling with it and need to work on other bits for a while)

    My weekend was pretty uneventful. Rental inspection coming up so I cleaned everything from top to bottom.

    My one big thing was that I put together my first large 40K model. I don't have pictures but I now have one Eldar War Walker assembled and ready to paint. And it only took me two hours to boot! \o/

      Those big models are pretty cool. I've got a Tyranid Trygon somewhere :)

      OMG I misread that as 'Rectal inspection' and thought it was very appropriate that you were cleaning everything from top to... ahem... bottom.

      What colour scheme are you doing for the walker?

        At this point, thinking metallic silver and green with splashes of orange mixed in for certain things like spirit stones and other crystals. A slight inversion to the Biel-Tan colour scheme with silver as the primary colour.

      I was also supposed to be tidying for an inspection this week but ended up procrastinating and then just making a bunch of added mess when I decided to finally un-pack and catalogue all my anime figures so I can sell them. Going to have to carefully re-wrap them and pack them back away tonight.

      We need to have like a TAYhammer 40k get together where we just gather in a games workshop and paint all day =D

    Had a pretty tiring weekend. Had an overly long birthday party for a friend's little girl. There was ice skating and a noisy play centre. And then the boy and I went scootering in the park. Yesterday I woke up with a cold sore and feeling horrible and just spend the day getting grocery shopping done and mooching around the house.

    We watched the first episode of Knights of Sidonia though - woohoo! It's good to be watching anime again! :)

    Had a pretty cool weekend. Friday night, I got to run sword for three Crota runs. Spent a lot of Saturday morning continuing to read Ready Player One - amazing book - then finished off Arkham Knight's main story, finished everything but the trophies, mines, towers and road blocks, and watched the complete ending on Youtube. I think Origins did a much better job at storytelling than this one, tbh, but maybe I'm just a fan of Joker.

    Saturday night, my group decided to try a 35 prison (our first time running it all together, and one person's first attempt at Skolas). Took us about two and a half hours overall, the second half of which was Skolas, and we finally got him down with many wipes-that-were-unwiped-by-warlock-self-res. Holy crap, that fight is fun! :D Still looking for that solar Siz Dreg Pride II, but had a blast, and I think we've got a strategy down to be able to do it more smoothly in the future.

    Sunday, I spent more of my morning reading, which inspired me to start playing Pillars of Eternity (something I'd planned to start after finishing The Witcher 3). Eight hours later... God that game is good. I jumped onto Destiny, ran some bounties with a friend, got a Red Hand IX (at last), and lost my internet for an hour - some major fault that iiNet was hurriedly trying to fix (so, more PoE time - unlocked Caed Nua, rebuilt the east gate and started on the main keep). Internet finally came back around 10:45, so I jumped back into Destiny to help out where I could. Helped out with a 32, got a friend through the final part of his fourth (I think) Elder Cipher, and started the waiting game on my own fourth.

    All in all, a great weekend, but I should have made some time for Witcher 3...

    Saturday evening my wife and I had dinner with her aunt and were sitting at her place chatting watching the Party Mix or something on channel V, discussing music etc.
    So the aunt was talking about how her father used to think the song that goes "when the going gets tough" was actually "go and get stuffed", and said that she was astonished her father would think such a "vulgar" song would be on the radio.
    Then without a single speck of apparent irony she turned up the volume on the TV as "Not Fair" was playing, and it was her "favourite song by [Lily Allen]". I'd never heard the song before and for the first time was treated to such family friendly lyrics as:

    Oh I lie here in the wet patch in the middle of the bed
    I'm feeling pretty hard done by, I spent ages giving head.

    Which to be honest is a complaint I wholeheartedly approve of women being empowered to make. I just found the contrast amusing.

    Last edited 13/07/15 12:11 pm

      Why is she lying in a wet patch if she spent ages giving head. I'm getting all confused now...

        Spoilered for adult themes
        Lily Allen claimed to give her partner a blowjob 'of significant length', but as soon as they started having sex he came quickly. I imagine it's referring to her partners orgasm that is on the 'middle of the bed' that she's lying in.


        Last edited 13/07/15 12:21 pm

          Hmmm... I see... so I was thinking she's still dripping wet and unsatisfied because he came in her mouth before they even started on the sex

          I guess it's awesome that song lyrics can engender this kind of discussion?

          But holy cow! This kind of song should not be playing on the radio during pre-watershed programming. I feel like a wowser saying that...

          Last edited 13/07/15 12:35 pm

            Frankly my assumption was that they had sex long enough to create a wet patch after she provided him with copious amounts of stimulation, but she was ultimately left unsatisfied because he didn't give her anything in return. It makes more sense in the greater context of the song, I just chose to cherrypick the most graphic lines.

        You see, when a man and a woman love each other very much, the woman will often lie about how great the man is at everything, which will inflate his ego or "give him [a big] head". In this instance, Miss Allen sounds like she is tired of doing this and had a cry about her predicament, then sat in it.

          That's a fantastic (and totally plausible) explanation :-)

          I assumed she was practicing her beer pouring skills before going to sleep and she hasn't mastered it yet.

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