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    What should I get for lunch? Didn't make any meals over the weekend so need to buy.

      Buy ingredients for a brie, turkey and cranberry sauce sandwich. @freezespreston got me onto these, and they are decadent.

        If you spring for the triple cream black label brie you won't know what to do with yourself once the sandwich is gone.

          I could just buy a load of brie and be happy with that tbh :D

            I recommend leaving the brie out of the fridge for at least an hour before eating it. For best results it should be really high (well, as high as brie can get anyway - I prefer a bit of well-aged Crottin de Chavignol myself )

              For best results it should be really high

              Anybody else read that sentence incorrectly? :P

              but yeah, warm soft cheese, just melts in the mouth :D

          After triple cream, double cream tastes so... hollow. Now I'm addicted to chasing the cream, no multiplier is ever enough!

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            This is correct. I have a wheel of triple cream brie at home that is allllmost at it's "expiry" date, so it's going to be perfectly, beautifully ripe this weekend!

              Try leaving it for a couple of months after the expiry date. Trust me on this.

                You're right. The best cheese is the stuff they're discounting because it's close to expiry!

          Upgrade to quadruple cream?

            I think it's time to learn how to make soft cheeses

     is a good place to start if you're interested in cheesemaking. I've used their yoghurt cultures from time to time to make home made yoghurt.

        I'm commenting so I can come back later and write this recipe down. All three are my favourite foods, how did I not think to do this before...

        Last time I did them on Turkish bread. Put all the ingredients in and then used the (sadly now broken - not by me!) work sandwich press to warm it up enough that the cheese was melty.

          Mmmmmmmmmmm *drools uncontrollably, shorts out computer, gets fired*

          Sounds so much better then my usual toasted ham and cheese sandwiches. Must visit the supermarket tomorrow.

      You could also get the yum cha from Noodle Box. It's impressively delicious.

        No Noodle Box in Milton :( I used to live off it when I worked in Cannon Hill and there was one across the road. Lots of Vietnamese places around here for some reason though

      Mexican is always the answer

        Unless it's Salsa's. Then just go home and reassess your life.

          Salsa's chips aint bad, still go zambreros over Salsa's, and mad mex whenever im near one

        There's no Mexican around my work D': the closest I could get is Pita Pit with Mexican stuff thrown in. Actually, that sounds like a winner. Still, I could sure go for a Guzman burrito right about now

          I could ALWAYS go for Guzman Y Gomez. Goddamn them and their delicious food and tasty Margaritas and constantly beautiful staff.

            If anyone's in Adelaide, down near Flinders there's an awesome Mexican place called Lucky Lupitas - awesome tacos and quesadillas!

              I don't know if I'll ever get to Adelaide, but if I do, I will make sure to check it out, thanks!

      Beef vindaloo

          Never seen this, will watch properly tonight :D

    Morning all! Hope your weekends were fantastic.

    Recent news suggests that new episodes for both Life is Strange and Game of Thrones games are imminent. It's a good time to be a fan of narrative games.

      How many life is strange eps are there to go? I don't want to start it until I can play the lot

        The one coming out soon is the fourth one. There will be five in total. They seem to be two months apart, so best guess is that you'll be playing in September!

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          Oh well, I can wait that long. I'm going back through the games I started but never finished at the moment so that'll keep me going for a while

    Happy 13th birthday @rocketman!

    Today is the day you become a man. *sniff* So. Damn. Proud.

      Happy day of the one time event that is your birthing day @rocketman!
      if Freeze's comment is anything to go by its time to talk about the birds and the bees..and how they stinging and shitting on every goddamn body round err

    I splatted many pro-sleep people, the heathens!

    Also prototyped my new zipper watch strap for my pebble. The lack of a buckle/tail makes it awesome for wearing to sleep (my original strap kept getting caught on my pillow!).

    Last edited 20/07/15 8:41 am

      Lookin' nice and ghetto there. Love the staples :P

        Staples are only there to hold the pieces in place before they're stitched, once it's done with nicer materials it will almost be indistinguishable from a striped NATO strap.

