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    Casually trying to learn how to play Gin Rummy is quite an experience.

      Not gonna lie, Gin Rummy (specifically Oklahoma style) is one of my favourite card games.

    So I don't know how old these peppers I found in the fridge are (years possibly) and I don't know how old these sausages are (also possibly years) and I probably left them sitting in the microwave after defrosting too long from being distracted (2 hours) so there's a good chance I may die from food poisoning tonight.

    This is why my wife shouldn't leave me in charge at home for long stretches of time.

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    OK, I just had the best assignment idea, and I need a place to write it down, and this is the only place currently available (I stopped mid shower to write this down, plus I can get feedback).

    So the assignment is to create a swear word, a context and meaning, and an entire font for the word to be written in.

    5 years in the future when teenage girls rule the linguistic trends because they make at least 5 new words a month as is (see turnt, thot, fleek, etc).
    Must be bitchy. Must be something a teenage girl would say and use.

    Word (feel free to suggest alternatives, though think teenage girl):

    Meaning (feel free to suggest alternatives, though think teenage girl):
    A dirty hoe that no one would ever sleep with, not even if they were desperate.
    "you're such a f*cking becc'a!"
    "look at her. What a becc'a"
    "She's a hoe, but she's no becc'a"

    Font idea:
    Font is made to look like it was hastily written in lipstick on a bathroom mirror to target a girl who is using a stall.

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      Becc'a reminds me too much of Britta'd. Way to Britta it, Liondrive.

        Oooh, I didn't really think of that...
        I can change it to sound different.
        I just like the idea is all.

      First thought: If it's coined by kids, it's gotta be easy to text. A word with internal punctuation is not easy to text.

      Second thought: have you ever been wronged by a girl called Rebecca?

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        Haha, no no, I was just thinking that teenage girls being the horrible people they are, would use another girls name as an insult, and thought that "Becc'a" sounded the most like a swear word was all :P

      A lot of newer swear words in Aussie culture already take from words that 'sound' like a swear word already, ie. thot, sloot, etc. We also like to shorten our words because we are lazy af ;)

      I'm going to go with my suggestion as 'Slu' (Prounced Sl-Ah), short for slut, An individual of socially reprehensible sexual behaviour.

        My other thought was "soho", short for social media whore, if that's any better.

          I think it's better. You should capitalise the S, because you know that anyone who uses this will want to evoke at least some of the arty hipster Soho Village vibe.

          More like snapslut

            That's a good one!
            I'll add it to my list that I'm brain storming :)
            Thanks, Mama! :D

      che short for chat which is short for something else OR short for cheap
      "Look at her shes so che

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      Using a person's name (even a bastardised version) as an insult is a bit too urban dictionary for my liking. Your soho for "social media whore" is more interesting but I'm curious if that fits the assignment? We have words like twatter for someone who's a twat on twitter, or vaguebooker for people who post mysterious status updates for attention, but that's more portmanteau-ing than creating. I like Soho, I think it's original, but again, I wonder if it meets the criteria of your assignment.

      I feel like your assignment (not that I have any basis for this) is to create a word that feels like a swearword, so even without context if you saw it scrawled next to your name in the context of "Stewie is a _____" you would feel offended, even though you've never seen that word before.

      Does that make sense or have I overthought it?

        Valid input, and I'll definitely brainstorm more ideas and ask the lecturer, but from what I gathered the swear word just had to fit with the context you provide (mine being that it stems from teenage girls).
        Only early planning, but all input is welcome :)

    Chapter Four

    Best chapter yet.

    The prologue seemed to be a meaningless resolution to what ultimately ended up being a pointless cliffhanger, but it was so goddamned effective at grabbing me by the feelies and then just twisting them with every line of dialogue that I totally forgive it. Ended up being kind of foreshadowy anyway.

    I wasn't especially surprised by the ending. I knew Mr Jefferson wasn't all he seemed to be. This game should really be called Don't Trust Adults.

    Seeing the Dark Room was terrifying.

    Will talk more tomorrow about choices, etc. @dc


      I feel like DontNod have been following all my posts about this game in the last couple of weeks, and have just retroactively applied it to the game. I remember commenting that with the first Frank encounter in the junkyard in Ch 2, that Max's power could have been used to find him and evade/ambush him.

      And now, with this Frank encounter, they've given me the chance to go back and radically change the outcome based on knowledge of what will happen. That whole scene was brilliant. The first time around, Chloe shot the dog and Frank, so I made her ditch the gun and asked Frank to close the door. This time around, Chloe stabbed him in the leg, but we got the information we wanted. Hmm.... I think I can do better. So I paid Frank off with the 'disability fund' money (damn, turns out that was a real thing) and sucked up to him and now we're all besties looking for Rachel.

      Honoured Chloe's wishes in the prologue. I never thought a game would ask me what I thought about euthanasia and put that belief into practice, but there you have it. But like I said last night, the whole thing seemed a little pointless. If Max's ability to photo-travel doesn't factor into the finale, it will have been one emotionally-exploitative story red herring. That said, it was extraordinarily good at exploiting those emotions.

