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    Wait, it's Monday already? ... Freaking Anno. /._.\

    Had a great weekend. Got out of the house on a Saturday morning for the first time in months, as I had to take a trip to Hornsby to pick up a guitar - I'd been considering upgrading from my Les Paul Jr since around November-ish, and found a great price on a second-hand-in-name-only Les Paul Custom - still in the original wrappings (mostly). Thank god for uni students buying expensive guitars, only to realise they prefer playing drums. :3 Spent an hour or two just noodling about in Rocksmith, rediscovering Session mode... strings needed a good clean, and likely a replacement soon, but an absolute pleasure to play once I'd cleaned the strings and stretched them a bit.

    After that, I didn't feel like jumping into an RPG, so I played through Journey a couple of times. White robe achieved! ...with a scarf that doesn't even reach the ground, as I'd only missed two glyphs on my first run... need to go gather the rest for this playthrough, I guess.

    Still had a few hours before I expected to see anyone on Destiny, so I started a game of Anno. Was just getting back into the swing of things - remembering my production layouts and supply chains - when i realised it was way later than I'd thought. Jumped onto Destiny (apparently missing a huge PSN outage?) for some noodling about and prisons with @trikeabout, until I was ready to collapse around 2... which I now realise means I would have been up for 20 hours straight by that point, which explains Sunday's fatigue...

    Sunday was spent realising how badly everything was actually going in Anno, and scrapping everything I'd built and starting from scratch - grabbed as many islands as I could as quickly as I could - got three of the four major islands before the AI, and did a better job of anticipating needs. Got up to 1200 engineers, and had the start of a good tech base on my third island, with all needs taken care of... and then it was 7 o'clock. Jumped onto Destiny long enough to realise I was too tired to play, so moved to Rocksmith for half an hour before calling it a night.

      Anno 2070? Or is there a new Anno I'm not aware of?

      Yes, sorry about the late night. It was fun though! And productive. Apart for "Where's my cipher???" Grrr.

      Last night I downloaded the foxtel app for my la[ptop so streamed the Grand Prix while I Destinyed. Bit of a Nightfall and took the n00b through his 32 prison, so he's got he first 42 light armour piece.

      Then flicked the tv on and stayed up way way too late watching a very soggy peleton arrive in Paris. :) The good news: no more random cycling chatter in our Destiny fireteam for a while.

        Well, Anno 2205 is coming out later this year... :P But, yea, this was 2070. Was going to play 1404, but only had 2070 installed, and didn't want to wait for updates.

        No worries - had a great time with you guys (although dying to teleporting cabal in the 34 boss arena was a little annoying). I'm sure you'll get a cipher, but it took me about 18 34s to get one from that, so it might take a bit of persistence.

        Aww... I was enjoying the chatter. :P

          I should really reinstall Anno and think about playing it again. ;)

          It was fun. Hoping the 35 roll is a little more forgiving this week so I can have a crack - running out of weeks.

          ;) Tour of Spain will be here before you know it, and you can be regaled with random strings of European names and time gaps...

    Cosmic was so much fun, I do want to play it more often though, so that I can start playing the yellow or red powers.

    Oh and over the weekend I started playing Dragonball Xenoverse too. They wished for a supremely powerful hero, and they got one:

    ps. I have Cha La Head Cha La stuck in my head.

      Caterpie seems like a worthy hero! BUT HE AIN'T NO CAPTAIN DUMPLIN!
      @alexpants has failed you if you don't know who that is :-P

      Edit - also, pc or?

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        I actually haven't really watched that series myself, so...double failure!

          I'm not much of a fan of watching people play games (generally speaking I'd rather play them) but The Adventures of Dumplin' are incredibly entertaining, more so if you like DBZ Abridged.

            I've watched a few of their gaming compilation videos which include bits of Dumplin, but I haven't really enjoyed them much, which is a bit strange.

            Dumplin as a character though is hilarious. One of those compilations had some scene where he's just gazing into the camera while Trunks has a conversation with you and I was in stitches.

            So to answer your question I don't know.

        PC, indeed!

        Seemed to be chugging a little bit on my computer last night though. Might have to check my settings.

        I'm sorry, I believe you have him mistaken for DEMON GOD DUMPLIN!

      Such a great song (and game!)

        We should Co op soon again, I still haven't completed it


          Also, I spotted Pow on DBXV on Steam on the weekend, so we could totally rope him into 3 player lag-time!