        I have navy webbing, narrower orange zips, and white thread to go into the final version. It will look like this:

        Last edited 21/07/15 7:03 am

          How easy is it to put on/take off one-handed? Seems like it'd be kinda tricky.

            That was the big test, and it's actually very easy due to a couple of changes. For it to be viable, I made sure I could put it on either wrist single handedly.

            Where the two ends join I put a "speed bump" which means you don't have to hold both sides of the zip when doing it up, it just clicks into place and zips. Way easier than any jacket I've tried doing up with one hand!

            The "tail" of the strap is also a bit longer than necessary to give you something to pull. Once done up it tucks into a loop under the watch.

            It also has just shy of 20mm of length adjustment!

            Last edited 21/07/15 4:25 pm

              Wait it has length adjustment too? I thought it must just be fixed. How does that work, is it some different kind of zipper to the usual, where you can join it at any point or something?

                Nah, it's much simpler than that, and is comparable to the adjustment found on a metal watch bracelet.

                The zipper is fixed, but the strap that runs under the watch is "ruched" to an elastic backing. This creates a series of small loops which the spring bars go through to affix the watch. You move the watch to more inboard loops to increase the slack strap length.

                It's not rapidly adjustable, but once it's set you're done.

                The elastic also lets you attach the charger more easily, and stops it disconnecting as readily (which is a bit of an issue with the pebble for some).

                Last edited 21/07/15 5:28 pm

    Bought cards against humanity. Awesome game.

      I'm yet to try this, but from what I've heard, I'm not sure it's something I want to.

      From the sound of it, it's a chance to laugh at inappropriate things. But it also makes jokes out of things you probably shouldn't laugh at. I might be sounding a bit precious, but from what I've read is seems to cross the line from making awful jokes about child abuse into making child abuse victims the butt of the joke.

        Only if you want it to. Nothing stopping you from not playing the combination that insinuates that.

          True. But if you don't go hard for the shock value, is it still a funny game? Or do the jokes end up just being a bit "eh"?

          I guess that all depends on your groups sense of humour too.

            Shut Up and Sit Down nailed my thoughts on the game far better than I ever could:

              I always find Matt's insights into the games quite enlightening. His notion of owning the jokes was on point.

              Some of the horror stories from the comments were also off putting for me. And there seem to be so many games out there that are better able to make you laugh at your friends, rather than laughing at minorities.

                Here's what I think: All games are roleplaying games, in some ways. You put on a role, whether it's "Rail baron" or "Catan Settler" or "resistance member."

                The role you play in Cards Against Humanity ends up often being "laughing sex offender."

                  There's a little bit of sex offender in all of us I guess?

                  Fair enough. I don't mind it but it really depends on the group and the context. And there are games I'd rather play.

                  But that said, I recently obtained my copy of Barba*rossa, in which one takes the role of the alternative-universe Wehrmacht (you know they're parallel world versions because they're all scantily-dressed anime women) rushing to take over alternate-world Russia to defeat the evil witch Stalin.

                  (Sometimes it's more fun to just take games at face value)

              I definitely agree with the part that it's not a particularly great game that gets old after one or two plays. You have a quick snigger at the absurdity of it all, but then you've seen it. Even most of the way through the first play it gets a bit old. Think I've dragged it out three times and no desire to ever play again.

              I can agree with a lot of that. I've never found it particularly fun because the jokes feel like mad libs with naughty words to giggle at and it's got that whole cheap, safe thrills for boring people vibe about it. However the reviewers really seem to take it way to seriously. There are parts where they're reacting like it's just a front for terrible people to say terrible things they genuinely believe while being able to deflect blame if they hurt anyone's feelings by saying 'the game did it, not me'.
              It's almost like when people take multiplayer death match games literally and insist that killing someone in the game is an attempt to role play murder rather than just a score system. Cards Against Humanity is attempting to sell itself with shock value the same way massive, brutal gore is used in those games, but that doesn't mean it leaps to real world harm. It just makes it sort of lame.