      Every time I break into a room or a locker or get a password wrong or something, I always rewind time to erase any sign of my meddling. So far it doesn't seem to have made a difference (except possibly when I found the surveillance equipment in David's garage), but I hold out hope.

      Max in my game is a goddamned rock star. Everybody loves the hell out of her. She has literally no enemies except for Nathan. I let Warren pound him, BTW. Little fucker totally deserved it, especially given what I know now. And it's good, I think, that he was actually rendered powerless for once. It probably won't make him stop and think next time he feels the entitled asshole coming on... but it might.

      Max has let this fame thing go to her head though. She spent the entire chapter telling everyone how awesome they all were. That's part of teenage life I never experienced when I was their age. Must be a girl thing.

      Can't wait to see how this all ends. Roll on September.

      Yeah, I absolutely loved this ep. Easily my favourite so far. I didn't think the prologue was meaningless. It didn't advance the story but it gave Max a terrifying reality check about her power that I thought resonated through the rest of the episode. (And the rest of the series, I'd wager.) From that moment on I'd hesitate every time I was going to rewind something. Had like a weight to it that wasn't there to that extent before. But you're right, that opening messed me up real bad. I felt like I wanted to leave and I couldn't handle the gravity of the situation, but I also wanted to be a good friend. I think it put me in Max's shoes brilliantly.
      I felt overwhelming joy seeing Chloe again in the proper timeline. Really well done.
      I loved the sense of momentum through the rest of the episode. Doing the leg work. It was great to see Kate again and I really didn't expect we would to that extent. I can't help but wonder what happened in that scene if Kate was dead. I thought the new locations in this game were brilliantly realized too. That beach in particular was just a thing of beauty and I enjoyed seeing all the outcomes of Frank and Chloe's encounter.
      My choices:
      I didn't honor Chloe's wish in the opening. I felt like Max was going to fix this, even at the expense of William. Every encounter with William made me feel so damn guilty as well. XD
      The rewind after the meddling? That's exactly what I do too! It did have an effect in the first episode when you covered your tracks after snooping through David's files! Major one I fixed in this episode was undoing the damage to Nathan's dorm room door!
      I managed to survive the encounter with Frank with no one getting hurt. They even seem like allies now which is weird, after the first version resulted in murder. :P YOU STOLE THE DISABILITY FUND?
      Still flirting with Warren every chance I get. Changed that message on his wall. I also stopped him from beating up Nathan, cause I felt like it could have bad repercussions for our pal.
      I also warned Victoria and she believed me!
      The whole Dark Room thing gave me The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo vibes!
      The only thing that annoyed me in this ep was making me confront Nathan and not letting me avoid it. There was another exit on the floor, for one. Why not let me use it? I rationalized it in my head that Max was gun shy with her power now, but felt a bit off.

      Last edited 29/07/15 9:37 am

        Fun fact: I tried the non-euthanasia option afterwards just to see how different it was, and afterwards, Max just sat there and wouldn't respond to any button presses. SO CLEARLY THAT WAS THE WRONG DECISION.

        It was always pretty clear that Max would be returning to her timeline. That whole opening part of the game made me sad. That family was doomed to heartache and misery, no matter what Max did. That's some destiny right there.

        Man, that opening hit me hard. I wasn't expecting it to be that intense at all. Had to put the controller down quite a few times and said "Fuck this game" out loud.

        Yes, I stole the disability fund. As Max says, there's no way it was legit. Cash in a desk drawer? No way that's a real thing. Don't I feel like an asshole now! (though I think the writing needs to take some of the blame here)

        I fixed the door, too! I loved that Max commented on it as soon as I did that. Amazing detail. While we're talking about detail, did you see the bottles at the party? Max's comment: "No. More. Bottles." BRILLIANT throwback to the shortcomings of earlier chapters. I might have fist-pumped.

        I am steadfastly rejecting Warren every chance I get. I thought about writing on the board to confuse him, but rewound it mainly because that CU.TE. joke was just awful.

        Nathan was MAD either way. I figured having the shit beaten out of him might make him less physically able in any final confrontation. Also, Warren feels 'alpha' now. Thanks, Warren.

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          I hate to tell you Shane, but there's disability construction works going on in my episode. Was legit. :P

            Yeah, the sign said "postponed indefinitely" in mine. WHO PAYS CASH FOR THAT, THOUGH?

            I fixed Nathan's door, too! I loved that Max commented on it as soon as I did that. Amazing detail. While we're talking about detail, did you see the bottles at the party? Max's comment: "No. More. Bottles." BRILLIANT throwback to the shortcomings of earlier chapters. I might have fist-pumped.

              I think almost certainly the money was a bribe, but yeah, Principal was actually putting it to use. I like the little recurring jokes too, like saving Alyssa. So fun. Oh man, that bottle thing I felt was the major misstep of the series, so like you said, good to acknowledge it. :D I really love how fleshed out Arcadia Bay feels now and you know where you are based on where you've been before. Loved the ominous new main menus after the episode with the impending storm!

              I love the small details too like Max's diary being different in alternate timeline and a glimpse at who this Max is through the text messages. Nice touch!

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                I loved the alternate universe text messages! Phenomenal attention to detail.