            Just give me a while to play through the single player first then I'm all yours!

              Just FYI Parallel Quests (the non-story stuff, where you can co-op) are fine to jump to before finishing the story, and at certain points in the story you kind of have to (depending on skill/fighting style) to get through certain fights.

    Oh, also, forgot on my weekend list: Played Rocket League with @shane! He thrashed me, and then we both got creamed by the AI.

    Good fun.

    Whoops! It's lunchtime already?! The parcel guy always drops off a regular parcel for Mr. Strange on Monday mornings so I told myself I'd do something productive once he got here. But he hasn't even been yet. Dammit parcel guy, my morning is all gone! :P

      he parcel guy always drops off a regular parcel for Mr. Strange on Monday mornings

      OMG is your husband a drug dealer

        It might not be that bad. Maybe he's just an addict.

          I feel like this is the perfect opportunity for some kind of meme...

    I'm just watching the very first episode of Pokemon for the first time in many years. I'd forgotten that the pokedex is a smart arse. It Keeps giving Ash lip. He deserves it though. He's seriously one of the worst trainers in the pokemon universe. Though he's better then that bastard who abandons his charmander.

      Ash's ineptitude bothers me so much, and the story keeps finding colourful ways to say that it's because he likes the challenge.

      Maybe he should stop upping the challenge because he CONSTANTLY LOSES.

        I like how this comes across in the game too because once you win Oak is all like "hells yeah, you won because you love your pokemon" because the game was targeted at kids who had no idea of min/maxing and probably just picked whatever pokemon they thought looked cool. You read now about aggressively breeding for the best EVs or whatever, and tossing unwanted pokemon because they have the wrong nature and all of that and the game is still all like "yeah, love and bonding, not just power and competition!"

        It's almost like the show is mocking people by making Ash such a loser whose Pokemon only learn anything because he's constantly being hounded by Team Rocket. Then again, I wonder if Ash might have time to actually train his Pokemon once in awhile if Team Rocket weren't constantly trying to steal Pikachu.

          Yeah the exp he must have been getting from facing Team Rocket so many times must've been so minuscule... that must be why he keeps losing. Team rocket never won those battles so they never levelled up

      Keep thundershocking that Onix! I don't care that it's rock vs electric, keep going!

        Thunderbolt the ground type!

        ...It worked!

        It worked because love and trust and FUCK YOU, AUDIENCE.

          Friendship is OP in any anime... only thing that annoys me in anime more than "The OP power of friendship" is fan service :P

            You're basically defining the entirety of the Naruto series =P

            Friendship, dreams, ambition, pretty much anything you can draw out into a long flashback filled yell while throwing a punch. It wouldn't bug me that much but they always lead up to it by explaining why using their 100% accurate undeniable power level measuring system this fight can not possibly end with the hero winning.

            That said One Piece makes me cry every damn time they start screaming about friendship...

              The first few times it feels epic but then it gets very repetitive if they keep doing it. One Piece have done it well that there's more than one hero that can kick the enemy's arse, it's not all Luffy

          At least Pokémon Origins got the 'following the game rules' thing pretty right.

            It's so good & a little disturbing

            The one where Brock explains the rules and basic battling strategy ends with Red completing the Pokedex. The one where Brock chooses to follow Ash around cooking for him sees Ash leave the region with maybe a dozen Pokemon, most of which he didn't capture himself. There's probably a life lesson somewhere in there.

          That's when we find out that Ash's Pikachu has a unique ability: this Pokemon can hurt any Pokemon, regardless of type immunity.

            Wait, so you're saying Team rocket was right in wasting all this time and money trying to capture a Pikachu?

              I would be okay with this interpretation. At least a little bit of sense is better than none.

    TAY RPG Pathfinder on tonight at 7:30pm ACST and 8pm AEST. Starring:

    @redartifice @tech_knight @freezespreston @negativezero @beeawwb

    You stand before an adult Black Dragon in a cave that's filled with Troglodytes and Giant Lizards. What will you do?

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      I should be there and I really hope we get to rest up soon, I'm so lacking firepower if this goes south -_-

        I think I mentioned it last time but, because everyone leveled, you can recover up to your level in spent spells ie. any six spells that you expended, regardless of spell level, come back to you. So you won't be entirely out of power if a fight goes down.