            It really depends on the cards you're dealt. I'd say it's not exactly the same thing as shock value - there's fun to be had from the absurdity. Sure, if the prompt is "_______ is my six year old's favourite candy" and you play a card like "pearly white cum" (I have no idea if those are real cards, I just came up with an inappropriate example) then you've chosen to go for shock value. But you could also have a card that says something relatively innocuous like "chuck norris' beard", which is more absurdity than shocking, and enables you to save your pearly white cum for another, less paedophilic scenario.

              True, but you never know what context the pearly white will be placed in. That kind of the main crux of the thing isn't it? in one context the cum would be kind of logical and maybe a bit dirty. But in another, it's completely inappropriate. But because you have no control of what context the two parts get put together, it really is just a random crap shoot of words that hopefully work.

              But say you take out all the possible offensive stuff, I'd imagine the possible jokes that would flow out of the deck would be quite flat. Maybe a little giggle here and there, but mostly just bland.

              Again, I'm speaking as someone who's never played it, so there is that caveat.

                You're not wrong, it really depends on what you might expect from your friends. My friends and I, while generally not sociopaths, would probably not hold back. We're happy enough with the "expect the unexpected" side of things, as long as it's not sincerely hateful. For more sensitive audiences, there's no reason certain cards can't be removed - but there's no mistaking that CAH is pitched as a terrible game for terrible people and if the concept of potential vulgarity just isn't entertaining to you, then I'd probably give it a miss.

                You might be more interested in Superfight, which uses the same sort of absurbity mix & match scenario but instead of playing offensive madlibs, you play a character card which other players then add modifiers to. Your opponent that round does the same. You then pitch why your character would win, and everyone votes.
                I've seen the Rooster Teeth stream videos where they play Superfight and while the games seldom have the energy of CAH streams, it's amusing enough. You might potentially have a 50 foot Hitler with really bad farts fighting against a microscopic pope with laser vision (again, vague examples that might not exist in the game) but if that isn't problematic then that's another option.

                  Superfight is great because there's a game under the random flipping of cards to make funny combinations. You have to make an argument about why your combination is going to win.

                  Funemployed is another one like that (although I don't know if it's on shelf anywhere). You're applying for jobs and the cards are character traits you're trying to sell as reasons why you should be hired.

                  The creative bit after the cards are dealt is what makes or breaks these games. CAH does not have that. At all.

        Well I had 2 game and found it fun. Lasted about 20 mins. It was 3 people. Yeah some parts are wrong, but it's just a game. If you take any part of it seriously even a little or just are a sensetive person, then this is definitely not the game for you. And it's a game to laugh about stupid and shocking things. So yeah, probably won't last long. It's not exactly a thinking game.

          That's true. One of the horror stories on the Shut up & sit down site for their review of CaH was when the joke was produced it was basically about child abuse, and one of the people playing had actually been a victim of that. Obviously things don't go well after that.

          I know this would probably go alright with my group of friends, but I personally don't feel comfortable promoting something that actively encourages mocking people who are usually in difficult circumstances purely for the fun of it.

          The shock value of the game has little real value. It's somewhere just above the level of sniggering at FCUK because it looks like a naughty word. I'm not offended by the content but I am offended at how poor an attempt at humour it is.

          There's no real thought put into it. The cards could just as well read "poop boogers" and get the same result.

          As a game, it is mechanically weak. Players routinely get beaten by the deck when people play with Rando Cardrissian.

    Played a couple more rounds of Letter from Whitechapel and Love Letter. Both solid. Although my friend who was Jack stuffed up and said she hadn't been to a location when in fact she had. I've never felt the importance of trust in a game so much as when that trust is undermined so suddenly. It pretty much broke the game for that round.

    Love Letter is still an impeccably designed piece of gaming though. Does so much with so little.

    Looking at getting a MAME arcade cabinet. Anyone in Sydney heard anything good/bad about this mob?

      Wow, those are totally affordable. Is the process as simple as plug and play?

        Yep. It's a standard JAMMA cab and it comes with a 2019-in-one board, so you can change it out for your own boards if you want.


    I had a good weekend, I moved into a new place with my girlfriend in Northcote which is a little closer to my work which is great. I got to try out some Netflix and watched three episodes of Bojack Horseman. On Saturday I took @blackdahlianz to his first REAL soccer game at the MCG, boring game but good company. Apologies though for the Simpsons references, the paper aeroplane thing was too good to pass up lol.