                Last edited 29/07/15 10:10 am

                  Was really disconcerting that a day had passed when she went back to her own timeline though that she was a part of but had no memories of. That would keep me awake at night! :P

                  Last edited 29/07/15 10:13 am

                  I don't think all that much time passed. Just a few hours. But yeah, enough to unnerve, for sure! Chloe made a joke about Max "getting one kiss and then being all over her" when Max returned to the present. I love all the little impacts of Max's decisions - gives it real authenticity.

                  Oh that's awesome! Chloe was all like: "You didn't kiss me before, why you all over me now?" Great little touches of detail!

                  @dc You were totally right about this game. Our friendship survives another day.

                  Haha! I wasn't sure after the reaction of the first episode, but I feel like even with that we ended up on the same wave length eventually. <3 <3 <3

                  @dc To be fair, the dialogue was awful in the first episode, and that was my primary critique of it. Every episode since then has improved the quality of the dialogue insanely.

                  While we're on it, the "I don't like the word 'hella'" moment in the alternate reality was my first clue that things were going to be hurting my feels. How could they change my disdain for that word into an emotional response to its absence? THE MONSTERS.

                  Oh yeah! What a moment! :'(
                  I still think the creepy grounds keeper guy isn't written particularly well, but otherwise the writing has been pretty good. :)

        You'd have to be a special kind of monster not to warn Victoria. In some ways, I can't believe that's even an option in the game. She believed me too, by the way... because of a choice I'd made in Chapter One. The five-day timeframe was a risky design move for them, because it introduces variables that would fade into obsolescence with a longer timeframe, but I think they've done a great job of making the characters remember everything that's happened.

      Tagging you here @sughly, in case you want to ramble about the episode with pals after you're done! Don't look before hand! :)

        Edit: replied to wrong DC comment. Whoops.

        Last edited 29/07/15 10:01 am

        Haha, I finally got around to playing it! I think I am less enthusiastic about it than you guys after having a quick read though.

        I'm glad the time jump was temporary, really wasnt a fan. Like Ive said before, its spent all this time developing characters in a particular way, its just losing all that development. But even being temporary it weirdly did enough to take the momentum away for me, which is why it took me so long to play. But, a lot of this chapter is just reacting to warlier choices, and because I've so meticulously been the good guy everything was just praise for me. It felt kind of shallow, like it was a chapter about how great Max is and how great Max thinks everyone else is too. I kind of disagree about the writing, I feel like it's gotten more obvious and melodramatic, I mean stuff like Frank suddenly being all 'yeah I believe in you guys!' is so out of place. Really dont think this was the best chapter at all, Kate's near suicide and the events leading up to is probably that for me still.

      Oh where was this blue jay the game said I killed? I didn't see it at all! This is the second time I've killed a bird by not observing properly! XD AND A PLANT!

        You really didn't see it? In mine, as soon as Max walked out of the room, it flew past her head and she said "Oh! That bird is still trapped in here!" Must have been something different in yours because Max has a blatant disregard for aviary lifeforms.

          Oh, I rescued the bird before I changed the timeline? Maybe it wasn't in mine! Definitely didn't hear that dialogue, though. :S I'm sure I wouldn't have missed that, but I'll replay to see. Maybe I was too busy processing my feels. :P Oh wait! If the first bird was dead, it was probably that one again.

          Last edited 29/07/15 10:13 am

            From memory (which is quite likely wrong and clouded by manly emotion) I think it was as soon as Max returned to the 'real' present and left Chloe's room. It flew past her head and into the bathroom, and then I had to scare it out the window.

            Re: your edit
            Oh yep, that could be true.

            Last edited 29/07/15 10:14 am

      It was clear why the game was delayed too. Longest episode so far and lots of new environments. I'd say that's worth waiting a week for! :)

        I work in an area where we aim to release a publication about every three months. One of the most common responses we send out to stakeholders is that "Our report has no set release date. We aim to publish around every three months."

        My point, I suppose, is that I don't consider this chapter's release to have been delayed because it didn't have a firm date to begin with!

        Either way, though, agreed: totally worth the wait.

      Waaaaaagggghhhh, so many moments in this episode to remember and talk about!

        @dc, we haven't even talked about Chloe being shot in the head by the photography teacher!

        I feel like the whole point of the euthanasia scene at the start of the chapter was emotional preparatory work for this moment (I'm assuming of course, the same thing happened in yours).

          Same thing happened in mine! Oh man, that moment didn't register at first. Took a couple of seconds to sink in. The game's been sort of Final Destination-y with Chloe. She just keeps on dying. The train tracks, the bathroom, the alternate universe. I really hope there's a way to save her. That reveal of Mr. Jefferson instantly made me remember the rumours from the first episode that he was sleeping with Rachel Amber too.

            Sadly, I think this one will probably stick.


            I think I know why they introduced the photo-to-the-past mechanic in Ch 3!

            Maybe Max will be given a choice to go back into a photo and revive Chloe, though risk tearing the fabric of the universe asunder (or sacrificing someone else) in the process. Or maybe she'll go into one of the early Dark Room photos and save Rachel. So many possibilities!

