Tell Us Dammit: Recommend Some Comic Books

I like reading manga. A lot. The comic thing? I've never gotten into it. Not even close.

Any recommendations?

Chuck out any recommendations you like, but for me personally? I'm not a big fan of the superhero thing. Not traditional superhero stuff anyway. But this is a recommendation post for everyone!

Drop them in the comments below.


    Richard Stark's Parker
    Y The Last Man
    Ex Machina
    We 3
    The Invisibles
    Asterios Polyp
    The Goon
    Punk Rock Jesus
    Clan Destine
    Peaceful Tomorrows
    The Lesser Evil
    The Maxx

    I don't read that much in the way of comics, but what I've read recently (and all of it is ongoing, suckers, well, sort of ongoing. I don't really understand what DC and Marvel are doing with their booties at the moment) that was cool:

    Saga, surprising literally nobody who has paid any attention to the comic book scene of the last few years.

    I also like Ms. Marvel, because Kamala Khan is just straight up fun.

    And New 52 (not that new anymore, is it?) Batgirl is pretty rad, though I've only read like 20 issues of it because I'm slack.

    Oh, and to continue the line of "I only read comics that are recommended by everybody/hipsters" Y:The Last Man is a cool dude.

    Jesus I'm generic.

    Read if you think you like weird, organic-science, future, sci-fi

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    The Tick! Definitely not traditional superhero, and there's only 12 of them.

    Scott Pilgrim is also different, and I've seen good things about Bryan Lee O'Malley's new one on this very site.

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    The complete works of Shane W. Smith.

      Thanks, man!

      (For the record, and in the interest of full disclosure, Cakesmith appears in not one, but two of my books.)

    Sex Criminals
    The Dirty Pair

      +1 Empowered or the (now kinda old) Dirty Pair
      (see my comment below)

    The Walking Dead... Miles better than the TV show (Although the latter half of season 5 is a return to form with some scenes lifted from the comic almost word for word and frame for frame)

      Robert Kirkman (writer of the walking dead) has a bunch of great other stuff.
      Outcast - a more grown up story about demonic possession and exorism
      Invincible - the only super hero comic you should ever read. A fantastic 'twist' of a clichéd setting.

    Usagi Yojimbo
    Seconds and Scott Pilgrim
    Amala's Blade
    I Love Trouble
    Bravest Warriors
    Axe Cop
    Aphrodite IX is pretty good too.

    The wicked and the divine

    The Manhattan Projects
    The Lesser evil
    The Nightly News

      Should I start with Hellblazer from the beginning? I'm a huge Ennis fan and just want to read his run. Will I miss anything if I go straight to his run?

    Really well written, crisp art. A refreshing take on the superhero genre.
    As a bonus, plenty of back catalogue to keep you busy when you get hopelessly hooked.

    Unconventional heroes.

    I second Tick
    Marshall Law
    Sin City (the original Marv story)

    if you can find it Roachmill (late 80's early 90s)
    Accident Man ( a strip from I think 2000AD mid 90s)
    got some good times from Lobo too

    heaps out there, go looking

    Nowhere Men
    Sex Criminals
    Southern Bastards
    Black Science
    East of West

    I got Marvel Unlimited with a free trial but I'm just not feeling the superhero stuff (except for TV shows/movies), even with the authors of stuff I like.

    Mark, have you read any VERTIGO stuff? To every comic reader, this list is going to look a little cliche, but it's because this stuff is still some of the best work out there. They're the books I direct everyone to, when asked about non-superhero comic books.

    #1 - SCALPED: Holy shit, this book! Set on a Native American reservation plagued by a criminal element choking the community to extinction, the "hero" of the story, Dashiell Bad Horse, returns to his home after 15 years to right the wrongs of the past (I literally can't say anymore without spoiling something, don't read about it before starting!) Buckle up, cos this one pulls no punches.

    Read SCALPED if you enjoyed: True Detective, American History X, A Good Day to Die.

    #2 - Y: The Last Man: Stories in this book have been borrowed by a lot of TV shows recently, so much so we'll probably never get a YTLM TV show of it's own. Easy to read start-to-end; finale payoff is AMAZING.

    Read Y: THE LAST MAN if you enjoyed any of the following: The Walking Dead (TV), Dies The Fire, good road trip stories, strong female characters.

    #3 - PREACHER: Preacher is at the top of so many lists, it makes comic readers eyes roll. But it's because it's that great. I will admit however, it IS starting to date a little, but more so with younger audiences who don't understand the 90's style; for you, it's perfect =P

    Read PREACHER if you enjoyed any of the following: Dogma, The Stand, Unforgiven, Interview With The Vampire

    I know you said no superhero stuff, but there is some really amazing stuff that pretends to be Superhero books, but has a whole lot more going on. For example:

    #4 - THE BOYS: You might love this because it's got a lot U.K. inspiration in it. In short; The superheroes in this book are obnoxious pansy dickhead that take a top-secret drug that gives them their super-powers. The Boys are a small, tight knit group of legit hard-asses who also take that drug, so they can police the superhero community... and they REALLY enjoy their job.

