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    I leave for 5 minutes and the whole website design changes!

    I like it though.

      It's all your fault Pow! You never should have left us! D':

      Looks nice in an article, but in TAY it's weird having both button rows on one page.

      Oh, wow. I just thought the background shading wasn't loading for some reason, but the front page auto-loads the next page as you scroll... nifty. That said, the "Trending Stories" thing is a bit large, and seems superfluous given the ever-present "most viewed" and "most commented" sections on the right...

        Not to mention the 'around our network' stuff that drops in below it.

    Guys, Kotaku is changing again.

    I'm scared D:

      I say again even though it's been, what, 3 or 4 years?
      Still feels like yesterday...

        Ah... Remember when they gave us accounts we could actually log in to? Those were the days...

          I still think we should gone with the chuloopa nipples for user ratings idea.

    Either my fever's gotten worse than I thought or the whole world just changed.


      There is no spoon.

        WAH. This comment appeared without me refreshing the page. What sorcery is *faints*

          Bashing my F5 button on a slow TAY day is an age old past time! What.... will I do with my F5 key now?

          What is real?

          Who am I?

    Notifications sticking the top of the screen while scrolling.
    FRACKING FINALLY! Thanks Kotaku team! :D

    Last edited 31/07/15 12:29 pm

      Meanwhile I've always hated floating bars that follow the screen as you scroll like that. Make it go away :P

    Did the page just auto-update?

    I'm scared.

      I do wonder if, after a site update, the staff just head in to TAY and watch us all panic.

        @serrels sits back in his high leather chair, fingers steepled. Yesssss.... yes. See them squirm.

        You know they do. You would the same thing

        Indeed we do ;)

          Im onto you Hussey, you and your sick game of changing things on us without notice

    Half of Kotaku is now in tay...

      Nice try, Kotaku, but I ain't leaving TAY! *refresh*

      KoTAYku is its new name as we have merged into one sentient being

    Not a fan of the elsewhere on the web stuff, but otherwise spiffy redesign! Love the infinite scroll on the main page and floating bar at top too!

    Last edited 31/07/15 12:44 pm

    So, haven't seen the main site yet but the new mobile site is godawful. Hard to read properly and now with 10mb of extra data per page refresh (according to my data tracker), I probably won't be around much any more. Literally can't afford it financially.

    Seriously Kotaku, mobile sites shouldn't be so data heavy, especially with Australian data prices.

      Is this with images disabled? If you have Chrome installed as well as the default browser, you could always disable images for one of them.

      Try a mobile browser that allows you to turn off ads/images for certain websites. Helps a lot with my data cap!

      New mobile?
      Still looks pretty much the same to me except for two sets of social media links top and bottom of the 'story' (or pretty much just an image for TAY)

      Sounds like I've missed out on something bad though, so that's a-ok for me.

        I'm also getting a tonne of Kotaku, Gizmodo and Life hacker links and a while bunch of Around The Web links, all with their own images and scripts.

          Ah, that's probably the ominous 'Loading page' thing that never resolves for me on the front page.

          I'm not seeing the 'around the web' stuff on PC but adblock must be intercepting them. And that won't be changing because 'around the web' related link things are the fucking devil's work.

      Can you provide the url of the page that this occurred on?
      Typically, after scrolling through the new main article list, 5 additional article list pages will be loaded - from testing, the typical total weight of all 5 of these pages is 2-3mb or around 500-750kb per page.

      As for within articles, where we can, we've now implemented 'Play' buttons for GIF images on mobile.
      Whilst we haven't been able to do this for all GIFs, the majority of articles will not download the GIF image until 'play' is clicked - helping to keep your mobile data plan sensible.

        As for within articles, where we can, we've now implemented 'Play' buttons for GIF images on mobile.

        Can we have an option for that on the desktop site too please? There's nothing more annoying than trying to read the content of a page and having some animation jumping up and down in your peripheral vision like a jack russell puppy that's just been told it's time for walkies. The eye's drawn to movement and it's incredibly distracting.

        Not to mention the US team's predilection for making massive long GIFs and then the content of the article being a link to a youtube video they made the GIF from.

    In non-site update news, I woke up this morning to a message on reddit from someone asking me to be a contributor for Sidelines.

    It looks like a very, very casual (read: unpaid) writing gig where they get people to blog about things and pretend that they're doing real writing.

    That may not be the best description of the site. It's hard to get a real handle around exactly what they do. I do know that if you get good at being a contributor, you get memberships for Netflix, Hulu and even Steam! Coveted Steam memberships!