              Yeah, I thought about the possibility of 'undoing' the entire game too. It would be conflicting, because none of this would have happened... but it would need to have happened for it to not happen. *head explodes* You think the two moons and eclipse were a result of two universes colliding? (If NASA in our world can't explain the eclipse, maybe NASA in another world could have. :P) Bring on September!

              I did read that season two would be an entirely new story with an entirely new cast, so finale could diverge in lots of interesting ways without having to refocus for season two!

                Can't wait to find out!

                I forgot about David, too! He seems to be pretty on top of what seems to be happening around here! Oh man, my Max has treated him so badly. I'm gonna feel so guilty if he turns out to be a Snape.

                Last edited 29/07/15 12:01 pm

                  My Max has kind of been going easy on him for Joyce's sake and I feel like that's paid off a little. He's not openly hostile to me any more and vice versa. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of stopping Rachel from being murdered and meeting characters at different times in their lives. Seeing Rachel and Chloe interact. Whatever they want to do, though, I'm on board! :) I am psyched to see the storm as well!

                  Last edited 29/07/15 12:05 pm

          I wonder what would have happened if Chloe didn't have a gun! I think there's probably a path through the game where she wouldn't have one at this stage.

          My impression is that she was shot because she raised the weapon.

          Even though she probably would've been shot anyway, I really love how this game presents the (probable) illusion of multiple pathways! It's, IMO, much better at it than Telltale.

          Last edited 29/07/15 10:48 am

            Yeah, maybe Frank would have given it back to you when you became allies?

            Definitely way more Quantic Dream-like than Telltale. I know it's a big call, but for me this is personally my favourite episodic game. Feels less manipulative than The Walking Dead too. :P

            Last edited 29/07/15 10:49 am

              But that's not a foregone conclusion either.

              If Frank takes her gun in Episode 2, and then Chloe stabs him in Episode 4 to prevent an alliance, and then we pull Warren off Nathan so she can't grab his gun, she'd probably be unarmed in the Ch 4 finale (unless she retrieves the gun from Frank either way in Ch 4).

                Yeah, it's pretty intriguing and I almost don't even want to know alternate outcomes. I love the idea that this is my story and it's different from everyone elses even if it's an illusion. :D

                  Oh, me neither. If this is a branching choice, I'll own it. I just love that it creates the potential for 'what-if' discussions, because the points of divergence aren't always clear. *makes notes furiously for game design*

                  @shane: The game has done an amazing job of using the ensemble too. I feel like I've known these characters for months now. (When in reality the game has spanned just under a week!)

                  Last edited 29/07/15 11:01 am

      I invented a fun new game. Click on the spoiler tag, scroll before any spoilery words pop out at you.
      I know, I like to live life on the edge.

      I was wondering what larger effect the 'prologue' would have on the rest of the episode. I thought it might be ultimately to show Max that what she thought was a good decision at the time could come home to roost in the most horrible of ways. Also to foreshadow a decision she might have to make in Episode 5 about saving Chloe or not from Mr Jefferson.

      I don't think she'll be able to go back into photographs that she herself isn't in, because otherwise she could go and save Rachel and Kate, for example, but the photo that Warren took with her came off as just a little too clumsily written into the story for it to be anything other than an opportunity for her to go back and save Chloe. I'm thinking that she'll be rescued by either David or Warren, but it's a possibility that it could be a 'group' rescue made, with all the people at the Vortex party that Max was nice to helping out in some way (that would be cool).

      The Square servers were down when I finished the episode so I don't know the percentages for choices, but my choices were:

      1. Put Chloe to sleep;
      2. Convince Frank nicely (I kind of regret giving him the cash though);
      3. Nathan gets beaten very badly;
      4. Warn Victoria (this has got to be relevant somehow... but how!?)

    So I've got a weeks holiday coming up. Where do I go?
    Melbourne or Adelaide ? (Perth and Darwin were too expensive)

      Well, if you come to Adelaide I'm more than happy to host the two of you for board games.

      Depends what you want to do. If you come to Adelaide, I wouldn't advise spending every day in the city, but if you hire a car you're less than 90 minutes drive from 3 distinct wine regions and pretty close also to the coorong, probably as an overnight trip.

      Depends what you want to do really.

      I'd suggest bali, but there appears to be a volcano happening. So I second Fiji. A week of sitting on the beach doing NOTHING sounds delightful.

    Hoi, chummer. Shadowrun Hong Kong and Satellite Reign both due late August.

    *cyberpunk dance*

    EDIT: Cute. autocorrect thinks 'Hoi' is a spelling mistake.

    Last edited 29/07/15 9:00 am

      I think I own like four copies of Shadowrun HK thanks to having way too much disposable income when the KS happened...

      Still haven't finished Shadowrun Returns, or opened Dragonfall...

        Finished SRR twice, but still have yet to do Dragonfall. SRR was fantastic, with some minor quibbles, and apparently Dragonfall was even better. Need to pull my finger out and play it through.

        Last edited 29/07/15 9:21 am

          Yeah, I totally screwed up my character, so I'm thinking I should restart and go for some min/maxing.

          If you can't take out an entire army by yourself you're not running properly.
          Also if your entire squad isn't losing to a single average enemy. That's an integral part.