    I also watched an episode of 'Real Humans', a Swedish Sci-Fi about Cyborgs on Friday. It scared me.

    Last edited 20/07/15 9:08 am

      I've heard good things about Real Humans. I don't watch a lot of TV myself, but my friends who do are fans of this show too. Does sound creepy though.

        The concepts were intriguing to me, I think it might have just been that I was ready for bed that I was a little weirded out watching it lol.

      Congrats on the new place!

        Thanks! It's only for two months though, I'm half renting half house sitting/feeding fish and frogs lol.

          Haha, frogs?! Wow.

            I should clarify, they are hibernating currently so I need t o water their enclosure every couple of days to make sure they don't dehydrate.

            They've been 'hibernating' since May, which I'm not sure if this is proper for frogs to do this or if I'm just 'watering the plants' that live in the enclosure. To be fair I haven't seen any frogs so far lol.

              You know, it's possible there just might not even be any, and your friend is punking you.

              Frogs can definitely hibernate. Wood frogs in Alaska even become partially frozen and survive :

      Northcote's good. Easy to get to Yarra Boulevard or out to the hills round Epping, convenient when the track cycling's at Darebin and correct side of the city for Kinglake or Arthur's Creek rides! Easy bike commuting. Good pubs and venues. Northcote Social Club! :) Welcome to the northside...

      Saturday I was too busy watching the rugby to watch roundball. Anyway, the proper football starts on Saturday 8th August. Wimbledon at home to Plymouth. :-p

        You're a Northcote man too? I'm kinda from the Northside, I grew up in Taylors Lakes and Essendon lol.

          Live in Coburg, but that's only a short hop-and-a-skip to the west from Northcote. :)

            I grew up in Shackell Street, Coburg! I have a memory of being chased down the street as a 4 year old with my Mum and sister by the biggest rottweiler dog I've ever seen down Bell St lol.

              I'm over near the Bunnings in Coburg North. Been in the suburb for 7 years. I like it.

                Heh, we used to live in Coburg too, just off bell street. I was very young so I couldn't tell you the name of the street off the top of my head. I live just outside Melbourne now in the west. 45mins to city centre via train.

    I fixed up the bookmark

    Morning all.
    I'm looking forward to watching the EVO VODs over the next couple of nights. Unfortunately I already spoiled myself for half the smash finals while fumbling around for a 'mute hashtag' option in the official twitter app, so I'm just going to stay off twitter completely for a while.
    Started up on that Ingress ARG last week since a friend started playing, interesting concept. Not sure how long I'll stick with it but it does at least make a lunchtime walk around the city more interesting.

    Overall just getting back into the daily grind now that all the big events for the year are done and dusted. Got jury duty coming up soon, been told to turn up in a suit and tie and they won't keep me around for more than a day. We'll see how that goes.

    Shiny hunt draws closer to conclusion. Palkia is the latest one down, only 6 to go now. Thinking I might even dust off the vita and get into purse owner for the daily commute once the pokeymans are done and parked for a while.

      been told to turn up in a suit and tie

      Did they say anything specific about assless chaps?

      In Purse Owner you can catch demons & train them, good way to wean yourself off.

      (Wrote that as ween & thought it looked to much like Ween so googled it)

    I was wrong. Spyfall works quite well with strangers.

      Awesome. I will have to start hunting for a copy. Any good highlights?

        In our first game, I was the spy and after being asked a question, I panicked and said something along the lines of "I'm going to jump out the window. I'm the spy and we're on a train."

        We were on a space ship.

        My jumping out of windows featured in several other rounds.

        Most of it, and I'm sure this is going to be true for most sessions of this game, you just had to be there.

    Good Morning. I finally got around to finishing and 100%ing A Link Between Worlds, it was pretty fun, felt a little short maybe. The puzzles were just easy enough to make me feel smart :P. Now to pick another half finished game to knock off the pile.
    Anyone else finished anything interesting recently?