    AUGH. I just went to check out the mobile version of the site on my phone to see if there were any changes. Still had the same problem of before, where the drop-down menu with all the categories is permanently dropped-down. Except while it used to be ok since in portrait mode there was a thin strip at the bottom of the screen where I could still reach the "back" page, now whenever I get to the bottom to try and hit the Switch To Desktop button it just loads the next page as an infini-scroll thing so I can never actually reach the bottom. And then if I try and do it in an article instead where there'll be no continual loading of new stuff (once the trending topics finish doing their thing at least), I can't do anything anyway because that free strip is covered by all the share buttons.

    Curse everything.

      Oh, it's not just limited to the mobile front page. Can't actually reach the bottom of the page on here either. Why is that supposed to be a good idea?

        Hey MrTaco.
        We've now implemented a capped auto-pagination feature - meaning that when scrolling through the main list of articles, up to five pages will load when you get to the bottom of the page. This means you no longer have to keep clicking 'Next'.

        Regarding your mobile issue - can you post a link to a screenshot of the issue, then provide us with the phone model and browser version that you are using - we'll look into it.

          It's a Nokia 808, and happens on Opera Mobile. I know it's an old phone and won't be supported and I'm not expecting it to be, was just testing to see whether I'd be able to use it or not and thought I'd gotten stuck. Most of the time I use Opera Mini anyway, which does the whole website compression thing and that happens to strip out most of the annoying javascript type stuff anyway, so the mobile site works there for me. Though it's occasionally a bit buggy and doesn't do comments and stuff properly, so sometimes there's a need to switch to Mobile.

          I took a bunch of screenies from both browsers, and labelled them all anyway though.

      They literally only just implemented it. Give them a little bit of time. =)

        After 10 pages of auto-loading it seemed to stop. So I managed to escape.

    Not overly a fan of the elsewhere on the web ads but meh I'll just stick to TAY and avoid it.

    Definitely not a fan of the "trending stories right now" at the very bottom though, I used to just check out articles from the black section at the bottom of the site across Giz/LH and Kotaku; kind of annoying having to scroll almost 2 pages worth of pictures just to get to that black banner now =[

    Edit: especially when there's gif's as pictures for the articles; it's kind of making me not want to look anywhere else in the site while I'm browsing at work.

    Last edited 31/07/15 1:02 pm

      I can come to terms with most advertising, but Elsewhere on the Web is never good. I know the bills must be paid but it's just clickbait paying to stand close enough to real content that users might accidentally confuse it with something they want to see.

    'Trending Stories Right Now' area is longer than TAY :\

      Kind of jarring to scroll to the bottom of a page and then suddenly have a bunch of redundant content drop in and suddenly I'm only 3/4 the way through the page.

      @robhussey as a thought, maybe that area could have the first one in the list big, and then the rest half-sized, like in the 'across our network' area below it? Incidentally those two areas feel like they're doubling up the same content.

        As it is right now, it feels like the front page has been dumped below the comments of every article.

          This! We already have the black banner at the bottom of the page to update for new content; the list of trending articles seems redundant.

            Yeah, I'd almost rather see that area expanded to top 5 trending or something.

    Welp, Bungie's started talking about the Dreadnought and a new strike coming in Taken King... time to find a cave on Mars, shut my eyes and put my fingers in my ears. And await the inevitable punch in the face from a guardian annoyed with me for blocking a spawn...

    Seriously... "We want you to discover these amazing things we've added to patrol! Here are a few examples: ..." *sigh*

    I got the dirt.

    How to garden?

      Get the puppy to dig some holes and then fill the holes with plants.

    So, the Ace Attorney movie... absolutely batshit crazy... in both good and not-as-good ways. I honestly can't decide if I enjoyed it or not.

      You enjoyed it. Case closed.

      *Bangs gavel. Gumshoe throws confetti everywhere*

        I think this is probably the correct conclusion.

        Must say, I was shocked when Von Karma started swearing! Swearing in my Ace Attorney... unprecedented!

          Ahem, when the confetti is thrown, the trial is over. It's like you don't even know how a court of law works.

      I didn't like it :P Didn't want to sway your opinion on it before watching though.

    PSA from someone who works in IT support:
    If you don't like a new feature, absolutely complain about it...but give constructive criticism.
    "[change] is shit!" isn't helpful but "[change] is making it harder to do [whatever]" can lead to a better experience for everyone.

      Eh, the two main complaints have been about the mobile site and they appear to be helpful.

        Not directing it at anyone or any comment. Just making sure everyone remembers there's people behind the changes, and to be helpful and polite :)

    Played a Chemistry game against Anton last night.
    He was quite upset when I won :D

      For the record, this was the game,
      Yay for Kickstarter games!

    Hi @robhussey

    I'm an IT know nothing, how do the notification links work?