            Blaghs the master strategist.*

            *Further reading: his exploits in Total War.

              My Shadowrun group failed to kill a dude who was the cyberpunk equivalent of a rat once. We made up for it by killing a troll later, but it was wonderfully pathetic.

              (Side note: Last night in Total War was really boring, so I'm sad. I fought one army(THE FRENCH!), won one sea battle, and now I just have a Spanish army sitting outside Paris, watching, waiting. Not enough for me to spin into a story of my ineptitude, which is immeasurably disappointing.)

                New levels of disappointment! Blags doesn't disappoint at disppointing. :)

            Don't min/max, make what you want. With the NPCs available you can get a working party easy as.

              But min/max is what I want!

                You could try making a guy who basically shouts "Yay, I'm the hero!" at the end of every fight. So essentially, a Decker or Sniper :P

              In SR:R I went with a melee / whatever those melee Magic abilities are called character

              In SR:D I went a long range rifle using decker (or whatever the one that can hack is called).

              In both games I never had too much trouble with fights.

                I played as an Elf Street Samurai focusing on pistols and defence. Midway through the game I essentially became an agent from The Matrix.

        I had no disposable income for the KS, and was really tempted by all the different optional stuff. Nearly went with the bag despite knowing the quality probably won't be great.

          Yeah I eyed off that bag (and the KS) for a while too, but came to the same conclusion. Also kinda broke at the time. Just ended up buying SR:HK when it popped up on Steam.

        I managed to play a little bit of SSR in the last week. Hopefully I'll be able to finish it and then get onto the copy of Dragonfall that the ever dreamy @freezespreston gave me

        Ill take a copy even though I too having even started SRR

      I became a massive fan of Shadowrun with Returns. I still think the best aspect of the universe is the slang. So damned good!

      I'm looking forward to pumping up my stats so my to hit chance is 97% then missing over half my shots.

        Damn thats a strong 3% do your characters copy over or what?

    Good Morning All,

    Longtime reader but first time poster to TAY :)

    How are we all doing?

      Pretty good, bud. Pretty good. And you? Want some rye? Course ya do!

        I am doing great and I would love some rye! Thanks for your kindness DC :)

        Last edited 29/07/15 12:48 pm

      Nice to see a new face around :)
      I'm pretty good, thanks!
      Hope you're well too :)

      Don't be afraid to jump in to any random conversation :)

        Hello Liondrive,

        It's great to hear you are good, I am doing pretty damn fine for a wed, I am basking in the warm welcome I am receiving, I should have done this a long time ago :)

        Will happily jump into random conversation when I am sure I have something reasonable to contribute. Perhaps even if I don't :)

        Looking forward to more TAY chats! I hope you have a great day!

      Welcome aboard!

      Once you've participated in your initiation, you'll be one of us. (one of us....)

        Thank you Shane!

        I appreciate the welcome and I will be sure to checkout your novels sometime :) And I know that's a quote there but for the life of me I can't place it (and my google search didn't satisfy my curiousity either). Feel free to enlighten me when you can!

            Thank you sir! :)

      Heehee, I giggled at your name. :P

      How are YOU doing?

        Ha ha, thank you Strange! If my name lifts people spirits then that makes me happy :)

        I am doing great thanks, just happy to finally take part finally in the awesome community here. I am looking forward to getting to know you all :)

      Oh hello new person! I'm well, yourself?


        I am doing well thanks. How are you on this fine friday eve?

    Pow! Pants! Housewarming!

    Who: You
    What: House. Warming.
    When: This Saturday 1st August, starting at 2pm and going until we get sick of you.
    Where: Our flat (Twitter DM/email me or Pants if you need to know the address)
    Why: Why not!

    Just gonna be some time to play some vidja and possibly board games. Snacks! Drinks! Other!

    Want to stay overnight? You're welcome to! Just let us know ahead of time. I've got a couple of blow-up beds and there's plenty of lounge space (seriously we have way too many lounges).

    @35 @alexpants @anonymous_pessimist @batguy @cakesmith @cj @cookingmama @dkzeitgeist @doc_what @fatshadylive @gingerchris86 @gorzilla @hugo_the_hungarian_barbarian @mawt @morkai @mrtaco @novacascade @pupp3tmast3r @ruffleberg @shiggyninty @blaghman @freezespreston

      Wait, you tagged Freeze? Guess I better step up to the plate.



      Availability pending. What area are you guys in now, was it north shore?

        Yep, Artarmon.

          Massive flashbacks... Lived there for a few years and worked there for several more.

          PS - best crispy chicken noodle soup in all of Sydney is in Chatswood. A little shop on bottom floor of Lemongrove. Assuming it's still there, goto ground/underground floor from the mall, follow shops around to the left and it's tucked in the corner.

          Used to go there once or twice a week for lunch when I worked on the mall.

            Oops! Reply Fail :)

            I think I was going to say here that Chatswood has changed so much since we lived here, but that the food court in the Mandarin Centre is still awesome.

            Last edited 29/07/15 4:34 pm

      good chance I'm gonna be freezing certain extremities off in the blue mountains this weekend, so I dont think I'll be able to make it.