        Plus you will have access to any new spells that you may have obtained. It doesn't affect anyone really and I'm not about to penalise you too much for being the only prepared caster. I'll handwave it by saying that your journey from Newfort to Aulde Phorte gave you time to recover some of your spells that only really came back to you over time.

        Or, better yet, magic happened. *waves hands*

          Oh okay! I must've either missed that or misheard you, I'll keep that in mind tonight. Thanks, oh mighty powerful GM!
          I'll keep it fair regarding the access to spells so that I can only add to my already existing lineup for the day and not replace anything, so I should have access to very few extra spells, but it'll be enough.
          And please for the love of the Omnissiar, don't let this come back to bite me :P

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    Huh. So Antman just took me by surprise by actually being fantastic. Wasn't expecting much. Was definitely a Marvel movie though and the formula is getting a little tired.

    One question
    His ex wife and her new husband are obviously very well off, big house and a $100k BMW out the front and both are harassing the guy that can barely afford to feed himself for child support? What kind of horrendous spite monsters are these people?

      Re spoiler: most realistic part of the movie

      My guess?

      Maybe just reinforces the whole "once a criminal, always a criminal" thing the movie had. Or, on a broader note, how the burdens of the past pretty much overshadowed the main characters and turned into a millstone around their necks. Once they atoned for their past, then they could move forward into a brighter future.

      Probably reading too much in to it, but in many States in the USA child support isn't related to the costs of raising a child, but rather the costs of raising a child in the standard previously enjoyed. So, if they lived a similar or more extravagant lifestyle before Señor Copman was on the scene Mr Thiefy might actually still be liable for some payments. Stupid, hey?

        There's legally entitled and there's holding someone's child to ransom to someone who can't meet it. She must really hate him.

          Now I'm enterring the realm of speculation but child support arrears also are registered against a person and don't go away. So, if when he went to prison, she registered for child support and he accrued debt then he's actually still liable for it and in some states would have his pre-tax wages garnished to pay towards the debt. But yeah, it's still assholey.

      "Scotty needs us! Ain't nothing gonna stop us! Ain't nothing!"
      *police everywhere*
      "...Back it up. Just back up it. Yup. Back it up"

      Michael Pena needs to become the dude who just shows up in every movie like Coulson used to.

      Last edited 27/07/15 2:04 pm

        "...Back it up. Just back up it. Yup. Back it up" - His daddy taught him good.

        Last edited 27/07/15 2:19 pm

      This got me thinking about how I'd rank the Marvel stuff now that "phase 2" is finished.

      Guardians of the Galaxy
      Captain America: The Winter Soldier
      Iron Man
      The Avengers
      Agent Carter
      Iron Man 3
      Second half of S1 of Agents of SHIELD+
      Avengers: Age of Ultron
      Captain America: The First Avenger
      Thor 2
      The Incredible Hulk
      First half of S1 Agents of SHIELD
      Iron Man 2

      It also made me realise what bugged me so much about Age of Ultron. The comedy was very similar to Ant-Man, however the tone of the movie definitely didn't fit all of the forced funny pieces in the middle. While Ant-Man's comedy flowed and made sense for the source material, AoU's comedy bits detracted from the seriousness of the situation.

      If the characters don't take the situation seriously, why should I?

      AoU spoilers (kind of, mostly playing it safe)

      I saw Klaw's arm ripped off and I should be horrified. But instead the movie tells me to laugh. Dozens of people are dying because of Iron Man and Hulk's fight, but Tony is cracking jokes. Cap and Thor casually joke while taking out Hydra soldiers with a single tap of the hammer and shield.

      All this while we're supposed to grow fear and dread over a cold, lifeless machine wanting to eradicate humanity due to its sociopathy.

      Honestly, the biggest problem with Age of Ultron was Joss Whedon's directing style. I love him but let's be honest: everything he does is ridiculously similar in style and tropes, so it gets jarring when trying to make the film more personal and serious.

        I love Avengers 2, easily my favourite Marvel movie.

        But yes, funny Ultron was a silly idea.

        For me, Winter Soldier is still far and away the best of them. It has an interesting plot with some actual twists, great characterization and character development with an interesting human angle to it, and generally well-produced all the way around. No jarring comedic elements either. Rewatched it on the weekend and it held up much better to a second viewing than Guardians did for me.

        I'd rate Daredevil very highly as well but I don't think it's fair to compare it to feature films. It's a different affair.

    Reinstalled Empire Total War because I hate myself, and I love the ludicrous scale of it all, and started a game as the Dutch (technically, it's the United Provinces).

