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    40 mins of work to go and.... ????

      Page get, oh lame

        I think pages are getting smaller so easier to read while simultaneously bring TAY back into the meaty page get machine it was in the olden days

          Still 25 root posts on the last page, so same as ever, there was just a lot of discussion about the new look.

    So the mobile site hs changed now too, I'd love to get a professional internship experience and enjoy Tel Aviv

      Ah, Tel Aviv! Just the name alone conjures images of tranquil beauty and no strife to be found! :P

    Once my old man spoke to good King Triton,
    And asked: "Why all this senseless fightin'?",
    "Why can't us men express emotion?",
    Now I've got a friend in the ocean.

      He wouldn't happen to... LIVE IN A PINEAPPLE UNDER THE SEA?




    Mass Effect 3 update:

    Turns out I couldn't save Mordin in any of my scenarios as I went back and attempted it a total of four times. It may have something to do with Eve dying in all the situations and/or me not importing any previous Mass Effect game saves/data. No biggie, now I can get on with the rest of the game. :D

    Last edited 31/07/15 4:26 pm

    For all those thinking of subbing to SWTOR. If you sub by the 31st (in America) you will get a bonus companion.

      That's real interesting... but, I uh...

      ...may have...

      ...recently grabbed expansion and resub'd to ff14...

      ...maybe >_>

    Weird so the laptop I bought yesterday (MSI GS60-2QE, Broadwell CPU) still doesn't have Win10 drivers, but the 17" version (GS70-2QE, Broadwell CPU) does. As far as I can tell these things are basically the same computer and the only diff is the 17" has a third mSATA slot for SSD, extra mini-DP and a line-in jack.

    When I get home I'm going to try installing the drivers from the bigger one.

    I was up until like 5am this morning troubleshooting the Win10 upgrade. Their site is all YEAH READY FOR WIN10 but they really aren't. :( Probably will be in a week or two. Biggest issue was that I was getting wierd internet connectivity. Could browse fine, but windows update shat itself, I couldn't swap over to my microsoft account and had to use a local one, and stuff just didn't seem quite right. Turns out the wireless was half-buggered and needed new drivers which the manufacturer has had available for a while now (but MSI haven't uploaded even for the GS70 yet. :\) but then trying to download the driver would stall out everything. I assumed their site was on the fritz. Wasn't until I tried downloading it on my old laptop that I realized it was actually the driver shitting the bed.

      I read somewhere this morning that to perform a clean installation you end up installing Windows 10 twice. Uh..

        That's if you do it wrong. One way to do it is to upgrade to 10, then use the feature that does a wipe & reinstall, but you can skip that.

        Use this tool:

        Which is able to do two things:
        - Create a bootable Win10 upgrade/install USB or DVD (or ISO if you're that way inclined)
        - Upgrade the current machine to Win10.

        When you choose the second option it'll download everything and start installing, and when it's ready to go it will prompt you whether you want to keep existing settings, files, folders etc. or nuke & pave.

    Going out to dinner with Dare Girl tonight.

    I think technically this is the third date?

      *sets up popcorn cart*


      If I was rude I would make a joke about cutting a hole in the bottom of the popcorn cup. Thank goodness I'm not that rude though

        You're the type of gentleman that puts it in her hand openly, brazenly and unapologetically?

          True story that happened to a friend of mines sister:

          Dude pulled his junk out and when she asked what the fuck he was doing he responded with "I thought you might want to hold it."

            I have had this happen to me too. I don't think it is a successful seduction technique, but it may vary.

    So after screwing around with ad blockers, image blockers, social blockers and a bunch of other add ons the mobile experience is still horrendous. Too cluttered with poor usability and not very readable, keeps loading stuff and the page keeps jumping around and even with everything blocked still uses a ton more data albeit less than without the blockers. Very disappointing since mobile was my primary way of accessing Tay.

    In middle of typing this out the page has jumped to random parts of the page 3 times. Use the bottom shortcut to get back and start typing again and it's starts loading even more. A frustrating, horrible experience. Nigh unusable.

    That said tried accessing the main site from the work laptop (please ignore it Miss IT manager lady) and I don't mind it. Nice and clean and the ads don't stick out obnoxiously.

      All I've got is the social sites bar across the bottom. Otherwise, exactly the same.

      Chrome in a HTC

        Oh wait, no. There's shit at the bottom. But I didn't notice til I went out of my way to check

      Tag @robhussey and maybe make some suggestions on how to make it easier to use?

      I have same as @jimu - seems to be very little change.

      Unless your requesting desktop version down to your phone?

      Although TAY has always been hideously unresponsive in Chrome on my phone whilst it loads all the posts then stalls and stutters when writing posts. Not sure if just my phone or poor mobile optimisation for comment heavy threads on Kotaku.

      Last edited 31/07/15 6:41 pm

        My phone has always handled Tay no problem, it still is on the performance side of things, it just doesn't seem to know what to do with everything popping in.

        Opera on a Xperia Z3 here which I'll admit is probably a rare combination to cater to.

        Last edited 31/07/15 6:51 pm

          I think it might be an HTC / Sense UI thing because I've tried with Opera and Firefox browsers and get same laggy garbage experience.

          Do you have the 'compression' thing turned on in Opera? Might be causing weirdness?