      I'm working that night but I'll drop by for a bit

    I can't remember the last time I dreamt about being a ninja turtle but apparently this morning was ripe for a throwback.
    NFI why on earth that would even be, haven't had any reason to even think of them in ages. Stupid retardo brain.

      Bossa Nova?

        Chevy nova?

        I really need to give that movie a watch again now I'm old enough to understand half of what's going on. Had to google to figure out what you were talking about :P

        "I... have always liked... COWABUNGA! Hahahahaha, I made a funny!"

        Hot damn, I love that movie. It's such a massive part of my childhood.

        Last edited 29/07/15 10:55 am

          I remember being blown away by it being on a green VHS cassette.

          Last edited 29/07/15 12:51 pm

    @redartifice I got my hands on the Cypher System Rulebook last night and it's basically taking a whole bunch of stuff and lessons from Numenera and The Strange. There are four main character types now: Warrior, Adept, Explorer, and Talker? (can't remember the exact name of the last one). So basically you have standard fighter, mage, rogue but now there is a bard mixed in as well.

    Generic cypher generation, regardless of setting, works pretty well and they have some good things to help facilitate the game. For instance, currency is now completely generalised into different tiers of wealth rather than counting individual dollars or shins which, considering that the CSR has to cater to a whole range of different settings, makes sense. There is also basically a master list of all of the better descriptors and foci that they've changed to be mostly setting agnostic so that's pretty cool.

    Is it worth it? I haven't gotten the physical book yet (crosses fingers for soon) but it does retread a lot of stuff that's already been published by MCG so your kilometerage may vary. I didn't shell out for the leather-bound super fancy edition because that was very expensive.

      Sounds cool, but I haven't picked it up. I think it'd be a pretty easy hack to put into other settings, but it's the setting that inspired me for Numenera.

      I still have the dl link for Worlds Numberless and Strange sitting on my email, must have a look at that.

        I agree that the settings for both Numenera and Strange are pretty darn cool but I understand the appeal in having a dedicated high fantasy or other setting Cypher game. Plus having a bunch of the foci and descriptors all in one place is pretty nice as well as bringing in the talky type rather than trying to house rule the Spinner from the Strange.

          Oh, I think it's work well as a system for running lots of games, I just tend to respond to fluff over crunch.

            I'm in a mixed boat myself. I appreciate crunch and fluff in equal measure and the buy-in to the setting for Numenera or The Strange is no worse than the buy-in for stuff like Shadowrun.

    So the Dragon Quest games are like Final Fantasy games as in they're unrelated right? Always wanted to play them but never got around to it. So I can just grab XI and start there with no problems?

      In the past they were related in small bunches, but I think they're separate now?

      Yeah. Totally separate. I've only played IX and really liked it

      The best most unrelated Dragon Quest game is DQ Heroes: Rocket Slime on DS.

      Especially if you like page 6.

      I'll probably get back into Dragon Quest if I ever get a PS4. I think there's a port of DQVIII coming that I'm keen to play because I got like 90% of the way through on PS2 and never finished it.

      As it happens I have IV, V, VI and IX for DS and don't want them...

    Oh I just remembered.

    I still have a beta code for The Division (comes with preorder DLC gear for the actual game) and two one for Rainbow Six Siege if anyone wants them.

    They're for all platforms (X1,PS4 and PC).

    Last edited 29/07/15 10:15 am


        Which one?

          The Division would be rad. I have high hopes for that game.

          I haven't actually paid much attention to Siege. How does it compare to older RS games?

            DM'd it to you.

            I have no idea about R6S. Never paid any attention to it. One of the EB guys just popped over with a stack of beta codes and said here you go. Shooters generally aren't really my thing so I gave them all away without keeping one for me.

            I have low hopes for RSS. Multiplayer, small maps, rapid planning phase.
            I have very low hope of it being anything but a run and gun session and horrible to play unless you get proper teams organised

    I'm reading all this stuff about the Ouya acquisition, and I have to ask: For those of you that bought them, did it get any use?

      I'actually love to see this question get some attention on Kotaku to get a bigger response. Curious to see how many people did anything with it beyond the first few months of ownership.

      I went to school with the guy that started the 'Coning' craze where he went around and went to a bunch of McDonalds and started doing crazy things with the 50 cent cone. He was one of the first people to receive a Ouya, I asked him what I thought about it:


      Week 2 of owning Ouya: What the fuck do I do with this?

      I got one from backing the Kickstarter, but much like most people I got it and then just kind of wondered what to do. I was hoping to pretty much make it a dedicated emulator box for the TV in my lounge - purely for SNES games. But there were a couple of complaints from me:

      -Massive input lag (about 0.5sec?), especially noticable on emulators. Made platformers literally impossible to play
      -D-pad was just horrific. Boaty/floaty and really hard to perform any precise movements

      The unit itself was solid, but came out with an already dated Nvidia Tegra chip (2 or 3?) forget which. So performance was.... OK. It was meant to have a bunch of games made especially for it, which it did end up with a few, but there was nothing there I couldn't really already get on my phone. It had a bunch of emulators, and they worked really well, but the input lag and terrible d-pad made it unusable for emulation.