      I'm on the last level of Shovel Knight

    Morning taybes! We watched the first episode of A Young Doctor's Notebook on Netflix last night and it was super good. Also got to see the Prince episode of New Girl :D

    Hola Tay

    I had a busy weekend. Went to the Hungry Hippo on Friday, played Cash & Guns, The Resistance, Last Night on Earth and Hanabi (HANABI!). Saturday, went to a mate's down South and played Magic the Gathering (Commander). Lots of fun, I finally played my Counterspell deck and it went pretty well- one more time around the table and I probably could have won it, but someone had a card out that penalised you for how many cards you had in hand and I couldn't empty my hand quick enough. Sunday, I helped some friends move, and I'm glad I was there for that- they were not the most organised sorts, so I think needed someone just to say "let's do it this way" for a bit. Got to do some lovely driving through Blackwood and Belair, which are forest suburbs, so that was nice.

    A Monday Morning Question: What's your big tip for moving house?

      Hire a truck. Way worth a little money over messing with trailers and way cheaper that removalists.

      My tip for moving house is simple: avoid it where possible. I'm sick of moving and we're about to do it again in a month.

      Get lots of people to help you, and pay them in beer. But, and this is the most important part, pay them afterwards.

      Get as much help as possible, call in all favours

      Wear gloves to protect your hands. Trying to get up and do more stuff the day after a move is pretty terrible with blister covered hands.

      Hire movers if you live in an established house (as opposed to moving out of a room in a house, you know). We did this last time we moved (I mean, we had to since we have a piano), but it was just SO much better to let a bunch of hefty lads lift with their knees into a big-ass truck then run around trying to do it ourselves.

      Also, if you're a renter, hire bond cleaners.

      Figure out where the local take-away places are in your new area before you move. You're not going to want to cook that evening.

      EDIT: Also if possible, move during the week instead of on a weekend. Less people around to get in the way / neighbours to annoy, and the moving companies often have better rates too.

      Last edited 20/07/15 2:12 pm

      Label every box. I also recommend setting one box aside that you open first once you are in your new place, which contains a basic kit for when you're still unpacking everything else.

      A plate, cutlery and cup per person, towels, toiletries (like soap, washer), and sheets. Nothing like slipping into a freshly made bed after a long days moving and unpacking. Coffee, tea, sugar and long life milk are also a must, some biscuits to munch on till meal time as well.

      Last edited 20/07/15 6:10 pm

      Get removalist boxes - packing everything into standard sized boxes makes things easier for the removalists, and they stack much better in a truck than random boxes.

    Dipped my toes back into Destiny over the weekend. I originally planned to just do some patrols and weeklies while watching videos online but some of my US friends were online and invited me into their party so I wound up doing a level 34 Prison of Elders which went surprisingly smoothly, scoring me a weapon core in about 37 minutes, not that the weapon on offer from Variks was at all interesting.

    I don't think I'm ready to go back in yet. I have a feeling that now that I'm out of the habit, there's very little to pull me back in. We'll see how I feel when the DLC is out but for now... meh.

      I'm planning on going back at the end of year 2 when an ultimate collection is out before Destiny 2 comes out. I'm not interested in the PVP any more because of the imbalances. I could more than hold my own, but there's no fun to be had in a broken game.

      Also, I'm not really fond of the idea of giving support to a developer whose first instinct is to take out anything that benefits the player yet leaves in game crippling bugs for a later patch. Gamers will find ways to play a game that the developer didn't intend. Some developers embrace this. Bungie have not.

        At this point I don't think I even care about playing, I've had my fill of that. Unfortunately I want to know where the story is going, and playing is the way to unlock grimoire cards, which are genuinely interesting.

          Problem solvered.

 is actually pretty good, if you find the grimoire cards a little disjointed.

            I keep meaning to follow that, he posts in the Destiny subreddit from time to time.

    Saw Inside Out yesterday afternoon. Come in to work this morning and fire up Pandora and it starts playing "Who's Crying Now" by Journey. that's the way it's gunna be, huh?

      I want to see Inside Out but I think it's going to wait til it's on Netflix or something since if I do pony up the cash to go to the movies anytime soon I'm pretty sure it's going to be to see Jurassic World.