          I had to stop using opera because it just didn't like TAY. I still use it for everything else though

    After the tragedy of losing the character I spent ages making last night, I finally got the willpower to try Dragon Age Origins again and attempt to re-create the character. But she's not the same!

    Introducing Almira, the female city elf warrior. I named her after the second result I saw on I customised her so she looks permanently sad because of all the elf oppression. Then I gave her orange hair for maximum societal oppression. I'm going to be disadvantaged as shit.

      It's annoying that TES Skyrim was the first proper RPG I played outside of Pokemon. I got used to some luxuries of world-building. The most prominent thing being NPCs. I'm used to every NPC being named, having a unique appearance and some sort of a character. So I get weirded out when I'm surrounded by identical-looking NPCs without names all saying the same thing.

        pfft, Dragon Age tells a story much, much better than Skyrim. Its characters have, y'know, character.



          The world in Skyrim is better than Dragon Age, but everything within the Dragon Age world is better than the stuff that fills up Skyrim's world. Elder Scrolls games have always felt like really good movie sets to me. Populated with people who know their character's backstory inside and out but can't actually act.

          But I want the random NPC talking to his friends by the item shop to have a name and a family and a house that only they go to and a job and have a dialogue tree. Damn you, Bethesda! You've spoiled me!

            But it's the same dialogue tree a billion times.

            If you really want everyone to be super unique, play New Vegas.

            Play the Witcher series and realise just how bland and empty Bethesda games really are.

    Woo, parents are out for the night. Now I can sneak off undetected :P

    Hey Sydney people... so what's North Ryde like? Pretty kewl place?

    Expensive? Cool suburbs around? How's public transport?

    Cool. Cool.

    Last edited 31/07/15 6:36 pm

      There are buses and trains to the city, the traffic is terrible at peak times. Main attractions are Macquarie University and Macquarie Shopping centre.

        The Sydney office for the company I work for is in North Ryde

          We can chat on other social media if you have any other q's. I used to work in North Ryde.

            Ooh thanks! I'll have many more questions if things end up happening :P

            Early days for now!

    I just got insta-killed by the alien in isolation.

    I was busy avoiding a droid & it popped outta the ceiling & killed me in one hit.

    Is this what I'm having to deal with?
    Am I going to get randomly punished for no apparent reason?

    Or have a missed something? Is there something I can do to avoid this situation?

      Look at the ceiling vents, if the alien is there then drool and stuff will start dripping out, and it'll play a sound.

        How can I possibly look at a ceiling vent while avoiding a droid?

        I feel like I'm being punished for no reason.

          By... multitasking?

          That bit felt fair to me, but hey, diff'rent strokes, and all that.

            I just had it pop down from a vent again, fully able to see , anticipate & it still killed me. My fault, fair death.

            There's was simply no way for me to avoid death in the other instance.

            Seems I just suck at this. Fully scripted alien encounter in the hospital & I just keep dying.

            Should stick to my RPGs & 2d platformers.

              Keep going, or put the difficulty down (I still haven't played in ages... Too damn scared lol)

                I'm already on the lowest difficulty. It makes everything else easy, but the alien is still a super sensitive, one hit killer.

                I'm slowly making progress.

                I was expecting more Survival Horror & less stealth.

                And the frustration is overlapping the fear unfortunately :-(

    Finally heading home tomorrow.
    Going from 24-25C to 11-12C.

    @robhussey Since everyone is bugging you anyway I might as well bring it up now, have you guys considered a button up top of the comments section that lets a user filter them down to only showing comment chains they've either started, responded in or been tagged in? Cracked has a feature like that which is a lot more handy there since the volume of comments is overwhelming, but it'd come in handy here too when things get busy or comments are spread over multiple pages.

    Hahaha, got to the end of Dare Girl's driveway just as her music student was pulling in. Way too close :P

    hello Fronds! Anyone up for Crotas End, Destiny PS4? need one more to complete party! first timers, very loud and aggressive!

    So I'm casually checking my emails, and Netflix have sent me an email with the episode I'm up to for Bojack horseman titled 'Netflix tonight?' Goddamnit they aren't happy with me for not bingeing and watching an entire series in a day, aren't they?

      They're never happy =P

    Wet Hot American Summer. SO GOOD.

    I get the feeling that most people have absolutely no idea what's going on in it but I think it's going to end up sitting above Childrens Hospital for me as my favourite show (mostly because it's basically the same people and just as insane).

      As soon as I logged into Netflix it was recommending it to me last night, I should give it a look in!

      It's so, so good. Amy Poehler's speech in episode five made me laugh for ten minutes. Literally ten minutes. Had to pause and everything.

        I watched the movie, and started the TV show today, and I am finding the theatre stuff way too true.

    N'aww, Max is snuggling on my bed.

      Sid is really fluffy. He had a bath on friday

        Boss thinks he is a cat and is trying to perch on the windowsill.
        Kinda too big for that tho :P

          Have you seen the video of the cat that barks like a dog?

          Last edited 02/08/15 12:35 pm

            Haha. Totally trying to get the dog in trouble.

              Bark! Bark! (Oh crap, owner caught me out)

    Well that escalated quickly.
    Turned down a quest in PoE and they attacked me. Had to murder the entire faction on my way out of the house.
    Decent loot though.

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