    I then proceeded to spend three years with one of my ports blockaded, because I didn't realise that I had a fourth province, because I am a good leader.

    My mighty naval fleet has spent 90% of the game fleeing from pirates, because I split it up to take control of trade nodes (which will pay off in the mid game, hopefully, maybe).

    And my Army has been camped outside Amsterdam, alternating staring at the floor with staring at the sky, the trees, and occasionally little birdies.

    I am the best leader the world has ever seen.

      You're probably doing a better job than existing world leaders =P

      So what you're saying is, you're avoiding unnecessary conflict and loss of life on principal, you appreciate the wonderful scenery in your great country,'t like......ports.

    Spent all day Saturday at the Eagle Park Range in Little River, just outside Werribee. Went with a mate and sighted and ran in a few rifles between us. Was my first outing with my Remington 700 Police as well. Amazing day. Nice little spot too, reasonable weather as well, if not a little windy.

    Surprised how much it took out of me too. Took several hours to run the barrel in - one shot, clean, one shot, etc. Ran about 40 rounds through it and considered it broken in. Next 20 were trying to narrow down the zero, and managed roughly 1"-1.5" groups at 100 metres. Nothing to write home about, but will fine tune the scope as well as what ammo and projectiles my rifle prefers.

    Surprising how much your shoulder hurts after firing 60 rounds of .308 Winchester. (or 7.62mm, whichever you prefer.) Although it was fine the next day. Will be making a regular thing out of this, methinks. Maybe twice a month. Nice to get out of the house and spend a day with friends doing something we all enjoy.

    My Saturday :

    Apologies if anyone's an anti-gunner as well, let me know if this stuff isn't welcome - can be a tetchy subject for a lot of folks. For me it's just a pastime I get a lot of enjoyment out of. If it's any consolation, I'm not a hunter - I just enjoy the engineering and mechanical aspect of firearms, as well as the challenge of shooting well. Hugely rewarding.

      If you're not hunting (and a sane, rational and responsible person) it shouldn't be a contentious issue any more than any other non-contact sport.

      Except for the part where 100m rifles are easy mode and you should pistol it up :P

        As a very strongly anti-gun person, I'd say that even hunting isn't an issue, so long as you're not shooting at anything endangered, and you more or less follow the law.

        It's when you start yelling about the right to carry a gun with you at all times, to have them easily accessible in your house for protection, or if you're arguing that a Barrett 50 cal or an assault rifle are practical weapons for hunting that I will have issues (Well, I mean they're both very good options for killing things, but I think you get my point).

          This. I don't have anything against hunting - even though I've decided it's not for me. As long as it's done ethically and professionally, it's actually necessary in some cases, and beneficial in many others. As far as vermin and population control goes. As long as hunters are skilled enough to ensure clean kills, and it's done by the book, I don't take issue with it. It's dickheads that do dumb shit like trying to shoot a big animal like a roo with a .22 or something, or just shooting everything for the sake of it, or for sport/trophies. It should have some sort of agricultural or pest control benefit.

          Again, just not for me. My interest is more as a 'gun geek', I guess.

          I'm not against hunting on the whole (though there a frequent public examples of how not to do it) but I'm happy to accept that it IS a very dividing subject.

        I almost would go down the pistol path if it wasn't expensive enough as is playing with rifles! Also a pistol license is much, much more heavily controlled. Lot of work involved. Maybe later down the track.

        But trust me, a .308 kicks like a mule. Breathing and other various techniques involved, even at 100m. Will be pushing it out further in coming visits. Was pretty happy we initially bore sighted it completely by eye and got it smack on the bullseye at 50m.

      If you're not insisting you need it for protection, have to carry it everywhere in public and keep it locked up when not using it I don't see the problem?

        Thanks for being reasonable. I'm a firm believer in doing the right thing. As far as Australia goes, gun ownership is a freedom, not a right. I do all I can to ensure I represent responsible ownership in all aspects of the sport.

        I think someone gave me similar instructions for the use of my penis.

      Hunting's come up here before (I remember getting into a spat about it with @liondrive) but I have no issue with target shooting.

      My gun issue is with guns in non sporting, urban environments.

        I absolutely despise hunting.
        I find it utterly disgusting.

      Out of curiousity how does having a gun work in Australia? Do you get a permit to carry?