        Yeah, including crappy food we shouldn't have forked out for it cost $44 for two people to go see it. The only thing that really pissed me off about the price was that we had to sit through (no exaggeration, I was eye balling the time) 20 minutes of ads before the short started. Our 3:15 movie started at 3:40...

          In fairness I see trailers as part of the moviegoing experience and generally enjoy watching them - I've badly wanted to see Inside Out ever since I saw the trailer before Tomorrowland. But the endless advertisements for local businesses all seem completely ponitless. I'm generally travelling well out of my way to see a movie, and don't live in the immediate area. I assume the same is true for a lot of people. I sort of live "near" Liverpool and Bankstown but once this movie is over I'm probably not going to remember the name of the cafe I saw an ad for 2 hours prior, even if I did think to myself "shit yeah, we could go get dinner there afterwards! Thanks cinema advertising, you've saved the day!".

            What I really hate are the cinema ads for cinema advertising.
            "It really works cause the audience is already suckered into sitting here watching!"
            Shameless as hell.

              When I was younger and went to the movies a lot, I had this down to a science. I would go in just late enough to see the tail end of the ads and sit through the trailers. Then randomly out of the blue a movie started AT THE SCHEDULED TIME, either with no ads or trailers or possibly the trailers all happened in some pre-roll that only people who actually got there early had to see. Completely unheard of and I missed the first 20 minutes of the film.

              So since then I always go in a few minutes ahead of the scheduled time, and have accepted that 15-20 minutes of bullshit is a small price to pay to offset the risk of being the guy coming in late.

            I should have specified: there were no trailers. Just ads. The only thing close to a trailer was an ad for some food place doing a Minions tie-in. And yeah, totally agree on the effectiveness of cinema ads.

        NOPE. Dude. For real. Inside Out > > > > Jurassic World.

          I really want to see Inside Out but my wife seems to be the one with the "masculine" movie tastes and is strongly opposed to seeing some feelings-driven animated movie, wanting to instead see either Jurassic World or Terminator. I have zero interested in Terminator Genisys (because I've heard it's rubbish) so Jurassic World is a reasonable compromise since I want to see that as well.

          If we're going to pay $40-$50 to see something it'll have to be something we both agree on.

          But Inside Out has way fewer dinosaurs.

    While looking for a movie to watch Saturday night my wife say "Housos vs. Authority" in her Netflix recommendations and while the prospect looked terrible and we weren't prepared to commit to a movie, we did decide to at least give the show a chance... and wound up watching 6 episodes in a row.

    It's uh... I don't know how to explain it. I feel like it conveys the sense of community that people in low socio-economic lifestyles might feel towards one another while also enabling others to sneer at the "Housos" in contempt because the better off genuinely believe that anyone on the dole is a criminal or scam artist with gambling problems and a tendency to sleep around and have more kids every five minutes.

    If there's one thing I guess I really like it's commitment to the joke. Whenever one of the characters has an opportunity for redemption, they actively choose not to take it.

    Also since my wife grew up in the Ermington/Ryde area, she finds it amusing that most of the show is situated in her old neighbourhood which all things considered isn't that bad an area. Also she couldn't resist pointing out when they went from the interior of the West Ryde shopping centre to the outside of the Ermington Woolworths, and we had a little giggle that during a medical emergency they went from Ermington to Hornsby via Merrylands then wound up back at Auburn.

    Movie magic!

    Last edited 20/07/15 9:53 am

      Saw an episode of that a while back. It sure is something.
      Probably a show only Aussies could make.

      Isn't that made by the Fat Pizza crew?

        Yep. There's even a Fat Pizza vs Housos movie.

        Apparently, though I never saw any Fat Pizza either. I'm sure I'd probably enjoy it, but I never checked in on it.

          It started off pretty good but they seemed to run out of ideas until they were just traveling the world eating pizza, doco style. Dunno if they did it in character or not, I'd already lost interest.

          There was a character in the first series that suddenly disappeared in the second called Sleek the Elite, probably he wasn't acting so they got rid of him, maybe.

          He was a total dick, piss funny & the show lost something after he left.