      So it ended up failing as an emulator because of the controller, and the rest of it was just entirely unremarkable. A shame, because with a hardware revision of the controller, and a new Tegra CPU and just a little more support, it could go places. But even then, it'd really only be for the gadget inclined. I can't see it ending up in the everyman's loungeroom.

      Last edited 29/07/15 11:02 am

        I loved the idea of one as a dedicated emulator but when I started hearing about all the troubles people were having I realised that I dodged a bullet.
        Would have been amazing if it worked. I spent a lot of time running SNES and GBA emulations between like 2000 and a lot of time. Pretty sure I was averaging 4 hours of sleep a night those days :P

          Xperia phones run emulators, natively support DualShock 4's and can screen mirror to smart TV's.

            All good Android phones can screen mirror these days, but going Sony only (phone, TV, controller) does make it way easier. Next to no fiddling.
            I don't have a PS4/controller but I did set a Wiimote on my tablet (these days the TV is hard to get a hold of...) which worked wonders, especially considering the age and brand of the tablet involved...(4+ year old HP)

        The controller looked like it should have seen them prosecuted for war crimes.

          Strangely enough, apart from the d-pad, the rest of the controller was pretty well made, considering how cheap the whole package was. Analogs were decent, controller felt nice in the hand, good weight - but that d-pad. Ergh.

    Totally missed the post from @sircoffeegus outing himself as a TAY stalker newbie.


      Greetings Rize! Is it still considered stalking once you are aware of it? :P

      I can also out myself a big SW fan too (nice profile pic!). Though I promise to try to keep my heavy breathing to a minimum :)

    So I just tried searching for those snowboard boots I picked up to see how much of a steal they were.

    Ended up finding an "interesting" 404 page.

      I'm shattered I get the reference. I looked at goatse once almost twenty years ago. The image is still seared into my memory. For all time, methinks.

        I think I've managed to avoid ever actually seeing it. I mean, I've seen thousands of references, visual representations and the like, but unless my memory has wiped actually seeing it (entirely possible) I think I'm clear.

    Twitter has locked my account & demands my mobile number.

    This is bullshit

      Aw, how'd that happen? Reported? Hacked?

      Interesting. Wonder if this is their way of finally trying to combat the problems they're having. Be much harder to duck a account ban if you need a new phone number everytime.

        I was able to immediately delete it from my account once I had access again.

        So no.

    Far warning: political discussion ahead.

    Regarding the Bernardi vs Wong debate that just wrapped up, what's a (serious) question you'd have loved to hear an answer to?

    I think mine would be "Assuming the slippery slope argument is unequivocally proven incorrect, can you please describe the negative ramifications of marriage equality?"

      Here is a serious answer to your question:

      I'm at work and could only follow the twitter feed - did Bernardi just get as badly annihilated as it seems?

      I don't think there's any more "good" questions for Bernardi, they're just prompts for him to repeat old arguments. So, like your question, they just work to continue to expose his bigotry.

      From what I read, Wong deflected his question of potential ramifications for businesses who refuse to provide services to SSM. I'd like to press Wong on that, or why she she doesn't suppory polygamy - both questions provide a bit of room for intelligent discussion.

        It was pretty clear that the audience in the press club were leaning towards Wong, as they applauded her responses with regularity.

        That said, I don't think any of the arguments put forward by either politician will actually change anybody's mind on the issue. Debates like this are fluff pieces.

          Yeah, I agree. Funny thing about a selection of Australians in a room together supporting marriage equality, who would've thought it has such wide support? /s

        Ramifications for business? They won't get a share of profits in a new market willing to spend big and if they fall by the wayside because if that they have no one but themselves to blame.

          The point Bernardi was making, AFAIK, was that they could face lawsuits for discrimination. Although I believe there shouldn't be any protection against that, the simple fact is that there is a small minority of the population that will not change their views and either risk those lawsuits or stop doing business and that is a point that deserves some discussion at least.

            My question to people who make this point: Would you support a business discriminating on the basis of race?

            What lawsuits? Businesses can refuse service to whomever they like. Rights as a customer only apply when you're actually a customer. Only way someone could sue is if they took their money then refused and only if they didn't give the money back.

            Last edited 29/07/15 2:26 pm

              My understanding as well.

              There's a stink on my Facebook feed at the moment about a restaurant forbidding families with kids under seven from entering. Not breaching any laws AFAIK, but definitely incurring public wrath.

        Wong actually said that the market would sort it out.

      "Do you think gay people are deviant?"

      Might as well get that elephant out of the corner and onto the table. Also, I'm sick of journalists asking 'clever' leading questions, trying to guide the discussion. This is the only question that needed asking the entire debate, and no one asked it.

      Last edited 29/07/15 1:59 pm

        Haha, and get a reply along the lines of "No, but yes". Just a more eloquent version of the classic 'strayn "Nah, Yeah", or "Yeah, Nah".

      I'd ask Bernardi to marry me. repeatedly. forever. I'd offer him sex acts his wife could never even dream of.

      I'd just be curious to hear his answer.

      My question is to Cory Bernardi "Are you aware that Gay Marriage isn't Halal? Does that change your position on it?"


    what dead videogame franchise needs a new installment?