        Not at all. I think there's exceptions to carry for some security licenses, but not for your average citizen. All firearm ownership is very strictly controlled in terms of storage and use. As far as rifles go, all rifles and ammo need to be stored separately in a locked safe with different compartments, bolts removed. (with different keys, obviously) Any safe under 150kg has to be bolted down, and over 150kg can be free standing. During transport by car, they rifle and ammo are to be stored separately again - ideally rifles in boot with bolts removed, and ammo inside, preferably in a locked container. Any transport of your gun is to be done to and from your destination, with no deviation. No stopping at your local shopping centre and leaving your guns in the car. If it gets stolen, it's on you.

        Licensed owners are subject to regular inspections by the police, and any infractions will get your license revoked pronto.

        This is for Victoria, by the way. I think most states are about the same, with some variations in regulation. But all are very, very serious about enforcing regulations.

        EDIT: Also, all firearms are registered with the Police on purchase. They know each and every gun you own, and you have to be able to account for it's whereabouts at any time as well.

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          I could be wrong, but I think NSW had some parts of gun control that are *more* restrictive than most other states.
          And yeah, in terms of carrying you can only do it as a (heavily) licensed professional, like in security, armed forces, police etc. That's not to say whack jobs never get this right, there's just a lot of control which helps.

            Yeah, and nor does it stop a bad person getting a black market/illegal firearm, which all the legislation in the world won't make any difference to, sadly. More a customs and importation issue.

              It does remove a lot of the weaponry from circulation though providing fewer avenues for a determined individual to resort to. And they would have to commit a criminal act in just obtaining the weapon providing more situations where they could be caught.

                Removing many of the guns from circulation does help keep them out of criminals hands to some extent by driving the price up. You're average drugo Isn't likely to drop a few thousand on a gun to go and hold a convenience store for $200 and change.

          Christ sounds like a shit ton of work; I can appreciate the precautions being there though =P Does this also extend to bows?

            Actually not sure - I know there's some rules and regs regarding bows - just not entirely sure what they are.

              I'm not going to lie I've always wanted to set off a few rounds of a hand-gun, know how to take one apart, etc, etc. Same goes for a bow, I should look into a gun-range and stuff in NSW see what the deal is =O

              On principle I'm against weaponry; but hey it's a gun range and I'm curious =P

                If it's something you're interested in, start doing some research. Get out there and have a go. Most ranges or gun clubs will be happy to advise or assist with any enquiries - most want people to start out right and know what they're in for.

                I've been a little surprised by the innate distrust and sometimes distaste levelled at me from people at times regarding firearms and gun ownership. I expected it, but still surprised me. But I decided it's something I want to do, I partake responsibly, and if that isn't enough for someone I don't much care. If you're interested, don't feel guilty about it.

                  Yeah I think I'm going to look into either a hand gun or a bow, not sure how comfortable I am keeping a hand gun in the household though so maybe just try out ones they have in a gun range.

                  @pupp3tmast3r My knowledge is a little rusty (and this may be state specific) but you're not allowed to store a gun at your house until a certain time period has passed. It'd be stored at the range you *have* to regularly attend to justify owning owning it in the first place (as per licence restrictions).

                Go for it. Pretty sure you can just book a session and just rock up and shoot - seemed to be the case when we did it for a work do a while back.
                Definitely one of those things it's neat to have done.

              I don't think there are many rules regarding bows other then their use that applies to anything (It's as illegal to kill someone bubble wrap as it is to kill them with a bow and arrow.)

              I think it's because of the skill and effort required to use a bow they aren't really used in crimes of passion very often.

              Crossbows are a different matter though. I think they might be more heavily regulated then guns. Might not even be legal at all in some states.

            It's a lot of work on purpose. One of the simplest ways to stop a person doing something is to make it inconvenient.
            Put it this way: how many people would eat McDonalds if it was inconvenient?

              One time I wanted to eat McDonalds but the entrance was at the top of a flight of stairs so I went to the KFC that was on ground level instead.

        Very summarised (simplified) answer: You can get a permit to use a specific type of gun in a controlled environment, or as a farmer for pest control

      Not an anti-gunner, just an anti-let anyone have a gun.

      You seem sane, so go for it :-)

      Nothing wrong with sport shooting on a range. Target or clay, whatever. Likewise firearms used for essential vermin control seems fine to me (much rather see foxes and rabbits shot than chased with hounds and torn to bits, or given some disease...). What you're describing is a hobby, done in controlled conditions and handled responsibly.