          I remember Aussie celebs would make cameos, like the kid from Cheez TV & Big Kev (I'm excited!).

            Uh, Sleek was around for ages. He got abducted by terrorists in season 3 because he was having sex with all their women. You sure you kept watching the same show?

              Really? I thought he got replaced early on, maybe thee series ran longer than I remember.

                I was thinking that he got ditched after the first season too, despite watching (and videotaping!) the whole series religiously. According to the googles he was in the first two seasons, and out the third though. Weird.

          It's a low budget SBS comedy. There's a non-zero chance that it aged really, really poorly.

    I grabbed Shovel Knight & Oreshika Tainted Bloodlines the other night.

    Both fun, SK seems super short, see what this new game + brings.

    @sughly should check out the art for Oreshika, I don't necessarily recommend the game since he's too poxy to even finish P4G, but the art demands attention.

      If you go for the achievements/100% it's a lot longer. The no checkpoint run in particular was a lot more fun than it sounds.

        Yeah, not an achievement guy really. Will at least do New Game +

          Fair enough. Still worth looking at the list though. The challenge in no falling deaths or breaking all the checkpoints really adds to the game even if you don't care about achievements (assuming you like the general gameplay).

            Yeah, I flicked through, dunno if I could handle breaking all the checkpoints

      Hahaha, yeah I doubt I'd buy it, but it does look pretty I'll give it that! Maybe in a sale one day, if I've finished P4G ^^


      Last edited 20/07/15 10:14 am

        Just watch some high quality vids on YouTube or something, the stills look great but they mix in some of that 2D feudal Japan looking animation from Muramasa with some 3D models.
        it's really beautiful.

        Yes, poxy. ยป:-|

      How you finding Oreshika jimu?

        Not bad, super simple. It has a lot of options you can let the computer decide for you or you can mix & match. Decid a few yourself or decide everything yourself.

        Also, I had it Se to really easy mode because that's automatically picked in the demo (I transferred my save.).

        I'm still early in but it's for diehard JRPG fans only. Not like Neptunia with its in-jokes but very mechanic focused.there's a story with great 2d animated cut scenes but so far, very little character development.

        It's more a visual & audio feast, so beautiful.

        It's going for this bittersweet thing when clan members die but it's not working on me, they have 0 personality & die off so quickly.

        I'm really enjoying it though, mind numbing grind for anyone not a fan.

          Oh, screw you autocorrect

            Is the really easy one the really quick playthrough? That might be part of the reason your peeps are dying off quickly! I think when you opt for the longer playthroughs you get more attached to your teams and kids etc.

              Yeah it is, they're still soulless puppets though.

              Not complaining really, I played the first year on the demo, fell in love, bought it. Knew what I was in for.

              I'll probably switch to the extra mode they added that changes up the tming somehow, once I read a guide to confirm how.

              I recommend the game to anyone who loves some turn based dungeon running.

    How do you deal with toxic friends?

      A bit of an oxymoron there imo.

        Calling him a moron is just what his toxic friends would do! FOR SHAME! :P

          and I've never been oxidised. I would probably die from that.

      People I know have dealt with toxic friends by ignoring me.

      Is this a genuine question and these jackals are not helping?

        Yep. But I don't mind a good laugh.

          What exactly are they doing that's toxic, buddy?

      As long as they are Britney Spears, I'd make nice ;-)

      Get busy with other things?

      Guess it's a matter of weighing up where you see the friendship in the long term, and put that on a scale of try to fix - disengaged ambivalence - sever ties.

      Blunt honesty. If they're friends then they'll realise they're being dicks and stop or stop being friends

    Man, just went on a run for the first time in like... fourteen months. Made it two blocks. It's gonna be a long climb back to running 4k. XD

      Don't go to 4K immediately. Start off slow by doing 1080p and see how you go.

      Yeah DC!!!

        You'd be all proud, fit guy! I made healthy meals for the week too and froze them!

        HEALTH KICK!

        All part of my training montage to punch @shane right in the face again!

        Last edited 20/07/15 10:23 am

          This got a genuine snort from me that led to a nosebleed :D D:

            Sure @dc didn't just punch you in the face through the internet?