    Read THE BOYS is you enjoyed: Lock Stock/Snatch, Watchmen, Reservoir Dogs.

    #5 - INVINCIBLE: This thing is drawn like a silver-age superhero book meets The Incredibles and the whole first trade-paperback (TPB) reads like it too. But it's a trick; this story is as gruesome as all the other ones I've listed above. There's a big Holy Shit! moment in trade#2 and by #3 you'll be spinning. INVINCIBLE is great and is really showing other superhero writers to get out of the box.

    Read INVINCIBLE if you enjoyed: Heroes, Joss Whedon shows.

    There's about 6 months of reading, so I'll stop there haha

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    I'm reading a lot of the Millarworld stuff atm, most of which have been made in to movies now. The cool thing is Mark Millar has confirmed that are all set in the same universe. It does have heroes and villains but I find it different to the usual DC/Marvel stuff, much more full on and somewhat grounded.

    - Kick-Ass 1-3
    - HitGirl
    - Wanted (Better than the movie)
    - The Secret Service: Kingsman (Also better than the movie)
    - Nemesis (The premise being: what if Batman was a c*&t?)
    - Superior

    Also enjoyed -
    - Who is Jake Ellis?
    - Where is Jake Ellis?
    which is like a cross between a Bourne flick and supernatural thriller

    Speaking of comics, with the recent trailer dropping for Suicide Squad, I'm keen to read more about them. Can anyone recommend a good comic as a starting point?

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      Kick-Ass should be stopped at volume 1. Volumes 2 & 3 plus Hit-Girl are just cheap cash ins due to the popularity of the first movie

      Didn't know Kingsman had a book though, must check that out

        I'm the other way, I thought the movie was better than the comic , but then preferred the sequel comics to the sequel movie.

        And to be fair, everything Millar does is a driven by a love of cash.

        yeh the Kingsman book is just called The Secret Service

    You REALLY need to stay away from Superhero books anyway. Both Marvel and DC are in weird transitional stages, trying new ideas that may or may not pay off in the long run. I have Harley Quinn, Starfire & Bizzaro in my recommendations only because the writers (Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti) are doing all 3 books and have a very different take on the characters while telling fun stories with them.

    - The Walking Dead
    - Army of Darkness (Basically anything Evil Dead based)
    - Evil Ernie (Dynamic's reboot)
    - Fight Club 2
    - He-Man and The Masters of The Universe (DC's 2012 reboot. 3 volumes so far, but wellworth the read)
    - Jem and The Holograms (Modern take on the 80s version, but keeps the 80s style.)
    - Sex Criminals
    - Zombie Tramp
    - Harley Quinn (Get the 90s version and the modern version)
    - Starfire (New series)
    - Bizzaro (New Series)
    - Constantine
    - Ghostbusters
    - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    - The Boys
    - Y: The Last Man (A MUST READ)
    - Transmetropolitan (ALSO A MUST READ)

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    I'm not into the superhero vibe at all. Even though there is quality work in the field, I can't really get into it. I've tried many times. Can't do it.

    Brian K Vaughan's work is almost always a lock.
    Y: The Last Man is one of the best things in comics and incredibly accessible.

    Scott McCloud's The Sculptor - all the feels.

    Bruce Mutard's The Silence - a cerebral look into the art world, and interrogation of the concept of art

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    You could also try Dark Horse Comics. They have a lot of comics based on movies, and also a lot of comics that eventually became movies. To name a few think Hellboy, Darkman, The Mask, Aliens, Predator (and VS), Sin City, Next Men. I haven't kept up with it for a while but they must have some new stuff

    Y The Last Man
    Ex Machina
    Rogue Trooper
    Sin City
    100 Bullets
    Garth Ennis's Punisher run
    Locke and Key

    sex criminals, the unwritten, y: the last man, black science, deadly class. if you're down for something a little different: hicksville by dylan horrocks (from new zealand, fucken sick), wizzywig by ed piskor, the sculptor by scott mccloud, shortcomings by adrian tomine, heavy liquid by paul pope and several others i could go on for days about!

    Locke and Key
    Y: The Last Man

    Beyond that, try out Marvel Unlimited and drink all you can.

    Also, The Lesser Evil.

    The manhattan projects
    Letter 44
    The chimpanzee complex

    I am reading a great comic at the moment.
    If you love the old 2000AD art styles, you will love this, and it is set in Future Melbourne.
    The B&W art style is just gorgeous. Highly recommended.

      What's it called?

        Whoops, From Above by Craig Bruyn.

          I only just saw this post. I've read this book, and enjoyed it. Craig is one of the nicest guys, too - definitely worthy of support.

    Fray was pretty good. It's a short comic series set in the cyberpunk future of the Buffy universe.

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