      I regard it no differently to petrolheads - what's a reasonable hobby when confined to the garage and trackdays, and mods are done carefully by people that know what they're doing, becomes antisocial and lethal when some idiot is drifting on an open public road or does dodgy mods on the cheap that compromise a vehicle's handling or safety.

      Basically, it takes all sorts, and if you enjoy shooting, great!

      I haven't shot for years. Used to have a .22 air rifle in the UK and pop cans off a fence (with suitable back fence to catch stray pellets!), and I did do .22 rifle shooting and occasionally go clay shooting with a mate of my dad's. Pretty comfortable around weapons in those circumstances.

      However, even after 10 years in Oz I still get a little creeped by cops and even more so non-cops like PSOs carrying handguns everywhere...

        To add to the fun: if you use any air powered gun like that in Australia (and were caught, obviously) you would be arrested and be charged with a bunch of things.

          Like wanton destruction of precious antique cans.

        I find it slightly unsettling when you walk past a couple of guards emptying an ATM and they're carrying pistols. I get that they're supposed to be a deterrent but the idea of shooting someone because they took money is...fucked.

          Remember catching a train once and train guards were checking tickets and one of them was hyper aggressive, hand on the gun and snarling at everyone, making sure they could see she was a half second from drawing the gun. Felt really uncomfortable then and I hadn't even done anything.

          I believe @SerNobulus was on the same train and had the same experience.

            ...wait, you have train guards with guns? Why? So they can shoot you for dodging a $4 ticket?

            The transport officers in NSW I'm pretty sure don't get guns and for good reason. A crowded train is really not the best place to use a gun. Probably more likely to hurt someone other then the person you are aiming at.

      That's the range I visit often with my brother. He hunts often too but I'm more into the target shooting stuff.

        What sort of guns do you guys shoot? Saturday was my first visit to Eagle Park, was really pleased with the setup and the staff. Super friendly and quick to bail people up if they weren't doing something right.

          I'm a bit of a gun geek myself. I like looking, shooting and holding weapons, just not a fan of people using them to kill others (outside of self defence). I have a couple of books on weapons throughout history, and a couple on snipers. I keep them hidden though because I've had people get weird on me when they see these books on my shelf, or as currently being read on goodreads (which posts to FB as well).

          I used a basic .22, my brother has other guns too. He also has a 308 but I didn't shoot that. My license has since lapsed since then so I just go to watch mostly now days. I have since suffered a permanent shoulder injury, so if I am to shoot again I'm going to need a gun rest, and a new license.

          Last edited 27/07/15 4:03 pm

      Guns are scary. But I find them fascinating. Loved reading this.

    So how bout that weekend huh?
    Was super tired friday night so figured I would hit bed early. Checked the parcour for the TDF and didn't see anybody taking time on the final climb so figured it was going to be fairly straight forward so I could skip the stage. Heading to bed a bit before 10 and just thought I would check who was in the breakaway. See Sky obliterated on the 1st climb and think bugger it, going to have to stay up now. Interesting stage but headed to bed before the final climb
    The woke up early and headed into work Saturday, and then stayed up late to watch the queen stage. Again most enjoyable but needed sleep.
    On Sunday Mrs Tigs took Tiglet to a market which gave me a glorious sleep in. Then had fights with Mrs Tigs as I was grumpy and hungry and she was switching plans about so I had no idea what was happening. Tiglet had a 20 minute sleep in the pram but still wouldn't go down. Ended up heading around to a friends place to play board games.
    Tiglet just smashed it out and didn't want to sleep at all and stayed up the entire time we were there, until about 8pm. Didn't get to play to much, 7 wonders was in progress when we arrived so offered some advice there. Mrs Tigs jumped into that game and I had a drop in drop out game of apples to apples. Then I played splendor for the first time, really like the game and not just because I won.
    Started trying to setup xcom which I was going to watched but in the end they decide it was too complex to do 1st game without anybody who knew. The only people who knew the game were locked away in a big match of Tikal. Mrs Tigs had a round of San Jaun and Spendor as well while I chased Tigelt around the room and introduced her to the Puppy dog. headed home and finally put her down and then cooked up the left over meat and watched a dragon riders.

    All in all a nice weekend

    Bought a Friday & Saturday tickets for PAX last night. Don't know if I should cosplay again or not.
    Hopefully I'll get to meet up with some TAY peoples this time around.