            Angry, angry young man.


          My health kick this morning: Ooh, I'm going to eat some strawberries. Love me some strawberries.

          *Grabs them, cleans them, cuts them up*

          You know what would go well with these? Chocolate sauce. *ruins any healthy aspect*

            I'm still fond of a good dusting of icing sugar on strawbs.

              My life would be ruined even further if I had a chocolate fountain, because chilli chocolate on Strawberries is my Achilles Heel of food, which is saying a lot given how terribly I usually eat.

                Chocolate fountain + slightly-soggy-thanks-to-sitting-in-the-bowl-for-the-entirety-of-the-party chicken flavoured chips turned out surprisingly ok.

      Good stuff :) I started walking to work again (Alderley to Milton) and it feels good to be back stretching the legs out. Then I stopped for a week and the definition that was starting to show has gone back into hibernation. If my knees weren't shot to buggery I'd be building up to running to work, but far too many hills in the way

        Hills are the worst and the enemy of man!

    Another fun-filled Splatfest over. Spoilers for results:
    Victory for Team Eat!
    There was a pretty big disparity between the votes (65-35 or thereabouts) but Team Sleep got something like 2% more victories and Sleep players have been quick to point out that this meant they got more wins with less people and are therefore better (the usual smack talk). Slight issue with that: there were too many Eat players compared to Sleep, and as such any excess players that can't be paired with the opposite team get paired against their own team (Eat vs Eat in this case) which results in a guaranteed loss and victory, or a null result for the Team total. So, in essence, it was 50% vs 50% with some other people on the side not affecting results.

      I lost far too many games against team sleep :(

      I don't know what happened to all the good players, there were so few matches with any actual teamwork this time. Though this time around I also could hardly aim for shit either most of the time, so that didn't really help. Always lost control of the big area up the back of Saltspray Rig within the last half minute or so, never had anyone backing me up. Also a large number of matches on Bluefin Depot the other team were right up in our faces the whole time, didn't even make it down onto the lower platforms. Worst.

        You seriously just described the first hour and a half of my Splatfest experience. I jumped out, switched some gear up and went from rolling back to guns and suddenly started carrying teams, eventually getting a solid team and blasting through a heap of wins.

        Also, I am now in love with mines. So good!

          How'd you go with matchups? I started playing at 3am for a couple of hours and only had three of my first 20 matches come up Eat v Eat. Then at 4pm played another three hours or so and got through 30 matches, with 16 of them (six in a row then four in a row after a two-match break) being Eat v Eat. Started playing again at midnight and of the 28 matches I got through before it ended, only four were Eat v Eat.

          I was expecting the opposite, with team sleep being too busy sleeping to play :P

            Yeah, had about a third of my matches Eat vs Eat. It comes back to the votes: two thirds of the votes were for Eat so it was pretty inevitable there'd be a lot of it.

    Good morning everyone. Hope you all had a good weekend. To soldier through the chill weather, I went to a barbecue where I somehow managed to impress people by bringing fried haloumi and asparagus wrapped in prosciutto. Twas very tasty.

    The other day was for RPG stuff and we played some 40K Black Crusade, Chaos shenanigans. The group consisted of all psykers with one player being a Thousand Sons sorcerer. We joked that the sorcerer was basically having to keep everyone else on leashes to prevent us from exploding our minds with supercharging our psychic powers. Despite their efforts, the group:

    - stole a Rhino from a vehicle depot;
    - stole a captive Astropath from inside the fortress of a Khorne warlord; and
    - pushed psychic powers all the time with multiple instances of Perils of the Warp (however no one died or summoned daemons so we were very, very lucky).

    My character has now mutated to have wings while another character now has horns and can spew acid. So yeah, Chaos most definitely happened.

      I am very pleased by your bbq offerings - well done!

        I have been designated bringer of entrees and nibbles for any future barbeques because apparently it was impressive. I'll have to up my game for next time.

    Nnnngh... Too cold...
    Is this Geelong or Canberra?
    Also, morning.
    Anyone up for Rocket League sometime this week?

      Me! I am about half-way to getting all the unlocks so I'll be having a few games every night this week (except tonight).

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