    If I get 5 notifications for one page & follow the link, the highlights disappear on the other 4.

    Is there a way you can make this not happen at all?

    Sometimes it hard to keep track of which I have & haven't read. Especially when it's 5 notifications from the same @liondrive

      The instant you visit the page, it clears the unread notifications for all the pages. Always worked that way. It's possible to avoid this (move it to a JS process which sends a message back to the site when you scroll over an unread comment) but it would probably require re-coding the site, would probably not play well with mobile at all.

        I'm 90% sure that it only clears the notification for comments on the page you're viewing. I've definitely had multiple notifications across multiple pages before and not had them all clear.

          Yeah, while not what I typed that's what I meant. Not all the pages, but all the notifications on the page.

    Apparently new Kotaku doesn't want me. Refreshed the page and got a"Success! You have been logged out." message. Except I'm not logged out. Magic. :P

      I was getting that a lot a few months back, only it thought I was logged in, I'd type a message & then I'd be logged out.

      Miraculously stopped.

    Hmm... I guess I didn't get a notification of @negativezero's reply because I leave this tab open, so it loaded the comment automatically, even if it did so waaaay at the top of the page and off-screen at the time? That's a little counterintuitive, when comment pages (esp. in TAY) can get so long.

      I jump back on the active TAY page all the time, due to my very busy workload. You just need to learn to procrastinate more :P

      True never realized the side-effect of auto-updating the page. It means everytime it updates the notifications will get marked off as read even if they were for comments made much earlier. Might need to implement a system where people can mark off replies as "read" or modify the coding so that the notifications only trigger as read once a person has scrolled past the reply.

      Yeah, @robhussey this is going to be a problem. I usually have a TAY tab open on the most recent page both at home and at work and if it's going to auto-clear my notifications I'm never going to see people replying to me. Not sure if there's anything you can do with that though, it might require a re-think of the way the notifications are cleared.

        Agreed, that's not an ideal outcome to the refresh feature.
        We'll note it down and have a think.

    Life is Strange Ep. 4

    @shane, @dc et al.

    (I typed this up two nights back then refreshed the page before I posted it and cried myself to sleep)

    HAHAHA! Now I feel justified in blaming Mr. Jefferson for what happened, even though I did it because it would have the least harmful to me response, not because I suspected him even though he's clearly a villain ("Seriously though, I could frame any one of you in a dark corner, and capture you in a moment of desperation." (taking quotes out of context is fun))!
    Also, I feel really bad about the bird, that has been dead since episode one for me, and my poor plant, who I killed with love.
    In terms of choices, I went for youth in Asia, left whatsisname the drug dealer with a knife in his leg (I figured there'd be a better ending, but ehhh), Victoria trusted my warning (we had a moment), let Warren beat the crap out of Nathan, and I assume there's something else I forgot.
    The Warren situation is a little awkward right now, I've always tried to just be a friend to him, but I agreed to Ape it up, and now I feel bad for Brooke, even though she's always been a bit icy to me and I sort of wish I could take it back because I NEVER MEANT FOR THIS AND WE'RE JUST FRIENDS. This is like High School all over agai- oh.

      I blamed David and got him suspended and he's probably the only innocent person in this whole mess at the moment. Oh man! Haha! That bird keeps coming back to haunt me as well. D:

        I feel sort of bad for David. He isn't a nice person, and I'm not sure I'd even call him a good person, but he is trying to help, in his own way, and he's basically ended up in the Snape position here. Won't stop me from shutting him down when he's being a jerk though.

          I feel like his relationship with Joyce is a redeeming feature too. I always go easy on him, just because that family has suffered enough!

    I keep getting confused on the front page with the Share thing no longer on the articles. My eyes keep looking for the second lot of pink numbers and wondering why nobody's commented on anything :P

      CHANGE IS INHERENTLY BAD. Our generation knows this. *nods sagely*

        Change is inevitable, old man. Please don't hurt me. ;P

    I'm still hanging out to see this auto update comment feature. Does it work with Chrome? Must I disable adblock? Will it happen if I briefly look away? What if I pretend to look away, press F5.. aha!


      I haven't seen it either, though. Also Chrome.

        Jinx! Comment buddies! lookit that; same time-stamp and everything.

        Edit: We would totally rock it at the Peek-A-Boo World championships.

        Last edited 31/07/15 3:36 pm

        Yeah, I had to refresh to see your comment and I've paused adblock. Must be Chrome.

      Watch closely.... are you watching? closely?................ BAZINGA!

      The refresh that everyone is referring to happens X minutes after you haven't interacted with the page.

      Basically it means that if you leave the tab inactive, as soon as you re-interact with the page, it is reloaded to make sure you get the latest content updates.

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