    My pick is Kingdoms of Amalur. first one was rough, but had so much potential. really think a sequel would've been amazing.

      Gabriel Knight! If they need to modernize it, then I'd be okay with them doing it in the style of Heavy Rain or Life is Strange!

        You forgot to mention Beyond Good And Evil. I am disappoint.

          I've accepted it's over and that's okay. :D

            Wasn't there a Beyond Good & Evil 2 video bouncing around the e3 just gone?

              Michel Ancel has said he's not working on it any more.

      I would still like to see The Force Unleashed III.
      Or X-Wing Vs. Tie Fighter 2.

      If I think of a non-Star Wars example, I'll edit.

        Did you know the original creator of the X-wing series of games are making a new game trying to recapture the feeling of the old series, Unfortunately without the Star Wars name?
        Starfighter Inc.
        Actually looks pretty good so far

          I've heard of it. It's multiplayer, though, right? Not my bag.

          (I know I said XvT, which was marketed as MP, but I played that game religiously SP, and flew customised missions when I got sick of the core content)

            They said initially multiplayer but he would love to do large story driven Co op missions, so I suspect there'll be a single player component to it... At least I hope :-P

              I'm good with it if it's AI co-op! Will keep an eye on it - thanks, man!

          Wait, that's going ahead? I thought it failed its Kickstarter...

            IIRC it launched its Kickstarter again immediately and hit its target within two days...

          Warning: it is not the creator of the X-Wing games. That's Larry Holland and he's not involved. It's a guy that worked on them, but not the creator.

          It's also multiplayer-only so NFI how it's going to recapture the feeling of the old games aside from XvT.

        I guess now they've been disowned those are non-Star Wars examples.

      Slight bastardisation of the question, but I'd love to see a return to form game from Rare, preferably on the Wii U but I'll take a 3DS one.

        Does Yooka Laylee count? Especially since its the original Rare team making it?

        Last edited 29/07/15 2:09 pm

          Kind of, but I can't seem to shake the feeling that it's going to feel like a cheap knock-off...despite being made by the same people.

            Yeah. I backed it and I'm looking forward to it but a lot of it feels like a fan game that got a takedown notice and decided to salvage it's work by replacing the character models and renaming everything. I think it's going to take me an hour or two of playing before I'll be able to get past the fact that it's more or less Ultra Blario Cousins.

            I just wish Rare had of responded to Nuts & Bolts performance by taking the engine and making a smaller, proper Banjo game. I mean in terms of the engine it was pretty much all there. If there was a PC version I'm sure someone would have modded it into a traditional Banjo game by now.


        I remember I played one of the Wonder Boy games on the Master System (it was a weekend rental) and I didn't get far into it because I was an idiot and couldn't figure out the run button so I got stuck on a jump on like the second level. Up until then I'd really been enjoying it. Screw a reboot, I want to go play the old ones now that I'm not a complete moron.

        On that note I'd like to see another Maximo game.

      The Neophyte RPG series from Alien Software in the late 90s that never got completed. 3 episodes / demos were released and very promising, but ultimately never made it over the line. In the era of Kickstarter and whatnot though they'd have a shot, I reckon.

        Here's a fun story about old video games and what happens to them when people start wanting the rights to bring them back from the dead.

          You and me need to have a talk about what constitutes "fun"

      Stunt Race FX, using the claymation style they did with Kirby.

      Also, Unirally.

      Also also, Space Station Silicon Valley.

      NOLF. God I miss Cate Archer, and the poignant henchman monologues.

        "yes sir! I mean erh no sir... Erh, I mean yes to the first part and no to the second part, sir!"

          "I'm sure it's a perfectly excellent monkey, but I don't want it. Now please leave, I'm very busy."


      Fucking cliffhangers.

        Yes! I loved that game so much. Don't think there's been another game in its style yet has there?

          Not to my knowledge. Not a comic book proper cel shaded FPS

      Too Human. Massively underrated, and was originally going to be a trilogy.

        Just a shame that Silicon Knights ended up screwing the whole thing over by stealing source code. I was also intrigued by the idea of more futuristic Norse mythology/technology.

          Yeah, was talking to someone about it not too long ago - think it was @negativezero - considering how dorky or lame the hybrid norse/futurific thing could have been, it worked really well. Was a solid as hell co-op game too.

            The norse myth angle of it was what kept me going. Found the way they'd interpreted it as a SF setting to be fascinating. The game itself wasn't as terrible as people made out, but it was certainly not great and did have some big issues. With a more traditional control scheme it might have worked a bit better. A better developer could have made something amazing with those ideas.

        Pretty underrated that one... I remember that once I finally 'clicked' with the controls, I turned into a badass at that game.

        Interrupted flow, lost my place, tried to come back to it but could never grok the controls again. Ever.

          Yeah was such an odd duck of a game. So many glaring flaws, but at the same time it worked so well. Think that's what gave it so much character to me. RE Operation Raccoon City was another similar example - so busted in many ways, but so awesome in others. Co-opped the shit out of that with mates as well, and had a blast, despite it getting panned across the board. *shrug* A beautiful disaster, or something.