      Tay meat?!

        Quite possibly, I haven't really been following the details though so I don't know what's been organised.

          It's Saturday night, 7 pm onward at a theatre with karaoke. It's $35 as well, which covers the fee of hiring the place.

          Last edited 27/07/15 4:31 pm

      Do it. I like costumes and I'm too lazy to make my own, so you motivated types have to pick up the slack.

    Where did that weekend go?

    Ended up going around to Dare Girl's place on Friday night, watched a few movies. Then slept for most of Saturday before my friend came around, and after some screwing around trying to make computers work eventually got to playing Diablo 2 for the next fourteen or so hours, with a short pizza break in the middle. Then slept through most of Sunday. Til I got curious about Torchlight 2, and then aw crap I've stayed up all night again.

    I'm not sure how I feel about these games. I mean clearly they're addictive as hell, but I'm not sure I overly enjoy them that much? Definitely prefer Torchlight though, despite being practically identical there's a whole bunch of modern design sensibilities to it that much the overall experience so much more pleasant. But still, at the end it just feels like a constant grind for bigger numbers, with very little "actual game" behind it. Which isn't meant to put them down at all, more just a crude way of expressing my gaming preferences - I'm not that big on menu-type games like Pokemon or whatever, I prefer something that's more about coordination and skill (eg sniping in Splatoon) than just number crunching when I play a game, that's where I get my fun. These ones feel like maybe a step above menu-based RPGs, just point and click on the thing you want to die next and tap a couple of other keys to occasionally switch around what abilities are getting triggered.

    Actually, it reminde me of my initial non-multiplayer time with Minecraft. I played that for hours and hours on end, but still didn't enjoy it. It was just kind of constantly working towards some goal that was never actually met.

      Action RPGs main draw is the "more numbers" thing that you've pointed out. It's the same reason why standard RPGs like Fallout, Skyrim, Mass Effect, Witcher, etc still rely on levels, perks, and better equipment to form a base for their game while delivering a plot to go with it. Diablo, Torchlight, and other similar games often show you in loot because they're meant to be a test of skill and praising RNGJesus. That's the entire game.

      I admit that I enjoy ARPGs more than a lot of other games but I don't disagree with you at all. They're banal and simplistic compared to other games.

        Best feeling in Torchlight 2 is finding a new weapon, using it on your next enemy and they literally explode :P

          My engineer is extremely fond of his great hammers :P

      I tend to feel the same way. If a game is all about progression and getting higher numbers I can get behind it, I can even get really into it, but I'll only enjoy myself if the core gameplay is good. Diablo is fun for a while, but once the time between milestones starts building up there's just nothing in it for me.

      All games can boil down to ridiculous simplicity. Splatoon you're essentially just moving a cursor and clicking on things. It's Windows Explorer if the files were moving around.

        I had a feeling once I'd typed that that there would be a response like this :P Couldn't think how to word it better though.

        I guess it's the particular method of input for these games that does it for me. I mean playing Borderlands co-op with the same friend, that was still generally the same grind-for-loot-and-bigger-numbers deal, but it felt like there was more of a game around it than here.

    Just got a call from Mum, saying Nonna's gone. It's like she was holding on for them to get back from their trip over the weekend.

    Kinda relieved, tbh. Though suddenly feeling it more than I was at any other point leading up to it.

      Sorry for your loss, bud. :(

      Sympathies friend. *beams good juju Gooky's way*

      Yeah it hits you like a ton of bricks when they actually pass even if you think you've prepared yourself for it. My condolences gooky =\

      My condolences mate, I'm sure your being with her in the past few days would mean a lot to her.

    Just got an email stating that my replacement PSU from PCCG due to be shipped today (after waiting a month for it) has an update. Thinking it was confirmation it has been sent, I opened the email.
    New shipping date.


    ...give me my refund, I'm going elsewhere.

      Are they delivering it to you personally ... on foot?

      Last edited 27/07/15 4:47 pm

        The fact that I've been waiting a month and a half already makes this so much shittier than it should be.

    Just finished watching Mr Holmes. Was a unsure at the start, incredibly British, but after a bit it picked up a bit and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Can recommend.

    Just checking out that picture of the Sombrero Galaxy.... Man looking at the multitude of galaxies in the background makes you realize how completely insignificant our little planet with life is. Maybe in another life I'll get to physically explore each and every one of those stars *dreams the afternoon away*

    Edit: Hell most of the galaxies in the background probably don't even look the same anymore 0,0

    Last edited 27/07/15 4:43 pm

      Small is not the same as insignificant. =P

    So, I bought a second wired 360 controller, and I'm thinking of trying Steam's In Home Streaming with Rocket League.
    Has anyone on TAY tried it, and, if so, what's it like?

      Works fine for me over WiFi to my laptop (pc is wired to router) but I've only played slower paced turn based or India titles.

      No Idea how it would stand up to something moving quickly and what the input lag would be like.

    Saw some people talking about Animal Crossing on the first page, exhaustingly copy pasted from my Facebook wall 2 months back to you today. My return to Animal Crossing New Leaf.

    Loaded up my Animal Crossing game for the first time in 2 years.

    My town was called The Ghetto, character/mayor runs around in a monocle and a do-rag. Weeds everywhere. Find a seagull passed out on the beach. "Man I'm so unconcious right now" it says to me. Check in at the office, townsfolk are upset the ghetto is under developed. Want more public works and upgrades to the town. Go home, house full of cockroaches. Run into some parrot. Wants a new catch phrase, make him yell cracker all the time. Being a parrot living in the ghetto it works on two levels. Save game and exit. Time to forget about it again.

    Gotta keep the role play going I guess.

    Last edited 27/07/15 8:31 pm

    Rocket League. I realised to my surprise that I'm only three trophies away from a platinum. It'll require a few extra hours of gaming that I wasn't exactly planning to invest, but all I need to do is play another seventy or so matches, and that's it. It's still fun, so I'm considering it...

      We should organise another TAYbie match sometime :D
      It was super fun playing with full teams and chatting (even though I hardly spoke)!

    It's nearly 3am... and I could really go a lemon iced tea right now...

    According to this, my win98 machine could have win10 put on it. Well, except for that WDDM thing, not sure what that is. Also ew, needing an account.

    Has anyone else tried World of Warships?

    Pyrean and I have played it a bit and it's not bad. I feel like it could use a few more features such as weather and water depth but it's pretty fun in it's current state.

    It seems a bit to simple on first glance as essentially all you have to do is point your ship in the direction of the enemy and fire at them with your guns and, in some cases, torpedos. But as you play it you quickly learn it can become complicated fast.

    Because you are fighting of a distance of KMs you have to allow significant lead when firing cannons (and oh so much more for torpedos) as well as trying to predict any change in speed and/or direction of your target.

    Of cause you are trying to dodge to make it harder for them to hit you back as well but this is complicated by the fact that all turrets have a finite rotation (aiming) speed so you are also trying to make sure that your turrets are in position when you are ready to fire. You also have to try and make sure that the maximum number of turrets possible are in a position to fire at the enemy as they usually have limited arcs of fire least they blow holes in your own ship. All this whilst trying not to run into any islands or allies. A task that can be trickier then it sounds as generally you are shooting more or less perpendicular to your direction of movement making aiming and steering a tricky prospect.

    you can be set on fire, components can be critically damaged and you can be opened below the water line causing flooding so you also have to judge when the optimum time is to use your damage control ability. You also unlock more abilities as you advance through the tech tree and unlock different kinds of ships.

    Plus, managing to weave in between torpedos makes you feel like a boss.

    However, as a wargaming game the grind is pretty bad and I'm pretty confident it's only going to get horribly worse as I work my way down the tech tree.

    It doesn't seem to be Pay-to-win yet but I wouldn't be surprised if at some point they add cruise missiles for just $1.49 each!

      @batguy got me into the beta but then I went to Japan and then got fired and things went all screwy and I haven't had time to get into it. It seems pretty rad though, although somehow the whole lol-soviet-things-are-strongest still managed to creep into it, with eg the Murmansk (an early model Cruiser the Russians borrowed from the USA on Lend-lease and returned in such a state of disrepair that they had to fumigate it to kill the cockroach and rat infestation before she could be scrapped when it was returned). Some of the power tiers are messed up as well, since basically it's the US Navy vs the Imperial Japanese Navy, and they've tried to make sure that each side has ships at each tier that are roughly on par, which means that to balance out the utter shitbox destroyers the USN operated they had to pull the teeth of the IJN destroyer lineup - last I checked several advanced classes eg Matsu, Akizuki, Shiratsuyu classes aren't in the game and you have to get ridiculously high into the tech tree to hit Fubuki.

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